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Definitive Guide To Vulcan & Starting Out


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Are you a new player who’s just landed at home and find yourself super confused about where to start? Look no further than this definitive guide on your first few hours in the game.

The purpose of this guide is to give a new player all the information they will need to get started on Vulcan. This guide will be more in depth, as it seems many players are coming from OSRS and playing a private server for the first time.


Table of Contents

  1. Home Island Features
  2. The Quest Tab
  3. Starting Out
  4. Relics & Sigils
  5. World Events


Home Island Features

Home is your starting location. Around the area, you will find many different features that may be confusing starting out, so I will break down and explain each of them by location to you.

First, head over to the southwest corner of home. You will find this room:


In this room, you will find:

  • The Restoration Pool: You can use as much as you want to heal all stats and debuffs you may have accumulated while playing. Many players choose to kill a boss, teleport home to heal, and hop back to their fight.
  • The Loyalty Chest: Every 12 hours, you can use this to get scrolls that will give you xp, pet rate increase, drop increase, and many other things. I highly recommend you use this as often as you can.
  • Brimstone Chest/Crystal Chest: The brimstone chest is used for, you guessed it, brimstone keys. The crystal chest will count as a regular gauntlet kill, and can even give you the gauntlet pet!
  • Magic Book Altar: You can use this to swap magic spellbooks at any time.
  • Deadman Chest: Can use this with keys from killing players
  • Altar: Since there is a restoration pool, you don’t need to heal prayer here – but you can bury bones for massively increased xp!
  • Estate Agent/Construction Portal: Easy access to construction.

Next, let’s leave the room and take a look at the relic/sigil helpers here:


Here, you will find Ghommal, the Leagues Tutor, and the Deadman Statue. I will dive further into relics in a few sections of the guide, but in simple terms, each of these provide:

  • Ghommal: Can view combat task rewards, as well as check for missing completed combat tasks.
  • Leagues Tutor: Can view the different relic benefits and points required for each.
  • Deadman Statue: A great resource to view each of the sigils in the game, as well as what they do. Click on a sigil and the utility will appear in the chat window.

Next, let’s head east, and take a look at the bottom right corner of home.




In this location, you will find:

  • The Group Ironman Portal: Used for Group Ironmen, hope that doesn’t need to be explained :P
  • Combat Dummy: Test your attacks!
  • Tournament NPC: Every few hours, a tournament will start up ranging from pure, f2p, hybrid, Dharoks, and more. It is highly recommended to participate in all tournaments, even if you’re like me and can’t pk. Even if you lose, or die right away, you will be given a reward (usually a t1 mystery box), and will also have a roll at the pet. These are free to enter, so take every opportunity to participate.
  • Anvil/Cooking Range: What’s super nice about these is that they’re right next to a bank chest.
  • Thieving Stalls: The best place to train thieving. I trained to 99 without even leaving home.
  • The Vulcan Fountain: One of the ‘bread and butter’ parts of this server. The loyalty fountain requires 100m to be contributed to the fountain to activate. Anyone can donate whatever they want, but when it hits 100 million donated, it will activate one or multiple of the following perks:



Heading north a bit, we will find the following:


Here, you will find the following:

  • Armour Repair Stand: This stand will allow you to repair all armor, as well as break down bandos/armadyl to upgrade your gear in the future (Torva, Morrigans, Etc.)
  • Death’s Domain: When you die, you will be sent to Death’s Domain, and will have to claim your items there. You can use this to enter back if you forget to claim something.
  • AFK Island Entrance: Will discuss this shortly, going to give it its own section.
  • Completionist Cape Racks: These are going to be your main goals in the game – the comp cape provides a massive boost which I will also break down in further sections. Admire it to see the requirements!

Next, let’s head west, and take a look at the shops:


The NPCs here (from left to right):

  • Watson: When you get a clue, you don’t have to do it. Bring some coins and the clue, use it on Watson, and he will automatically give you a casket. You can also use him to turn in an easy, medium, hard, and elite for a master clue.
  • Make-over Mage: Change your appearance!
  • Party Pete (Vote Store): When you vote, you can use your vote points here!
  • Sigmund The Merchant: He will buy anything! No need to drop your stuff, just sell it to him.
  • Wise Old Man: The main shop you will utilize in this game. It provides regular players and ironmen alike with all of the resources they need to both start out and progress the game. You’ll find:
    • A Melee Shop
    • A Range Shop
    • A Magic Shop
    • A General Store with all the tools you’ll need to skill
    • A Vulcan Tokens Shop, which you will use to buy things like void, MTA capes, Barbarian Assault Gear, and most importantly, Sigils. Vulcan tokens are this server’s in game currency that stand apart from coins, and are used to buy a wide-variety of great items. I’ll discuss this a little more later.
    • General Supplies,
    • which is where you’ll find potions, food, and some basic jewelry.
    • Construction Supplies
    • Starting Ironmen Gear
    • Custom Items – you can’t buy anything here. It just shows some of the custom items in this game.
    • Donator Store – a second Vulcan Tokens store with more expensive items like pets, greegrees, and cosmetic rings.
  • Nieve: Your one stop shop for slayer!
  • Cassie: This is where you can use Vulcan Points, which differ from Vulcan tokens. Vulcan Points are generated naturally as you play the game, and can be used to buy tons of gear for skilling, as well as other juicy items, like scrolls, Vulcan tokens, and mystery boxes
  • Mac: This shop sells normal skill capes and 200m capes. 200m capes are huge in this game, and can provide a ton of benefits once you’ve maxed the xp on a skill. Use the command ::capeperks in game to see the benefits, or click here!  
  • Demon Butler: Hire your own demon butler for construction!

Next, let’s head to the bank.


Here you will find:

  • You guessed it, a bank.
  • Elven Crystal Chest: Use your enhanced crystal keys on this to give yourself a corrupted gauntlet KC, as well as a chance at the Corrupted Gauntlet Pet! You can also get enhanced crystal seeds, armor, and tool seeds as well.
  • Singing Bowl: Craft all your crystal gear here. Using regular seeds here will provide you with a *ton* of smithing & crafting xp. Note – bowfa & salad blade are made by hitting the ‘create’ option on your seed. They are not made at the singing bowl.
  • The Lottery NPC: You can enter the lottery here for a chance at a big GP payout!
  • Zahur: Here, you can make unfinished potions, decant, and clean your herbs. Note – this is a donator perk only.

Next, let’s head east to the AFK island portal.


Unlike OSRS, you will not be logged out for inactivity on this server. The wonderful owners have provided an afk island to train your skills while you sleep. You won’t even need the tools to use these, just click and afk!

  • Crystal Tree: Trains Woodcutting
  • Spirit Pool: Trains Fishing
  • Zolcano: Trains Mining and Runecrafting
  • Herbs: Trains Farming & Herblore
  • Herbiboar: Trains Hunter

The red barrier blocks access to the enhanced version of AFK island. To use this, you must have a certain total level, as well as sacrifice items to him. You can talk to him to see the list. The most commonly sacrificed items are sigils, which will provide you with an hour of afk time, as well as gold or Vulcan tokens depending on the tier of sigil sacrificed.

  • Mounted Slayer Cape: Trains slayer xp.
  • Spinning Wheel: Trains Crafting.
  • Crumbling Wall: Trains Agility.
  • Magical Obelisk: Will train your lowest skill. Automatically switches skills if your lowest skill changes. This obelisk is *awesome*

Finally, let’s head to the center of your home and take a look at the Vulcan Teleporter. Until you reach the $10 donor rank, this will be your main use of travel in this game.


You can use this awesome resource to teleport to any of the big areas in the game. It even provides you with a search field so that you don’t have to find everything manually. This has all bosses, skilling, cities, minigames, and you can even add teleports to favorites that will appear in the first tab for easy teleporting.  


Quest Tab

You’re going to spend a lot of time looking at these pages. This section is designed to teach you how and when to utilize each tab.

Character Summary:


This tab allows you to see total level, combat level, total xp, playtime, as well as your leagues tasks, combat tasks, and collections logged. The last 3 can be clicked on for easy access to the tasks/collection log.

Quest List:


This tab shows you server & player information, as well as current fountain perks if it is active.

Kourend Favour:


This tab shows you the drop tables tab, which you will use a lot. It opens up a window that allows you to search for any item, and will tell you which npc drops it, or any npc, and what their drop table and rates are. Clicking on any monster will also pull up its stats in your inventory window.


The Kourend Favour tab also shows you timers for world events, which will be explained in further sections.

Lastly, this tab allows you to change your break vials, drag, and discard buckets settings with a click.


Starting Out

In this section of the guide, I’m going to give you a general list of resources for when you’re starting out on the server.

Firstly, here are some of the useful commands you can utilize in-game that will take you to separate windows with helpful resources:

  • ::capeperks – Link Here – will take you to the list of 200m cape perks.
  • ::vote/::Voted – How to vote, will explain this in detail below.
  • ::petperks – Link Here – will provide a list of all pets that have perks once upgraded.
  • ::petrates – Link Here – will show you the drop rates for each pet in game.
  • ::donate – use this to see the store!
  • ::donatorperks – Link Here – will take you to the perks provided at each donor rank.
  • ::staff – Will show you all staff currently online if you need help. Please use this as a last resort – the help clan exists for a reason, please ask all your in-game questions there first!
  • No command but use this link to see the world differences. Familiarize yourself with this.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is type ::vote. This will open a window, which allows you to put your name in, and then vote on our two server pages. You can do this every twelve hours, and I highly recommend that you take every opportunity to do so. Once you’ve voted, you can type ::voted to get a ton of rewards that are huge for starting out:


Next, buy all the resources, gear, and tools you’re going to need from the wise old man. I’m going to tell you early – use your bank tabs effectively. I have one for tools, one for skilling, one for gear, potions, etc. Start organizing now, and it won’t be a pain later!

Once you’ve purchased everything, head to the center portal and teleport to sand crabs. Take this opportunity to get all your base combat stats to 60, and then you’re ready to start slaying. Use Nieve at home and train as much or as little as you like, but personally I used slayer to get all my stats to 99.

Work on your leagues tasks. This server provides some genuinely insane relic benefits, you should prioritize those in the early game, as they will help catapult you ahead faster than most.

Sigils are going to help your training & bossing for your entire stay on Vulcan. Your first two slots for sigils are going to be the most important starting out. When it comes to sigils, there will be some debate. For me personally, I would recommend starting with the following sigils:

  • Deft Strikes
  • Ruthless Ranger
  • Sigil of Last Recall / Sigil of the Serpent

Your main goal is to rush Zulrah. The blowpipe, even for end-game, is one of the strongest weapons in Vulcan. Prioritize getting here, as this will make playing the rest of the game so much easier.

Do every world event & tournament that comes up. These will be explained in detail below, but for now, know that these events give you a ton of easy and free resources that will help your account grow.

World 1 and World 2 have many differences, but the main to note is that world 2 provides better xp and better drop rates, but most of world 2 is PVP. If you die on world 2 to another player, you will lose your on-hand items, as well as one of the 10 most valuable items from your bank. Do not go to world 2 lightly, there are many PKers.

One huge thing to note about world 1: dying in the wilderness will result in a regular pvp death. You will not lose items from your bank but will lose all but the best 3 items on you if unskilled without protect item on.


Relics & Sigils

Relics and Sigils are what make this private server so unique and fun. They provide you with a ton of benefits as you progress through the game.


As you gain league points, you will be able to talk to the leagues tutor at home to gain access to tons of useful relics.

It is important to know that when you purchase a relic, it will not spend your points. You gain access to the relic tiers as you go, but must activate them at the tutor. So, purchase everything you can as it becomes available – points are for progression, not for spending.

Clicking ‘claim relics’ on the tutor pulls up available relics once you reach certain points thresholds. Once you’re in this interface, click ‘Learn about below rewards’ to see how each reward will benefit you.


Sigils can drop from monsters or be purchased from the Wise Old Man for Vulcan Tokens. Please use the World Differences post to see the drop rates for sigils.

You have three different slots for sigils, which you can see in your gear tab in the upper left corner. These sigils do work on world one, so have them active at all times! You can only activate these sigils at home.

When you die, all your active sigils will be deactivated, and you must reactivate them.

Next to the relics tutor, you will find the Deadman Statue. Inspecting him will give you a free sigil to utilize. Again, I highly recommend the ruthless ranger sigil. Once you’ve claimed, inspect again, and it will pull up a list of all sigils available in game, and what each sigil does.


World Events

The following world events happen every day on the server, so take every opportunity to participate:

  • Vote Event: When the server reaches 100 votes, it will trigger an event where tons of items will drop at home. This can range from barrows gear, to mystery boxes, to onyx and even zenyte pieces.
  • Tournaments: I’ve harped on this enough. Participate in the dang tournaments for free stuff.
  • Crystal Anvil: An anvil will spawn at home. Using this will grant you smithing XP as long as you have a hammer, but the main perk is that crystal implings will spawn randomly and can be caught by everyone with the hunter level to do so. The drops from crystal implings on this server are quite good.
  • Shooting Star: You can train your mining, as well as gain Vulcan tokens from the star!
  • The Mimic Chest: This is probably the best event on the server. A strange casket will spawn at home, and teleport everyone to the mimic fight. This will last 20 minutes in total. You can leave for the first 10 minutes to bank and regear, but after 10 minutes, the chest disappears from home. The mimic drop table is huge:



The mimic fight is super simple, but he can hit pretty hard, and it is not a safe death for HCIM. Bring range gear, and protect from magic, and you should be okay. Everyone is fighting the same mimic, so it dies and respawns rather quickly.




Well that should do it. I will update and add to this guide, and feel free to pm me in game with any questions you might have. I hope you found it useful! 


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