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Scrolls FAQ


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Scrolls are all marked (ut) or (t) at the end of their name. This refers to Untradeable or Tradeable


  • Scroll shop points (100)
    • Grants you 100 points to spend in the scroll shop
  • Ruinous prayer scroll
    • Unlocks access to 1 random prayer from the Ruinous Prayer book (10/24 come locked)
  • Dexterous prayer scroll
    • Unlocks access to Rigour on the regular prayer book
  • Arcane prayer scroll
    • Unlocks access to Augury on the regular prayer book
  • Ring of wealth scroll
    • Used on a ring of wealth to imbue it (i) - providing 1/100 chance to roll another drop, and auto collection of Tokkul, GP and Revenant Ether through the settings menu
    • In previous Leagues of Vulcan, there was a scroll that did this passively (without wearing the ring) - this is no longer applicable
  • Name and rank scroll
    • Allows you to transfer your username and donation rank to another account (generally your alt, to switch between Leagues 3 / 4, but not have to use a new username or donate again)
  • Name change scroll
    • Allows you to swap usernames with another account you own (or create)
  • Full rank transfer scroll
    • Allows you to give your entire donation rank to another account
  • Partial rank transfer scroll
    • Allows you to transfer a portion of your donation rank to another account
  • Singles tournament scroll
    • Allows you to start a singles tournament
  • Multi tournament scroll
    • Allows you to start a multi tournament 
  • Community favour scroll
    • Grants you 100 community favour, allowing you to purchase from the community favour shop
  • Remote bank scroll
    • Allows you to use Cntrl+B to open the bank from most places for 10 minutes, rewarded from Voting
  • Double xp scroll
    • Grants 2x experience for 60 minutes
  • Double pet scroll
    • Grants 2x chance at a Pet for 60 minutes
  • Boss killcount scroll
    • Grants you 15 or 30 boss kill count in any of the following bosses to speed up Leagues tasks: Kalphite queen, Alchemical hydra, Wintertodt, Abyssal sire,  Vorkath, Dagannoth kings, Demonic gorillas, Theatre of Blood, Corporeal beast, Nightmare of Ashihama, Skotizo (limited to 5)
  • Fountain scroll
    • Automatically starts the Fountain at home, granting server wide bonuses at random
  • Skin color scroll
    • Allows you to select a restricted skin color 
  • Safe death scroll
    • Upon a PvM death, you are teleported to Death's domain but no items are removed from your equipment or inventory, no gp charge applies (1 time permanent unlock)
  • Shooting star scroll
    • Spawns a shooting star at the home area
  • Task extension scroll
    • When you select a Slayer task, the maximum number you can choose will increase to 250
  • Enhanced bolt scroll
    • Increases the chance a Bolt (e) effect will take place by 10% similar to the Kandarin diary
  • Reset Leagues 4 Relics
    • Allows you to re pick 1 relic from each of the 8 tiers of relics, without having to start a new account
  • Thrall book scroll
    • Allows you to summon thralls without a book of the dead, and thralls now last 50% longer
  • Blood fury scroll
    • Allows your blood fury or blood torture to save charges 10% of the time
  • Torture upgrade scroll
    • Learn how to combine an amulet of torture with a blood shard
  • Cerberus boots scroll
    • Learn how to combine primordial, pegasian and eternal boots into one pair
  • Cannon reload scroll
    • Allows your cannon to automatically reload from your inventory when you're nearby
  • Hydra vent scroll
    • Allows you to automatically neutralise the hydra's vent attack
  • Fast teleport scroll
    • Allows you to change your teleport animation, from 5 ticks to 3 ticks
  • Auto collect clues scroll
    • All clue scrolls dropped by NPCs will be added to your inventory instead
  • Nex damage scroll
    • Increases damage dealt and accuracy against Nex by 20%
  • Cerberus ghosts scroll
    • Cerberus ghosts will only deal 5 damage if they hit you instead of 30
  • Vorkath zombie scroll
    • Any attack on the zombified spawn will now deal maximum damage
  • Cannonball creation scroll
    • Allows you to smith your own cannonballs
  • Sire miasma scroll
    • Allows you to stand in miasma pools and not take damage
  • Double Wintertodt Damage (1hr)
    • Starts a global event where all damage at Wintertodt is 2x for faster kills/crates
  • Double Zalcano Loot (1hr)
    • Starts a global event where all drops / runecrafting & mining xp is doubled at Zalcano
  • Herb Sack scroll
    • All herbs grimy / clean dropped to the ground are automatically collected
    • This stacks with the donator perk which can note them before they're collected
  • Bonus Barrows loot (1hr)
    • Starts a server wide event that will grant double all rewards in your barrows chest 50% of the time, for 1hr
  • Barrows Mound scroll
    • The barrows tunnel will always be located under Ahrims tomb vs random
  • Herb Sack scroll
    • All grimy & clean herbs will automatically be collected to your inventory
  • Auto collect global loot scroll
    • Global loot table = 15% chance when killing any NPC above level 100, to have their drop table replaced with the GLT
    • All global loot drops are automatically collected to your inventory
  • Obelisk time scroll (1hr)
    • Grants you 1 hour on the obelisk in the afk area (normally 12m/hr) which provides xp in your lowest skill
  • Fast ammo fletch scroll
    • When fletching any ammo relating to bolts or arrows, you will fletch 250 vs 10 at a time
  • Double slayer points (1hr)
    • Starts a server wide event for 1 hour granting 2x slayer pts for task completions
  • Auto collect key drops scroll
    • Any Larrans or Brimstone keys received will automatically go to your inventory
  • Double nightmare scroll (1hr)
    • You receive 2 loot rolls for every Nightmare kill


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