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Vulcan 2.0

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New Home Area
Boasting a much cleaner look situated in Edgeville, the new home area has had a major clean up and improvements to almost everything: simplified AFK area tied in with skilling, chests that provided various rewards have all been updated to ensure they're balanced but worthwhile opening, New PvP minigames, new automated scam free gambling area including flower poker, new shops, new PK presets at the ditch, new slayer masters & tasks and so much more to explore



Tournaments (Multi & Singles)

Multi Tournament

  • A separate tournament that will run every 12 hours
  • Utilising the clan wars FFA arena and being multi combat
  • Having fog slowly push you to the final area before crowning a winner
  • Having loot chests situated throughout the arena to upgrade your base gear 
  • (requiring you to have attacked someone recently to open them)
  • Having your opponents drop food/potions upon each kill
  • The tournament will run for 8 minutes total
  • This minigame has been previously seen on Vulcan in the 3rd Deadman Mode Seasonal (Video of Minigame)

1v1 Tournament

  • Will run every 11.5 hours, just prior to the above Multi tournament starting
  • Now allow you to use your own Sigils inside 

Prize pool

  • Both tournaments will have a prize pool of 50m OSGP or a $25 bond every weekend run. You can claim this by opening a support ticket.



Trailblazer Leagues

  • All Leagues Info is now stored through the Leagues Tab including relics
  • All relics can now be unlocked in any order, allowing 1 pick every 2,500pts
  • All relics are now free to unlock provided you have an unlock available
  • Added animations / graphics for tools & special attacks
  • Added animations for unlocking new relics & areas from trailblazer league
  • Automatically assigns you a new perk if you incorrectly double up on choices
  • Moved the Leagues quest to a dedicated NPC at home
  • As such, all league relic choices have been reset from Vulcan 1.0 allowing you to choose your own order



Tombs of Amascut


  • Added all new items found via Tombs of Amascut 1:1 with OSRS mechanics Tombs of Amascut Wiki
  • Masori will need to be fortified using fixed Morrigans instead of Armadyl to ensure it's not rendered useless
  • Lightbearer ring special restore will restore special 50% faster. The leagues perk is 20% but will not stack
  • Ornament kits for the weapons, cape, assembler, pet etc will be unlocked by completing high level raids. This will only apply once the 4 demi-bosses are released
  • Keris Partisan jewels will be available at a static rate of 1/10 per raid. These will cycle through so you cannot get duplicates until you have all 3


  • Upon launch of 2.0 the first 4 boss rooms will auto-complete, and you will be allowed to face the Wardens
  • After the first ~1-3 weeks of Vulcan 2.0, the remaining rooms will unlock and must be completed prior to Wardens
  • When the remaining rooms are enabled, the puzzle rooms will not be required (auto-skipped)
  • This is the full fight mirrored 1:1 with OSRS mechanics and invocations


  • At launch the following general raid invocations will be enabled:
    • Try Again, Persistence, Softcore Run, Hardcore Run - Setting the amount of deaths allowed for your team
    • Walk for it, Jog for it, Run for It, Sprint for It - Setting the amount of time you have to complete the raid
    • Need some help, Need less help, No help needed - Setting the amount of supplies the friendly spirit grants
    • Quiet Prayers, Deadly Prayers - Reduces the effectiveness of prayer, decreases prayer by 20% of damage taken
    • On a Diet, Dehydration - food or potions will no longer heal you within the raid
    • Overly Draining - all special attacks will use 100% energy
  • The following Warden invocations will be enabled
    • All of them
  • The following Akkha, Kephri, Baba, Zebak invocations will be enabled:
    • None of them
  • With increasing the invocation level, the raid will scale between Entry, Normal and Expert. This will increase the chance of unique rewards while increasing the HP, defence and other attributes of monsters in the raid



Wilderness Bosses - Artio, Spindel, Calvar'ion

  • Added the 3 new updated wilderness bosses, all located between 39-44 wilderness level
  • Each will drop a part to create the Voidwaker (korasi), and an upgrade to each of the 3 revenant weapons
  • Each teleport will take you directly outside their cave, but exiting their cave will place you in the escape caves
  • All pets can be metamorphed between the old and new versions of the boss looks
  • All bosses are 1:1 with OSRS mechanics and as such OSRS guides can be used
  • The easier variants of these bosses are also available at 20-25 wilderness in singles, but will have 3x rarer drops
  • A new Wilderness NPC event will run every 10 hours, granting 3x drops to all 6 of these bosses on World 2



Automated gambling

  • Players will find a new gamble zone to the south of the new Home area
  • The Gamble Tutor will provide an automated middleman service allowing for scam proof gambling
  • The Gamble Tutor will also educate on gambling self-exclusion and a 2% service fee he charges
  • Players will challenge each other and specify the pot before being assigned a room
  • While in the room you will plant 5 flowers in a game of flower poker, with the best hand winning
  • Ties will result in a restart until there is a winner. Leaving the area or any form of x-log/disconnect will not impact the outcome
  • Win/loss stats are permanently saved and accessed via the tutor




  • Skotizo has been added within the Catacombs of Kourend, requiring an Ancient Totem to fight him
  • Ancient Totems can be received from any monster within the catacombs, with a higher drop rate the higher combat they are
  • Skotizo will not spawn the eyes around the room to reduce the tediousness of killing him, but will spawn minions
  • Skotizo will drop the Skotos pet and the dark claw for the slayer helmet recolor
  • As such previously purchased dark claws from the shop at home have been removed




  • Added Zalcano as a skilling boss to train Mining, Smithing & Runecrafting beneath Prifddinas
  • You will need to mine the glowing rocks, smelt the tephra and then imbue it to attack Zalcano
  • Similar to OSRS, she will drop boulders or pebbles in a random locations requiring you to move
  • She will spawn demonic symbols on the floor, with the orange ones damaging you, with the damage increasing the longer they've been active, and the blue ones boosting your damage while throwing tephra at her
  • She will spawn a Golem that will heal her if it is allowed to reach her, dropping tehpra when killed
  • Unlike OSRS, all 4 mining corners will always be active, and she will not shift them around the room to make it less tedious
  • She will also not go down during a shield phase, and instead will die once her HP bar is finished. Similar to Wintertodt, you will receive a large XP drop at the end of the fight in mining, smithing & runecrafting if you contributed enough
  • As such, previously obtained Zalcano pets have been removed. Zalcano will drop the pet and the Zalcano shard unlocking a new dragon pickaxe (or) variant



Deadman Mode / Wilderness PvP

  • Will now feature a skull when attacking a player, and a skull with key icons indicating how many kills you have made (1-5+)
  • Will now show the wilderness level when in the wildy on both World 1 & world 2 (previously showed DMM info)
  • Will now have a 10 minute timer restricting you from returning to a safe zone while skulled on the DMM world
  • If you enter, a guard will kill you, and all items will go to whomever has done the most damage. If there is no damage dealer, it will be treated as a PvM death
  • Items kept on death will now mirror OSRS on World 1 (3 unskulled +1 if protect item is on) Deadman worlds set it to 0 +1
  • FYI: Attempting to hop to world 1 with a skull will lock your account to world 2 until you return and wait out the skull timer



Voting / Store / Donations

  • Your quest tab will now show the timer until you can next vote, and when a vote is available
  • You can now receive Hespori seeds from Voting
  • Reduced vote reward boosts for each donator rank
  • Added Vote tickets as an item that can now be sacrificed for time at the obelisk
  • Ultimate Ironman vote rewards will now always be noted in their inventory
  • Removed some raw armour/weapons found in the ::Store
  • Added some scrolls currently found in the town board contribution shop (explained later) to the store
  • Added 2 new Donator ranks - Masori - $2,500 & Vulcan - $5,000 with new perks
  • Adjusted all bonuses found on Donator Perks to suit new donator tiers and be more aligned to the economy



Theatre of Blood

  • Corrected a very rare bug that would teleport people out of the instance
  • Corrected some issues with the party interface. Would like to return to this post launch and update the party system


  • Nylocas will now always correctly die when they reach Maiden, healing her for their remaining HP


  • Sotetseg's large red ball will no longer damage you if he dies before it reaches your player


  • Xarpus will no longer hit you before finishing the turn to face your direction
  • Xarpus now has 4 clearly designated quadrants that you can/cannot hit from in phase 3
  • Xarpus poison attack will now stay for the entire duration of the fight, and often bounce to your teammates


  • Corrected delays between Verzik attacking and when the hit registers on all styles
  • Corrected delay between webs landing and freezing the player during final phase
  • Tornadoes will now grant a grace period after dying before they begin chasing you again


Phantom Muspah

  • Added the new OSRS boss Phantom Muspah from Secrets of the North quest
  • Added the Venator bow and Saturated heart as notable drops
  • Added the Pet + Ancient Ice allowing you to transmog the pet once consumed
  • The Muspah will be as difficult to kill as on OSRS and is near 1:1 so an OSRS guide will assist you
  • The Venator bow will hit any NPC in a 2x2 radius of the original monster, and then a 2nd monster, regardless of size
  • The Venator bow will not require charges like on OSRS
  • The Imbued heart can be combined with 150,000 ancient essence to create the Saturated heart
  • 5 Venator shards can be combined into the Venator bow or crushed for 50,000 ancient essence
  • As such, the previous upgrade to imbued hearts has been removed


AFK Island

  • Zalcano has been removed as mining / runecrafting XP as it is now a dedicated skilling boss
  • Enhanced AFK Island has been simplified to just the magical obelisk. The obelisk will now grant 500k xp/hr in your lowest skill
  • The obelisk will continue to require items to be sacrificed to use it, but now includes new items such as vote tickets
  • Herbi will now grant XP split between herblore, farming and hunter with the patches removed


  • Moved to the correct Nex area within the god wars dungeon, requiring an ecumenical key to enter
  • Added the Ancient Godsword + special attack effects
  • Added the Zaryte Crossbow + boost damage to bolt specs + special attack
  • Added nihil shards as a drop, required to create the above weapons and torva armour
  • Added missing attacks that were not possible on Vulcan previously (blood sacrifice, soul split phase, charge down aisle attack etc)
  • A mechanic exists on OSRS that requires a tank in mage armour. I've chosen not to add this and 3 other attacks.
  • Instead, prayer drain attacks will drain 3-5 prayer points per hit, and can be lowered to 1 point by wearing a spectral spirit shield
  • I have skipped the requirement to kill each minion (cruor, glacies, etc) in order. You can kill them all at the start to speed up at the fight
  • Nex will not do any chip damage until the final phase to make it less tedious provided you pray / move correctly
  • Nex will frequently drop ecumenical keys and as they're available from the Slayer shop so entry shouldn't be an issue
  • Nex will also drop 8 nihil shards for the mvp 100% of the time



New Realism game mode

  • Boasting a 3x experience rate (6x for combat) compared to the current 10x (60x for combat)
  • Selectable from the Gamemode pick interface on login
  • Identified by an individual crown and providing the following boosts;
  • Drop rate boost of 6% globally (all drops auto show the 6% boost on the drop table viewer)
  • Ability to attune any Deadman Reborn Sigil in any slot you choose
  • 2x nightmare zone points, 2x global loot table, 10% faster hespori seeds



    Wilderness Slayer (Krystilia)

    • Added new slayer master who will only assign wilderness bosses as tasks
    • Wilderness slayer points earned can be spent on Vesta, Statius and Morrigans armour
    • While on a wilderness slayer task you can receive ancient emblems to trade in for GP
    • You are also eligible to roll a larran's key drop for the new larran's big chest at home


    Duo Slayer (Duradal)

    • Can invite a partner while near Duradal the new slayer master
    • Will assign both you and your partner a task together, with the amount being 50% higher than solo
    • Both players must meet the requirements of all tasks to be assigned them
    • Neither player can currently hold an active slayer task
    • Relogging or inviting a new partner will remove your old partner and it will become a solo task
    • Can assign boss tasks if asked, but must both have unlocked Like a Boss Config and Duo Boss Task scroll
    • The duo boss tasks scroll is a reward from the new community town board


    Community Town Board

    • Added a community board to the home which will generate 6 new community tasks every 6 hours
    • The tasks are shared across all players, so you will earn points based on your % contributed
    • Completion of the tasks will award server wide bonuses and earn you points for the contribution point shop
    • (possible roll of the fountain, crystal anvil, shooting star, supply chest or mimic event)
    • You can also earn Community favour by helping the town stay clean (think removing the objects that randomly spawn at home)

    Reward Store

    • The contribution point shop contains access to a wide range of new scrolls and consumables on Vulcan
    • Thrall book for summoning thralls
    • Shooting star, crystal anvil, supply chest, mimic event scrolls
    • Permanent account upgrades - slayer helmet, ring of wealth, death xp loss etc
    • 1v1 and Multi tournament tokens - allowing you to force start these events vs the 12 hour timer
    • Ash sanctifier and Bone crusher - granting automated prayer XP while killing npcs
    • Name change scroll - allowing you to change your name, usually purchased through ::store
    • Rank transfer scroll - allowing you to transfer your entire donation rank/total to another account, also on ::store
    • Crystal degrade scroll - prevents charges being used from your crystal items 90% of the time
    • Brawling gloves - a new addition to Vulcan from pre-eoc, providing XP boosts in their respective skill while worn on world 2/in wildy

    Task Types

    • There are 9 main categories for these tasks 
      • Obtain/sacrifice an item
      • Defeat a mob/monster/creature
      • Achieve a level up
      • Teleport to death involuntarily
      • Purchase items from a specific shop
      • Complete a Minigame challenge
      • Complete a Raid
      • Complete a Skilling action
      • Complete a Misc. action




    • Added all 3 variants of the superior thralls which can be summoned with Book of the Dead
    • Will aid you in combat in multi and single way combat for 30 seconds before returning to the grave
    • Book of the Dead can be obtained as a reward from contributing to the Community board or from Wilderness slayer


    Misc. Changes/Overhauls

    • Runelite has been updated to the latest version, and thus will come with a ton of new features from the Runelite team (such as highly requested loot beams)
    • The online player count will now show in brackets next to it who has been active in the last 3 hours
    • You can now claim Ghommal's hilt (5/6) from Ghommal to add to your avernic defender if you've done the GM tasks
    • The Gauntlet & Corrupted versions will now grant 4x as many shards per run
    • Correct the blowpipe's Range attack from 60 to 30 and Range strength from 40 to 20
    • Added the ability to ::changepassword in-game without needing a support ticket (passwords are encrypted)
    • Added new ranks - Veteran, Youtuber, Masori ($2,500), Vulcan ($5,000), Realism, Realism Iron, Realism Hardcore Iron
    • Veteran rank is available by speaking to Hans at home. (your account must have been registered in the first week of Vulcan)
    • Corrected a bug requiring you to double click on combat achievements / league tasks / collection log for it to fully update/filter things like kill counts
    • Hespori fights are now instanced for each player
    • Reviewed every suggestion over the past 2 months and added 80% of them that fit Vulcan / were highly voted on
    • The crystal key chest loot has been absorbed by the enhanced crystal chest and removed
    • Dragonstone armour set can now be used on enhanced crystal key chest for keys & shards back
    • Some pets have been restricted from being obtained through mystery boxes
    • A large amount of pets have new metamorph options on them
    • The larran's key chest has been added to the new home area providing new loot
    • Various loot chests, minigames, npcs and events have had their loot tables adjusted;
    • (brimstone keys, larrans keys, enhanced crystal keys, mimic, hespori, crystal anvil, shooting star, linza, etc)
    • Wintertodt drop table has been buffed, the HP reduced to 50% and added the tome of water/wet pages as drops
    • Insignia outside of Wintertodt will exchange tome of fire/water for 50 of their respective pages
    • Corrected a bug since Vulcan's launch for prayer xp being massively boosted incorrectly
    • (as a result I have lowered everybody's prayer to 77, creating an economy for bones)
    • Adjusted xp boosts from pet perks, league perks and various other boosts across Vulcan
    • Lowered the amount of points you receive per Nightmare Zone dream
    • Nightmare Zone mobs can no longer roll global drops
    • Group ironman group sizes increased from 4 to 5 to match OSRS
    • Increased the length of Inferno and decreased the starting wave boost for donators
    • Some pets with accuracy / strenght bonuses have been slightly lowered
    • Organised all large teleport categories (dungeons, bosses, cities) by alphabetical order
    • Removed World Gorger (Hardmode) and moved Vesta/Statius armour to Wilderness slayer rewards
    • Removed World Gorger and moved Morrigans armour to Wilderness slayer rewards
    • Removed Revenants as a possible task from the regular slayer master in world 1
    • Added an additional 60 trivia questions to the rotation currently in use
    • The completionist cape now specifies the 2,500m or 5,000m gp requirement to wear it
    • Sigils will no longer show a hitsplat while healing you to prevent spam hitsplats
    • Rock Golem can now be morphed into Amethyst, Lovakite, Daeyalt
    • Dragon hunter lance damage boost now applies vs Skeletal Wyverns
    • Max hit dummy will now also hit 15% damage boost when wearing slayer helm
    • Max hit dummy will now always proc enchanted bolt effects
    • you can now spam click thieving NPCs like on OSRS
    • Removed custom pets - galvek, serenity, yak
    • 'Broken' items are now colored differently vs the repaired versions
    • All custom items (Divine spirit shield, Virtus, Arcane stream neck, Comp cape, 200m xp capes etc) now have placeholders
    • Crystal items reverting to seeds will now grant the correct amount of seeds for platelegs & platebody
    • Equip full crystal league's task now works again with charged crystal
    • Custom bosses World Gorger, Tormented Demons & Glacors have been removed
    • Linza the barrows boss will remain until Virtus is properly dropped in OSRS later this year
    • Fire and Infernal completionist capes have been added with texturing akin to the max cape


    Future Updates

    Although I spent a ridiculous amount of hours on this update, there is still a lot I wanted to add but frankly ran out of time for a March release. The below items were started but were not finished in time, so I will be releasing them in batches over the coming months. I personally think this works out for the better, as it ensures a constant stream of new content vs 1 massive update and then just bug fixing.

    • Preset interface for gear setups
    • Leagues 3 - Shattered Relics
    • Realism Group ironman
    • Maximum hit splat & other people's hit splat tinting
    • More Combat Achievements - tied in with all of the new bosses we have (ToA, Nex etc)
    • Theatre of Blood (Hard mode)
    • Revenant maledictus boss
    • Galvek (ds2) boss
    • Automated name changing
    • PvP loot keys
    • Boss speed running - hiscores & announcements
    • Attack style saving for ranged & melee 


    I would also like to say a huge thank you to Polar who I'm sure most people in RSPS know. A majority of this would not be possible without his guidance over the past year. 

    Reminder there are massive giveaways and competitions happening on Discord when 2.0 launches - be sure to check out #competition and #giveaway on our Discord!


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