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Theatre of Blood - Vulcan Guide


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Starting tips:

  • Need all three styles
  • Great starter gear if learning/going with people in good gear:
    • Void/blowpipe/melee weapon/trident
  • Melee is the meta, although blowpipe works well throughout (except for Melee/Magic Nylocas phases)
  • If you have a Twisted Bow:
    • Works well on Maiden, Green Nylocas and Verzik
  • If you have a Scythe:
    • This is BIS for ToB, but you can sub Twisted Bow for the above rooms


Butch Lesbo (Maiden)

Prayer: Magic


  • Keep HP > 50
  • Spiders that spawn need to be hit only once each
  • If red blood spatter is thrown out, avoid it or it will hit 15's


Fat F*** (Bloat)

Prayer: None (optional: Redemption)


  • Keep HP > 30 (if not using Redemption)
  • If body parts fall from the ceiling
    • You can't avoid these, and they hit 30's so keep HP > 30 
    • Best to just stand still and attack Bloat
  • Salve amulet (e) provides boost to melee since Bloat is undead


Big Spider (Nylocas)

Prayer: Melee (Grey), Ranged (Green), Magic (Blue)


  • Keep HP > 30 
  • Melee the Grey, Range the Green, Mage the Blue
  • Rotation is Magic(Blue) -> Melee(Grey) -> Range(Green) and repeat until dead
  • Starts out as Blue, switches styles every ~10 hits TOTAL
    • This means quick succession hits such as Scythe/BP will turn it quick, so take care


Large Rhino (Sotetseg)

Prayer: Magic


  • Keep HP > 40 unless you see a red ball then eat up 
  • If you see a red ball, every player should be standing on the same square (death dot or DD) until a couple ticks after it disappears
    • Do this the entire fight to be safe
  • If you get knocked back, eat up
  • If you get knocked back while a red ball is in the vicinity, EAT UP 


Batman (Xarpus)

Prayer: None (optional: Redemption but not needed)


  • Keep HP > 20-30 until he goes SKREEEEEEEEE (screeches)
  • Avoid poison splatters being thrown out at times
  • After he goes SHE BELONG TO THE SKREEEEEEETS (screeches)
    • If you hit him while he is looking, you will get hit a GUARANTEED 50 for EACH HIT
      • This means if you scythe, you're f***ed
    • But you have to hit him down the rest of his HP to complete the room
      • Keep HP > 50 and each player should do a single hit, do this until he dies and just eat up


Bigger Spider (Verzik Vitur)

Prayer: Magic (blue/orb attack), Ranged (spike/green attack)


  • Keep HP > 40 unless she does the weird bending upwards/lowering head attack
    • When this happens, lightning pillars will shoot out from under her for each player
    • Either outrun these (don't let it catch up)
    • Or tank the hit, which will be a GUARANTEED 60 


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