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Vulcan Price Guide as of October 2022

Jimmy 6 toes

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Vulcan Price guide October 22, 2022

Please Note: As the Market changes prices will Lower and Rise depending on Demand: Also, depends on the seller and what they want for their items.



Scythe of Vitur- 3b-3.5b

Twisted Bow- 1.7b-2b

Toxic BlowPipe- 100m-150m

Ghrazi Rapier 125m-160m

Sanguinesti Staff- 250m-350m

Kodai Wand- 250m-300m

Toxic Staff and Swamp- 40m-60m

Bowfa- 50-100m

Blade of Saeldor- 50m-100m

Elder Maul- 65m-85m

Inquisitor Mace- 50m-75m

Dragon War Hammer 200m-300m

Dragon Hunter Crossbow- 60m-100m

Armadyl Godsword- 40m-60m

Avernic Defender- 55m-75m

Dragon Hunter Lance 300m-450m

Dragon Claws- 250m-300m

Harmonized Nightmare Staff- 700m-1b

Regular Nightmare Staff- 350m-450m

Staff of Light 15m-25m

Bandos Godsword 40m-50m

Vesta longsword- 40m-50m

Vesta Spear 40m-50m

Statius Warhammer- 50m-70m

Abyssal Whip- 3m-5m

Zamorakian Spear- 70m-100m

Craws Bow- 50m-100m

Viggors Mace- 50m-100m

Armadyl Crossbow- 75m-100m

Dragon Fire Shield- 25m-40m

Tome of Fire- 30m-40m

Tome of Water- 60m-80m

Elysian Spirit Shield- 200m-300m

Arcane Spirit Shield- 120m-150m

Divine Spirit Shield- 400m-600m

Spectral Spirit Shield- 80m-120m



Arcane Steam Necklace- 200m-400m

Torture- 125m- 150m

Anguish- 125m-150m

Tormented Bracelet- 125m-150m

Ring of suffering- 50m-100m

Archer/Berserker/Seers Rings- 20m-35m

Brimstone Ring- 70m-100m

Fury- 5-10m

Occult- 50m-75m



Full Torva (fixed)- 1.5b-2b

Full Morrigan's (Fixed)- 1b-1.3b

Full Virtus- 2.5B-3B

Full Ancestral- 350m-400m

Full Justiciar- 200m-300m

Full Bandos- 200m-250m

Full Statius- 200m-250m

Full Vesta- 300m-500m

Full Inquisitor- 200m-250m

Full Armadyl- 100m-150m

Primordial Boots- 120m-150m

Pegasian Boots- 120m-150m

Eternal Boots- 75m-100m

Serp Helm- 20m-30m



10$ Bond- 150m-200m

25$ Bond- 400m-500m

Pet Box- 500m-650m

Dex Scroll- 75m-125m

Arcane Scroll 50m-75m

Vulcan Tokens- 250k-500kea

Mystery Boxes- 4m-6m

T2 Mystery Boxes- 70m-120mea

Full Cannon- 80m-150m

Cannonballs- 10k-15kea

Enhanced Weapon seeds- 50m-100mea

Armour Seeds- 60m-120mea

Crystal keys- 500k-1.5mea

All Barrows Sets- 25m-40mea

Ring of Wealth Scroll- 80m-100m

Crystal Weapon seeds 200k-500kea

All X2 Scrolls 10m-20m

Pots/2ndaries for 200m Herblore- 15k-30kea



Christmas Cracker- 200m-400m

Party Hats- 200m-400m

Rainbow party Hat 1.5b-2b

3rd Age Pieces- 50m-150m (could be more depending on what item and demand)


PM in game if you think price needs to be changed! 

Edited by Jimmy 6 toes
Updating prices/ adding items
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