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Deadman Mode Seasonal Guide


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1. Welcome to the Seasonal

1. I strongly recommend you read the Welcome Guide

2. To see what's enabled/disabled/buffed/nerfed I'd recommend you read the World Differences Guide 

3. The next DMM Seasonal will begin on the 1st of December, with a prize pool of $3,000 USD

2. Rules

World 3 will be unmoderated, but Discord, Yell and Help cc are shared with w1/w2 players so there is no flame/racism in these. Bug abuse, macroing, doxing, using a VPN to gain multiple Vote Rewards or Daily Loyalty Chests (or anything of this severity) will be a ban & DQ for the prize pool. Muling is fine.

3. Death Mechanics

  • From your player - you will lose all items on your player, and cannot use protect item prayer
  • From your bank - you will lose 5 of your top 10 most valuable items
  • There is no safety deposit box, but you can leave items on the G.E and they will not be rolled when dying
  • Exact death mechanics are listed in the World Differences Guide

4. Other Misc. Info

  • Free DMM Reborn Sigil - Visit the Deadman Statue to the south of home to claim your starter Sigil. These Sigils will not work in the final 1v1s.
  • Free Loyalty Reward - Visit the Loyalty chest to claim a free Token and DMM Supply pack every 12 hours
  • Deadman Sigils - Not all are 1:1 with OSRS effects. Click the Statue to see what each of them do on Vulcan
  • Voting - Will be the #1 source of resources and money entering the game. This is to ensure Vulcan benefits from this World
  • Wilderness Slayer - You receive 2x Global loot table & 2x DMM Sigil chance while in the Wilderness

Prize Pool (Season 3)


*Account cannot finish with more than 30 hours playtime, and cannot be shared across IP addresses. This ONLY applies to the Highest Total Level prize money. There is NO limit to playing the tournament normally. This is purely to encourage non-pkers to have a go at World 3 and do something they enjoy (skill/pvm/swap gold for World 1 gp etc)

World Event - Every 7 Hours - The Mimic


Multi Stage fights
The multi stage fights will open for you to join the lobby 15 minutes before it begins via the Champions Portal south of home. You will have 90 seconds after being placed into the northern section to move to your team's area. After this everyone will be able to attack everyone. Upon elimination you will not lose items, but will receive your opponent's food/potions.

Fog will begin to damage you after 80% of the allocated time has passed. The damage will be based on the 2 factors below:
1) The category the Fog is at (Low, Med, High, Danger!)
2) The distance you are from the Safe-zone Island

Throughout the multi arena supply chests will spawn providing valuable loot. The Safe-Zone will not spawn supply chests if you choose to hold it from the start

The area I've chosen for the Multi stage is the old FFA clan wars arena


5. Server wide event schedule 


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