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Starter Guide by Xnq


The goal of this post is to provide a comprehensive and easily digestible guide to all new players where information for all possible questions is available in one easy-to-read thread. The guide will consist of background information about what Vulcan Reborn is, when first logging in, why are my skills all locked?, Druidic Ritual, leagues tier system, fragments, sigils, Hespori, Early money making, Trivia, and FAQ.

What is Vulcan Reborn?

Vulcan Reborn is a server focusing on the Shattered Relic Leagues portion of Oldschool Runescape in which players receive boosted XP and drop rates, access to the entire map (rather than the area-restricted Twisted & Trailblazer leagues), and relics. Players begin the league with most skills and bosses locked, which can be unlocked with Sage's renown.


When first logging in

When logging into Vulcan Reborn, after selecting the customization options for your character, you are greeted with a screen in which you can select multiple different modes. The main decision point when selecting a mode is whether you would prefer to play as an Ironman, or as a normal account where trading with other players is possible, and using the marketplace to buy and sell goods with other players is an option. 

Once you have decided whether you are going to play on an Ironman account or a normal account, the main thing to think about is whether or not you would like to be a realism account. Realism accounts enjoy a 6% boost to drop rates and the perk of being able to attune any DMM sigil to any slot however, the catch to playing a realism account is that xp rates are fully halved at every Leagues Tier.


Why are my skills all locked?

Do not worry, this is intended. One of the main features of Shattered Relics League is that the majority of skills and bosses are completely locked when first starting. These are unlocked using Sage's Renown. Sage's Renown is a type of currency that is gained by completing league tasks and can be used to unlock skills and bosses during your time on Vulcan Reborn. A guide created by Levi can be found here to gather some quick, easy early Sage's renown to start progression. Starter guide for Task Boost by Levi A list of all bosses and skills that require unlocks can be found by going to your quest book and selecting the a650915edce4033844fd71182df33875.png Leagues section and pressing unlocks.


Druidic Ritual

Druidic Ritual is the most important quest in the game and is very easy to complete. Druidic Ritual has to be completed in order to access the Herblore skill.


Check out my Druidic Ritual quest guide here: Druidic Ritual Quest Guide


Home Area

The starter area is filled with useful NPC's and things that you will use throughout the entirety of your playthrough on Vulcan Reborn.

North-East Area

In the north-east area of the home, there are a variety of different things that can be used; the Ornate pool of Rejuvenation, death's domain, Skully, PK master, Zahur, PvM Master, Altar of the Occult, Loot Chest, armour repair stand, and an Altar of Zamorak.


North-East area of home

The Ornate pool of Rejuvenation is an object that restores all your stats, health, prayer points, and special attack fully and this pool can only be used at certain time intervals depending on your rank.

Death's domain is where you spawn after dying in Vulcan Reborn. If you need to gather coins from the bank to pay for your items back, this is where you will re-enter to collect them.

Skully has a few different options related to PKing and will be able to skull you and sells the option to obtain lootkeys when killing a player in the wilderness.

Zahur is an NPC that can decant, clean herbs, and make unfinished potions once you have the Rune ($100+) rank.

The PvM master is an NPC that sells various PvMing supplies for PvM points, which are obtained by killing monsters.


PvM Master's shop

The Altar of the Occult allows you to swap between spellbooks.

Loot Chest is for turning in lootkeys if enabled by Skully.

The Armour repair stand is useful for repairing broken pieces of barrows and for turning god wars pieces into fragments for upgrading Torva and Masori armor.

The Altar of Zamorak can restore prayer points and can be used to sacrifice bones and ensouled heads for prayer XP.

East Area

On the East area of the home, there is the Completionist cape, Singing bowl, Elven Crystal Chest, Brimstone chest, Community favour shop, Town Board, Taskmaster, Pet shrine, thieving stalls, and the Blood fountain.


East area of home

The Completionist cape allows you to view all completionist tasks as well as your progress in each.

The Singing bowl is used to turn crystal keys into enhanced crystal keys as long as you have 80 crafting and smithing (can be boosted) along with 10 crystal shards per key.

The Elven Crystal Chest is where you open enhanced crystal keys.

The Brimstone chest is where you use brimstone keys to receive a variety of rewards.

The Community favour shop has an incredibly useful array of items for sale in exchange for community favour (earnt through the Town Board & Taskmaster).

The Town Board refreshes relatively often and generates 6 tasks for players to complete on a first-come-first-serve basis. These tasks grant community favour and a chance at the Abyssal protector pet.

Taskmaster is an NPC that gives you up to 5 personal tasks to complete which grant you a large amount of community favour.

Pet shrine gives information on pet perks.

Thieving stalls are a good way to level thieving early.

The Blood fountain is incredibly useful in that it grants random buffs across the entire server once 200m is sacrificed to it. 



South-East Area


South-East area of home

The South-East area of home is home to flower-poker in which players can gamble against each other in a winner-takes-all format. For a full explanation of what flower-poker is check out this link.


South-West Area

The South-West area of home is the AFK area.

The AFK area is a great tool to be used to get gains while you are not at the PC or busy doing other things. Another good reason to get into the AFK area is because of the Temporros tasks which give you a ton of very easy league points and Sage's Renown. Be aware that to do Temporros, the boss has to be unlocked by spending Sage's Renown. The only things that you can receive from the AFK area are a small amount of coins and XP, along with pets.


South-West area of home


Rates inside the AFK arena

West Area

On the West side of home, there is an altar, an Emblem Trader, PvP tournament zone, Mysterious Stranger, Ghommal, Makeover Mage, Shop Keeper, Skilling Master, Sigmund the Merchant, Party Pete, Mac, Probita, and Watson.


West area of home

The altar is used to change to the new Prayer book.

Emblem Trader is the NPC that you go to to turn in emblems such as the archaic emblem. The Emblem Trader also shows tournament rewards, which is why it is recommended to join tournaments as there are very lucrative items to be purchased.


Emblem Trader's tournament rewards shop

The PvP tournament zone is where 1v1 tournaments and multi-tournaments are held, enter the Red Barrier with nothing in your inventory or any equipped items to join.

Mysterious Stranger is the NPC where donation points are spent. The most commonly bought item is the mystery box where players can receive megarare PvM items.


Mysterious Stranger's donator items shop

Ghommal is an NPC where you can collect Combat Achievement Diary Rewards. He also provides information about the rewards and what tasks you are missing.

The Makeover Mage NPC is used to change the appearance of your character.

Shop Keeper is an incredibly useful NPC that sells a wide array of general items such as runes, potions, gear, and skilling supplies.

The Skilling Master provides a shop in which players can purchase all sorts of skilling armor such as graceful and rogue armor from.


Skilling Master's skilling supplies shop

Sigmund the Merchant is a great way to get rid of excess items that you otherwise do not need for a bit of gp. Although the prices are not very good for selling, it is a good way to earn some quick gp from bulk items.

Party Pete provides the Voting Rewards shop which includes cannons, mystery boxes, and some other valuables.


Party Pete's voting rewards shop

Mac sells all skill capes.

Probita is the NPC that insures pets so that if you die, they are reclaimable. Without giving Probita 500k, you will not be able to have a pet following you. 

Watson is a clue NPC, in order to open clues you pay him gp and he will automatically complete them for you. Clues are a great way to earn league points so make sure to do as many as possible.


North-West Area

In the North-West area of home, slayer masters are there to give you tasks. Krystilia, Nieve, and Duradel. Slightly north of the slayer masters is a free-for-all portal in which players can participate in for-fun PvP where no items are lost on death.


North-West area of home


North Area

In the North area of home, there is a teleporter that has every teleportable location in the game available along with max-hit combat dummies and the Sigil Statue, which shows all available sigils.


North area of home


Leagues Tier system

As you progress through the game, you'll gain different passive effects as you level up through the tiers which are listed below:


The main advantage of progressing through the tiers is the XP increase to every skill, making tasks essential to progression. You also unlock one new fragment slot per tier. There are also some effects that are passively unlocked which are the following: Drakan's Touch regenerates health based on damage dealt, Fast Metabolism regenerates hitpoints 4x as fast, Unchained Talent where all skills are given a +8 passive boost, Personal Banker grants a chance for resources obtained from Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining and Farming to be directly deposited into the bank, Crystal of Memories allows players to teleport themselves back to the location where their most recent teleport occurred providing the crystal is in the inventory when teleporting, and Arcane Grimoire which allows players to switch to any spellbook. Drakan's Touch and Fast Metabolism can be enabled/disabled in the quest tab under the Kourend tab 2269798e7670fd662ae0632fb046af5d.png and then selecting Relic Effects 0e5092e022293e974c18a7ba9d632772.png




Interface for equipping fragments

Fragments are obtained through skilling, bossing, and other activities. Most fragments are obtained through RNG means and the chance to acquire a fragment is based on the activity and is scaped by the amount of XP acquired. The number of equipped fragments is limited by the number of fragment slots, up to a maximum of seven, that a player has unlocked by completing tasks. Fragments can only be equipped at home.

In the quest book tab, under leagues, selecting the "Fragments" tab is the best way to read and learn about each fragment's base effects and set effects. Some notable "meta" set effects include: Chain Magic, after a successful Magic attack, you have a 6% chance to do another attack immediately after, Twin Strikes, which is the same as Chain Magic but for melee and Double Tap, which is the same as the previous two but for ranged.

When a fragment is obtained, it has 0xp and requires 8,000 to fully max it out in order to get the best effects out of it. A common tactic to level up fragments while not playing is to leave your character splashing while the fragments you want to level up are equipped.

Be aware that fragments are not able to be received inside Nightmare Zone or the AFK Arena.

There are a number of fragments available for every aspect of the game including production, combat, harvesting, and others.



Sigils are a big part of Vulcan Reborn, and optimizing them is very important for progression. Sigil Overflow is an effect that you need to keep an eye on which will break all equipped sigils when it overflows which means that the sigils equipped at that time will be fully lost, it is possible to reset Sigil Overflow by paying 4m to the statue north of the home. Sigil Overflow status can be found in the other section at the bottom of the Kourend tab 2269798e7670fd662ae0632fb046af5d.png

A list of all sigils and what they do:
Sigil of Rampage


Sigil of Aggression


Sigil of Deft Strikes


Sigil of Consistency


Sigil of the Feral Fighter


Sigil of the Formidable Fighter


Sigil of Fortification


Sigil of the Menacing Mage


Sigil of the Meticulous Mage


Sigil of the Ruthless Ranger


Sigil of the Rigorous Ranger


Sigil of Storage


Sigil of the Fortune Farmer


Sigil of the Porcupine


Sigil of Prosperity


Sigil of Preservation


Sigils are given to players randomly through doing any sort of activity in which xp is gained, through buying sigil boxes from the general store for 2m per one, and through the marketplace off of other players.

It is rumored that DMM apocalypse sigils are to be added to Vulcan Reborn soon. Note that sigils can be used in PvP!

Source: 4d2306f01e775987fa0c2ef9b99ea55c.png



Not sure what to do with Hespori seeds? They are part of the global droptable and are activated by unlocking the Hespori boss and entering the cave with a seed in your inventory. Before you fight Hespori, be warned that the boss fight will start immediately and it is recommended to have at least 37 prayer for protect from magic and 60+ ranged with rune knives. You do not have to plant the Hespori seed. Once the Hespori is killed, it will grant you some random supply boxes which will be deposited directly into your bank, along with a huge amount of XP in one skill. The XP gained from Hespori can go into skills that are not unlocked and in this case, will not grant you anything so make sure that you unlock all skills before you do Hespori.


Early Money Making

Some good ways of making early money include thieving, farming revenants, grinding slayer for rare drops.

  • Thieving is the most consistent way of making money, leveling to around 60 on the stalls at home, then going to pickpocket knights in Ardougne and when you hit around 90 thieving, pickpocketing Vyre's is the best money and with full rogue's outfit and fragments is around 12m/hr.
  • The wilderness is a dangerous place, but rewards include tons of alchables and rare wilderness weapons like the Craw's Bow.
  • After completing a few tasks and getting better XP rates, one of the best things to do for money would be leveling slayer to a point where you can farm valuable rare drops such as black masks, dragon boots, and whips.
  • For the very early game, the best thing by far would be utilizing the vote rewards, every 12 hours you can vote 2 times on each site at this link. $1 Bonds on the marketplace go for around 1.5m each, and vote tickets can be sold at a reasonable price as well (400-600k). Crystal keys are another thing you receive from voting and are always in demand. After voting, claim them by typing ;;voted in game.
  • If you're looking to grind some sort of monster to get a bit of GP and don't fancy doing revenants, green dragons are always good as dragon bones are in high demand and sell for a decent amount in the marketplace.
  • Another amazing way to make some early game GP without many requirements at all is Wintertodt. Wintertodt consistently drops coins, runite ore and a few other valuable items. It's also great for account progression as there are a lot of tasks that can be completed through Wintertodt. Doing Wintertodt will generate a lot of fragments for the early game. 



You may see trivia every now and again in chat. To answer type ;;trivia [answer to the question]. Trivia will give you 30k coins and a Mystery Box scrap, and once 25 scraps are collected, can be combined with glue from the general store to get a mystery box, where you have a chance for super rare items.



I will add more FAQ to this list over time, also check out REYimm's FAQ as it does a good job of explaining a lot of beginner questions about Vulcan Reborn.


If you have any questions that you think should be added PM "xnq" in game and I will add them to the FAQ list.


  • Where do I open grubby keys and Larren's keys?
    • Both Grubby & Larren's keys are in the normal places as OSRS.
  • What do I pray vs Hespori?
    • Mage, and every 100hp you have to kill all 4 seed spawns before you can do damage against it.
  • How do I use crystal keys?
    • Crystal keys are not useable until you have 80 smithing and 80 crafting in which case you can turn them into enhanced crystal keys, until then they are useless. When turned crystal keys into enhanced crystal keys, a large amount of XP in smithing and crafting is given.
  • What gear do I need for TOA?
    • All 3 styles as you have to mage & range warden in the first room, then for the main bossfight you can use any of the three styles.
  • What do I need for COX?
    • You only need mage and melee to complete COX as you can melee the head during the final phase however it is recommended to range the head. For a more in-depth guide on how to run the Olm head while in COX, check out Deadmen's head running guide here.
  • Do Larren's Keys work with 3x wilderness loot?
    • No.
  • Is there Wildy Slayer?
    • Yes, talk to Krystilia to receive wildy slayer tasks. Beware that she only assigns boss tasks, so wildy slayer is not for new or low geared accounts.
  • Where do I find mahogany trees?
    • Hardwood grove south of brimhaven. There are also 3 trees on Miscellania (Can get there through ROW teleport or fairy ring CIP). 
  • How many waves is fight caves/inferno?
    • This entirely depends on your donator rank (see image below courtesy of Xsj).


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