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    • *Cape must be worn for effect to take place
    • Donators receive a reduction to the cost of upgrading their pets as found on the >>Donator Perks List<<   You must have your Pet following you for the effect to be active. Your pet must be in the base state (no metamorphosis) to be upgraded, but can be morphed while following you and the effect will still be active.   *Dragon Perk stacks with Dragon hunter weapons *Vetion Perk stacks with Ring of Wealth (i) *Rocky Perk stacks with Rogue's outfit
    • Obtaining Vulcan Points  Skilling - 1/20 Chance every time you receive an XP drop (+3 points) Excludes AFK island, Skill Island & Wildy Resource Area PvM - Obtained at the below rates;   Spending Vulcan Points Global Clues scroll - All NPCs will drop all 5 tiers of Clue Scroll for 30 minutes at a rate of 1/30 Double XP scroll - lasts for 1 hour Vulcan Tokens - used for untradeables & dmm sigils Ring of Wealth (i) - Provides a 1/20 chance to double roll on any NPC kill loot Shayzien boots - provide 100% immunity against the poison splatter attack at Lizardman Shaman Full Graceful - Provides a 5% increase to Agility XP (0% per piece) Full Anglers - Provides a 5% increase to Fishing XP (1% per piece) Full Lumberjack - Provides a 5% increase to Woodcutting XP (1% per piece) Full Prospector - Provides a 5% increase to Mining XP (1% per piece) Full Rogues - Provides 2x loot when pickpocketing    
    • Obtaining Vulcan Tokens Loyalty Reward Chest Daily Tasks Mystery Boxes Deadman Loot Chest AFK Island Voting & Donator Store PvM Global Loot Table Accessing the Global Loot Table PvM - All monsters have a chance at rolling the global loot table. On this table the following items can be picked; Gem bags Clue scrolls Vulcan Tokens Herb box & Herb secondaries box Crystal, Enhanced & Brimstone Keys Skilling scroll boxes (farming, fletching, mining, fishing etc) Other Misc. Items Pack Yak - allows you to send 30 items to your bank from anywhere before the Yak will disappear Divine Spirit Shield - 100% chance to reduce 30% of all damage taken, with 1/6 the damage removed from prayer points (Elysian 70% chance to reduce 25% of all damage taken) Completionist Cape - obtainable after completing majority of Vulcan 200m XP Cape - variant of the max cape for that specific skill Global clues scroll - provides you 30 minutes where all NPCs will drop all clue scrolls at a 1/30 chance Double XP scroll - provides 1 hour of double experience Ring of Wealth (i) - Provides a 1/20 chance to roll a 2nd drop from any NPC killed Pets - have various perks found in Pet Perks thread
    • *Ring of wealth (i) provides a 5% chance to double roll on any NPC kill *Mystery box is replaced with extra vote tickets on the DMM world *Every 100 votes a server wide event will trigger. 12 Random items are dropped around the home area, followed by the Fountain activating, granting a possible 45 minutes in - 2x XP, 2x Drops, 2x Slayer Points & 2x Wintertodt crates
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