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Starter Guide for Task Boost


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Items needed: Mithril Gloves (5k), Empty Pot (5), Iron Axe (1k), Iron Pickaxe (1k), Rake (5k), Knife (1k), Tinderbox (1k), Small Fishing Net: 300gp, Shears (300gp), Any range attacks, Wilderness Coffer (100k), Coins (buy PoH and teleport costs), Items obtained during the guide are not listed here so read carefully.

Disclaimer: This is not an optimal guide! If you are familiar with the leagues system you will notice some tasks missing from this list.

This is just to get you started with some unlocks and familiarize you with the shattered relics mode

Starting point: Edgeville (home)





A step by step guide to quick early game tasks: All things in Green are steps needed and/or a task itself.


**Voting is a quick way to get some starter cash to complete this list**

Step 1: Steal from crafting stall until 5 thiev. (can stay here until you have enough gold to purchase all the items)
Step 2: Trade the Emblem Trader

Step 3: Buy all listed items from the Shop Keeper

Step 4: Get a slayer assignment from Duradel. (If the task to check your slayer assignment does not complete, buy an enchanted gem and check your slayer task.)

Step 5: If you have the 100k place in wilderness coffer

Step 6: Visit Death’s Domain Via coffin

Step 7: Equip your mithril gloves. 

Step 8: Do ::Home

(If you have a leagues trophy equip it now)


 Now that you have run your mini circuit and have gotten to explore around the home area some it is time to check out the leagues menu. You will notice a brown icon near your inventory called Character Summary (same location as your quest tab.) You will click this icon and it will give you all of your information such as league tasks completed, Collections logged, Time played, and more. All of these tabs have beneficial information so feel free to explore, but for now we are going to skip over to the tab furthest on the right labeled “Leagues.” This tab will have all of your shattered relics information and while we are here we will click the info tab to complete another task! When you enter the “tasks” tab of this menu you will notice filters on the left. When using these filters the UI will not automatically update, Just apply the filters you want then click on a task to update the UI with the settings you made. The Fragments tab is where you will go to set up your relics and make your builds as you unlock more to mix and match.


Step 9: Teleport to CoX and use the bank while here
Step 10: Teleport to Hespori
Step 11: Teleport to Ferox Enclave
Step 12: Teleport to Mos Le’Harmless
Step 13: Teleport to Neitiznot and use the bank while here Then Jatizso and use Bank

Step 14: Teleport to Lunar Isle and use the bank while here
Step 15: Teleport to Wilderness God Wars and enter the cave

Step 16: Teleport to Wilderness Resource Area and enter the gate

Step 17: Head west of resource area and enter Deep Wilderness Dungeon

Step 18: Head east of dungeon and enter Mage Bank.

Step 19: Use the bank while here then enter pool and get a cape. *Equip the cape once 60 mage*

Step 20: Teleport to lava dragons, Kill one and bury bones (Is slow can skip if you want)

Step 21: Leave wilderness

Step 22: Teleport to catherby and pick wheat

Step 23: Catch shrimp until inventory is full

Step 24: Teleport to Lumbridge

Step 25: Cook all shrimp. Drop them
Step 26: Grab the pot from the table in kitchen (Only if you did not Purchase from home)

Step 27: Use wheat on pot. Can drop pot of flour

Step 28: Pickpocket men until you have 28 Coin pouches, open all 28 at once

Step 29: Kill a goblin and loot the bones

Step 30: Right click Al-Kharid gate and pay 10gp toll

Step 31: Kill a cow and loot the hide and bones

Step 32: Run east from cows and shear a sheep. 

Step 33: Go to 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle and spin a ball of wool

Step 34: Teleport to varrock

Step 35: Steal from the Tea Stall

Step 36: Visit the magic shop and talk to Aubury

Step 37: Mine 1 essence

Step 38: Teleport to the abyss and craft an air rune (Mobs agro chance to die)

Step 39: Teleport to Kalphites

Step 40: Leave lair head to magic carpet

Step 41: Turn on any prayer then teleport to Nardah
Step 42: Pray at statuette of Elidinis

Step 43: Use the bank in Nardah

Step 44: Turn on any prayer then teleport to chaos altar

Step 45: Pray at chaos altar then use bones on altar

Step 46: Leave wilderness
Step 47: Teleport to Al-Kharid
Step 48: Mine 1 copper and 1 tin (Scorpions may attack)

Step 49: Run to Al-Kharid furnace and make a bronze bar (Make sure to finish Smelt animation)
Step 50: Tan the Cow hide

Step 51: Teleport to woodcutting guild

Step 52: Run to exit and chop 2 normal trees

Step 53: Leave woodcutting guild via east gate

Step 54: Burn 1 log

Step 55: Fletch 1 log into arrow shafts

Step 56: Teleport to Zanaris

Step 57: Teleport to construction skilling area

Step 58: Buy a house

Step 59: Right click portal and Enter your house

Step 60: Teleport to Farming skilling area and rake the patch

Step 61: Teleport to agility skilling area and complete 1 lap of gnome course

Step 62: Teleport to Taverly Dungeon and run north to open the gate

Step 63: Teleport to Brimhaven 

Step 64: Find and pick a pineapple
Step 65: Enter Brimhaven Dungeon
Step 66: Teleport to Gnome village and use spirit tree to gnome stronghold

Step 67: Run west to dungeon near river and enter

Step 68: Teleport to Canifis
Step 69: Run to Port Phasmatys and Right click portal/gate and enter

Step 70: Teleport to Kourend

Step 71: Run to Land’s End and use the bank

Step 72: Teleport to vyrewatch Sentinels

Step 73: Pet frank south of the chapel

Edited by Levi
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On 8/31/2023 at 5:30 PM, Levi said:

Step 70: Teleport to Kourend

Step 71: Run to Land’s End and use the bank

Great Guide! Suggest changing/adding a step here, Teleport to Woodcutting guild, Exit the gate to the west and then head to lands end. This way you also get "Enter the woodcutting guild" while also saving time on the run!

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37 minutes ago, MrHat said:

Great Guide! Suggest changing/adding a step here, Teleport to Woodcutting guild, Exit the gate to the west and then head to lands end. This way you also get "Enter the woodcutting guild" while also saving time on the run!

Was intentionally done that way to allow people to find more efficient methods to do it. 🙂 You'll notice a few tasks that could fit in here. For example raking the patch at hespori teleport. But want people to find their own methods I didnt want to make a "1 stop shop to most efficient way." If anyone does however want to take this guide and update it to be more efficient and include more tasks feel free to do so.

Edited by Levi
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