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  Category Description Consequence
1 Multiple accounts Allowed to log in simultaneously -
2 Auto-clicking Only allowed for high-alching -
3 Scamming Gambling scams are not allowed Ban (no refunds given)
4 Macroing / AHKing / Botting No automation in gameplay is allowed Skill resets, item removal, 7 day ban
5 Racism / Excessive flaming Zero tolerance policy Mute, ban
6 Doxing Sharing personal info without consent is prohibited IP-ban
7 VPN voting Using VPNs for unfair voting is not allowed Item removal, ban
8 Real World Trading No exchange of in-game items/currency for real money IP-ban
9 Excessive advertising No spam advertising clans / giveaways / gambling etc via Yell (10min per message) Mute
10 Common sense rule

Common sense: The server operates 100% free to play but is still required to sustain an income for development & hosting costs.

Attempting to tarnish Vulcan's brand, slander the server, excessively complain about something or do anything that could allow other players to negatively perceive the (server, staff, economy, advertising strategy, general enjoyment or anything not listed), that may lead to poor perceptions of the server.

Removal from community


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