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Runecrafting - Til Death Do Us Craft


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Hi Vulcan! Grindcore here. Just quickly showing everyone the most optimal method to train Runecrafting, and what I used to clinch #1 (200m btw)


  • All Pouches (300 ea in Gen store)
  • Last Recall relic (250 V Tokens) (This guarantees 6M xp/hr minimum)
  • A couple hours of your time

Important information before we get started:

  • Pouches are automatic. What that means is they fill and empty in one click; when you withdraw essence, the pouches fill, and when you click the altar, they empty and are processed in the same tick. Hence you use all the pouches as they don't affect banking or your crafting trip.
  • If you plan on doing this on W2 for the bonus XP, you can only Last Recall from a safezone.

Lvl 1 - 65: Feel free to go through the abyss and level up normally, but you can sit at Zalcano AFK for a few hours and achieve the same.

Lvl 65+: Deaths. That's it. There's nothing higher. Death Altar is your home now, get cozy.

The Method:

For you W1 safezone gamers, head to the Death Altar. Get a cycle in, then TP to Mos Le Harmless or Shilo Village. These are banks only a few tiles away from the Teleport. Withdraw your essence, click Last Recall, and right click the TP button for your previous teleport, and repeat as necessary!

For us W2 risky mulers gamers, same concept - but our bank options are Yanille or Mage Bank. Whichever you prefer! I used W2 + Double XP scrolls and had up to 20M/hr rates. The whole grind took me roughly 10 hours of playtime.

Not sure if this skill needs a 200m cape, maybe it could unlock Wrath crafting or smth idk. It really doesn't get easier then this, and for those crafting in W2, remember that with a quickrelog you can last recall into Death Altar with full prayer 😉



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