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League guide to start unlocking your first skills/bosses

Turnt Up

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This guide is broken down into 3 sections Sage's Renown/League points and tiers/Fragments


 This is how you start, 3 skills unlocked. No, this is not a defence pure server 🙂





You will need to earn Sage's renown to unlock skills/bosses by completing tasks in the leagues quest tab section






League points that are earned though league tasks will go towards your league tier 1-8 giving you brand new passive abilities each time you increase your tier which makes VulcanPS unique!

You can view them by clicking "passive effects" once you earn enough points you will reach the next league and gain the next passive in the list



I strongly recommend checking out ::topic 43 and doing all you can on the list, this will give you enough renown to unlock new skills to get started quickly on combat/slayer/skilling (Some tasks on the list I found you can't do, skip them fast and go to the next)




Fragments will give even more abilities, but in a much more customizable way after you unlocked them and then equip them

You can unlock combat/skilling fragments by doing skilling/pvming hitting mobs for combat frags, collecting resources will give you skilling frags (You cannot gain fragments in NMZ)

You will unlock fragments correlating to what skill/combat style you're using

Each tier you rank up in leagues will allow you to equip another fragment



Sigil info perhaps soon? 







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