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    • 1. Download Java 11 1. If you're unable to load the client after downloading the .jar file on your Mac you'll need to install Java 11 2. To download Java 11 from Oracle you'll need to navigate to this link (it may ask you to register an email) 2. Configure Java 11 1. If you're still unable to open the client, you need to set your Mac to use Java 11 (as it's still using the other version of Java you have installed) 2. Navigate to " Find -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal  " and copy and paste this in " ls /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/  " this will list you all currently installed Java versions on your mac 3. To remove the one you had before the above download, type " sudo rm -fr /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-X.X.X.jdk " where you replace X.X.X with whatever Java showed up in your list above (that was not 11.x.x. that you just downloaded) 4. Restart your computer      
    • 1. Welcome to the Seasonal 1. I strongly recommend you read the Welcome Guide 2. To see what's enabled/disabled/buffed/nerfed I'd recommend you read the World Differences Guide  3. I plan to run these once per month and can guarantee there will be mistakes / bugs in this first one, so the prize pool will begin at $500 USD this weekend as below, scaling up each month. 2. Rules Let me be absolutely clear - This entire server is a hobby, I don't care if you threaten to take your clan elsewhere because I won't do xyz. I don't care. World 3 will be unmoderated, but Discord is shared with w1/w2 players and I will not hesitate to ban if you flame/spread racism in discord or use help cc to do so. Finally, bug abuse, macroing, doxing or anything of this severity will be a ban & DQ. Muling is fine. 3. Death Mechanics From your player - you will lose all items on your player, and cannot use protect item prayer From your bank - you will lose 5 of your top 10 most valuable items There is no safety deposit box, but you can leave items on the G.E and they will not be rolled when dying Exact death mechanics are listed in World Differences Guide above 4. Other Misc. Info Free DMM Reborn Sigil - Visit the Deadman Statue to the south of home to claim your starter Sigil Deadman Sigils - Not all are 1:1 with OSRS effects. Click the Statue to see what each of them do on Vulcan Loyalty Chest - Every 12 hours you can claim a free resource pack from the chest (Ammo, Food, Potions, Tokens) Wilderness - You receive permanent 2x Global loot table rolls while in the Wilderness 5. Server wide event schedule
    • * Some numbers may be out by ~5% due to variants of items (uncharged, ornament kits, noted, received after this report was run etc)
    • I've had a few people ask me how to do this, so going to post a little guide.     Start by turning on this first option Customizable Shift-Click in the Menu Entry Swapper plugin.     Then right-click your inventory icon and select Configure Shift-Click.     Select the Bank-All Herb Box option.     Select the Save Shift-Click option.     Now when you Shift-Click the first option will be Bank-All.   Note: You can keep the Nightmare Zone Reward Shop interface open, while shift-click banking herbs. Any questions feel free to message me in-game. My name is Benjamin.
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