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Update Log #34


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 Vulcan Mobile - Live for all of Android

  • The 'Function' button has been set to Tap-To-Drop toggle by default
  • This means tapping it will set your inventory red, and all items tapped will drop (similar to shift-click drop on PC)
  • A save has been added to confirm if you have ever logged into PC, allowing for mobile only accounts to verify themselves
  • The custom Vulcan Teleporter Icon can be disabled by turning off Show Store Orb in Settings
  • The minimum item value for loot notification setting now works - allowing you to enter 0gp - 100m and you will receive a chat message if you receive a drop above the value entered. This will also now work on PC, but is more for Mobile QoL as it's easier to right click loot piles on PC



  • All players on mobile devices will have an additional icon next to their League type:



Misc Bugs / Changes

  • Being Red-Skulled now grants 15% chance to roll 2x drops when killing Revenants vs a drop rate increase as it didn't feel 'visible' to players
    • It will also send a filtered message when the 15% activates
  • Undying Retribution & Dinh's bulwark can no longer deal damage to Inferno Pillars & ToB Pillars
  • Added a "::PCStatus" command which will confirm if you have ever logged into PC, for mobile only players
  • Corrected 'unconventional' CA requiring awakened Leviathan instead of regular
  • Corrected world 1 showing world 2 tournament dialogue when entering in chat box (did nothing just visually confusing)
  • Grand Exchange offers sold to the GE Bot now correctly show up in the History tab
  • You can no longer move your house to Prif if you don't meet the level 70 stats for Prif
  • Enabled the 7th slot for slayer task blocking
  • Corrected slot 6 & 7 not being clickable / unblocking tasks correctly
  • Fountain scrolls can no longer get +50% XP boost stuck on if they roll the same time another scroll rolls or the fountain ends
  • Corrected ToB: HM Grandmaster CA requiring 100 KC vs 50
  • Corrected ToB: Harder Mode II CA requiring an impossible combination of actions
    • Harder Mode II now requires Xarpus to heal to a certain threshold (not full like OSRS as we have invocations)
    • Harder Mode II now sends a message when the threshold is met
    • Harder Mode II now sends failure messages if you take avoidable damage
  • Accursed Sceptre special attack now correctly recognises the mage relic's increased attack speed
  • Accursed Sceptre special attack now correctly drains npc's defence & magic vs just players by 15%
  • Corrected Thammaron's sceptre incorrectly having +20 magic attack vs +15
  • (DMM) You can now create any PvM instance for a boss that you can on World 1 / removed restriction on pvm instances
  • Duke has had his drop rate reduced by 50% for Virtus (other 2 DT2 bosses remain untouched)
  • Corrected Sage's Axe not working against Nylocas in Ranged form
  • Updated James' TP pricing for the past 2 weeks of sales data


Exchange Master changes


Added new items that can be exchanged:

  • Zulrah uniques
  • Vestiges from all 4 DT2 bosses
  • Virtus armour
  • Most boss jars with some exclusions (point value is not super high because they don't benefit the economy with removal, but are still rare so they've been added)
  • Masori that can be sacrificed has been changed to (f) and points increased to account for armadylean plates cost
  • the 3 BIS Raid weapons can now also be scarified


I've also added rare items as purchases from the exchange point store, and removed the only other way of obtaining partyhats (very rare drop mystery boxes). Masks were entirely unobtainable.




Name free-up / 1 character usernames

  • A service not offered in over a year now, but have received numerous requests in the past month to free up inactive usernames or purchase single character usernames
  • To free up a username you can now make a support ticket at a cost of 1x $25 Bond
  • To purchase a 1 character username from the available ones left the cost is 5x $25 Bonds
    • A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
    • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Player made suggestions


#Suggestions this week have been pushed back due to Mobile taking priority


Weekend Events

#1 - Vulcan Weekly DMM
  • The second run of our $1,000 USD weekly DMM will conclude this Sunday, where participants will fight it out in a Multi stage & 1v1 stage elimination 
  • This will be livestreamed on the VulcanRSPS twitch
  • At the completion of the tournament, the weekly boosts will reset & players that enter the 1v1s will lose their inventory & equipment, and will have their non-combat stats reset. The week will then start over with another 1v1 tournament the following weekend


Weekly Boss Speed Run


  • Unfortunately a bug occurred this week in the weekly speed run, allowing players to cheese a 5 man party and leave at the end, having it count as a solo ToB run
  • As a result of not being able to validate who's run was legitimate, I've asked the admins to distribute the bonds to the top 3 who could verify themselves with a video recording (mentioned mid-week)
  • This week has been set to Vorkath - good luck!

And congratulations to our tournament winners this week:


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