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Vulcan Information


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1. Starting out - what you need to know

1. Open the Items Lost on Death screen & choose your skills to protect as you lose XP on death

2. Visit the Deadman Statue to claim your first free DMM Reborn Sigil. You can also view your Leagues information via the Quest Tab to learn about Leagues Relics

3. Money Making - Completing a combat or leagues task will award you 100-350k per task (enter Death's domain, open the Leagues menu, get a slayer task etc). Thieving & Wintertodt will provide quick coins while Barrows will provide sellable items due to the barrow's item sink.


2. What's the difference between World 1 & 2 & 3? 



3. Other useful threads


4. Misc. Game Info

  • Completionist Cape - obtainable after completing majority of Vulcan. Provides all 200m XP cape perks
  • 200m XP Cape - variant of the max cape for that specific skill
  • Ring of Wealth (i) - Provides a 1/20 chance to roll a 2nd drop from any NPC killed
  • Magical Orb - Used with any barrows piece to gain entry to the Barrows Boss (dropping Virtus armor)
  • Vulcan tokens - obtained from almost everywhere (world events, afk area, voting, pvming etc)
  • Vulcan points - obtained when receiving a Sigil, killing mobs or gaining XP drops at random
  • Global clues scroll - All NPCs will drop all 5 tiers of clue scroll for 30 minutes at a rate of 1/30
  • Shayzien boots - provide 100% immunity against the poison splatter attack at Lizardman Shaman
  • Full Graceful - Provides a 5% increase to Agility XP with the full set equipped 
  • Full Anglers - Provides a 5% increase to Fishing XP (1% per piece)
  • Full Lumberjack - Provides a 5% increase to Woodcutting XP (1% per piece)
  • Full Prospector - Provides a 5% increase to Mining XP (1% per piece)
  • Full Rogues - Provides 2x loot when pickpocketing
  • Vulcan Fountain - Used to discard / sell unwanted items for 33% of their value. When it reaches 200m total contributed it will spawn random bonuses for the entire server which are listed in your Quest tab
  • Teleporter - has a search function on the top of it
  • Drop Tables -  via Quest tab -> Kourend Favour -> Drop table viewer
  • Hardcore Ironman - Receive an additional life for every 500 total levels they achieve
  • Divine Spirit Shield - 100% chance to reduce 30% of all damage taken, with 1/6 the damage removed from prayer points
    • (Elysian 70% chance to reduce 25% of all damage taken)
  • Imbuing Items - Imbuing any item is handled through Nightmare Zone. You earn NMZ points from Slayer & NMZ
    • Black Mask
    • Slayer Helmets
    • Salve Amulet, E, EI
    • Dagannoth Rings
    • Wilderness Rings
    • Elite Void
    • Mage Capes


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