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Vulcan 2.0 Hespori Guide


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So, You were enjoying you time on Vulcan and stumbled upon a small red and green seed called a "Hespori Seed." What is a Hespori seed? What do I do with a Hespori Seed? Well this is the guide for you!

df6c2d095d7da4763a5cccf1b182a8ba.png                     Hespori XP DOES stack with 2xp. Save your seeds for 2xp foutain or Double XP scroll usage for maximum experience!

A Hespori Seed is essentially a boss key and allows you to access the boss fight against Hespori. This fight is beginner friendly and highly rewarding! 
Rewards: A Lot of Non-combat XP is a skill at random upon completion of the fight and a lot of good loot such as Clue Scrolls, Mystery Boxes, and more.


What do I need for this Hespori fight you might ask. Well, the gear is simple and the stat requirements are even easier!

Recommended stats:
Range - 50+

Prayer - 37+

Gear Setup:
Best range gear you have.

The sigil setup is not required for this fight as the fight is easy, But if you would like to use sigils, which you should always use, These are some good options to use for each sigil slot.

Slot 1: Sigil of Deft Strikes, Sigil of Consistency, Sigil of Aggression

Slot 2: Sigil of ruthless ranger, Sigil of Rigorous Ranger

Slot 3: Sigil of Barrows, Sigil of Preservation

*Note: If you are a realism slots do not apply to you and you can use any combination of sigils freely.

Now that you have your gear and your sigils situated lets get your inventory sorted. 
Just prayer pots and an anti-poison/venom! You can bring a range potion/bastion potion if you wish to help with the fight.



Getting to Hespori


At home you will find a teleporter. a2d7d152dfdec7885192ab1640be4fc8.png 

Click on this teleporter to get a menu. 7d9480acb510c333ff73ba280b1acddf.png

In this menu You will click on the bosses tab under Categories then scroll until you find Hespori under teleports. 
*Note: The bosses are listed in alphabetical order.

Now that you are at Hespori it is action time. Simple turn on Protect from magic and enter the cave. 
*Note If you are lower combat level turn on protect from magic before entering as the fight will initiate immediately upon entering!


Now That you are in the fight simply range Hespori until the flowers spawn. 1f86d365a1a9e4e59296e09f9a2eb5de.png


When you see these Flowers all you have to do is range them one at a time until all four are killed. Then simply return to fighting Hespori. The flower phase will happen twice during this fight.

Congratulations you have finished your fight with Hespori!

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