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Update Log #35


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Misc Bugs / Changes

  • Theatre of blood (HM) completions now add to KC when you don't receive a purple
  • Increased value of Virtus to exchange master
  • Fixed Porazdir not despawning after a breach finishes
  • Corrected 200m XP magic cape to match other 200m cape def bonuses
  • Corrected a bug when charging the scythe of vitur to not use blood vials
  • Corrected Corrupted scythe using 2x the charges the other scythes take
  • Added a protection value to charged sanguine staff in wilderness
  • Dying with an avernic defender will now revert to (broken) instead of dropping a hilt to the pker
  • Increased the cost to repair (br) items slightly
  • Corrected Perfect Verzik combat achievement being bugged:
  • Corrected phase 3 verzik mage/range attack damages being calculated at the start vs when the projectile got to the player, meaning you had 0 time to pray correctly against projectiles
  • Lowered the boosts provided by certain invocations used for ToB raids (311 raid)
  • Stopped broadcasting ToB justiciar & avernic hilt drops (to match ToA not broadcasting lightbearer, fang & ward since they're the most common)
  • Corrected switching between a scythe and warhammer not remembering scythe's jab style
  • Talking to your Callisto cub will now add it to the collection log once if received from Artio
  • Updated James' TP pricing for the past 2 weeks of sales data


Player made suggestions

  • SodaPop: Add dex/arcane to exchange shop
    • Added
  • Epic: Make all monsters attackable at breaches by any style
    • I haven't done this for Kree with Melee, but I have removed the mage arena 2 boss that was annoyingly invulnerable to melee/range
  • Sainty: Update mystery box drop table
    • Now shows ring parts on the drop table viewer 
  • Snapcaster: DHL should be worth more than zammy spear in exchange points
    • lol, corrected this
  • Sainty: Tempeross c log isn't possible
    • Added a small chance while fishing at the pool to tick off collection log slots for Temp (excluding obtainable items like dragon harpoon, tome of water etc)
  • Sainty: Increase chance of hespori seeds
    • Increased drop rate by 50%
    • Added a 1/10 chance upon Hespori's death to mark the collection log as complete
  • Lacuna: Dinhs bulwark attack style reset when switching weapons
    • Fixed this not remembering your last style
  • Y: Give duplicate pets a chance to upgrade their pet
    • Instead I've added a mystery box & xp lamp drop when you roll a pet you already own
  • Sainty: Add a timer since last breach
    • Added Breach to your quest tab, showing how many hours/mins until next breach, showing active while one is spawned
    • For DMM purposes it will only show minutes when less than 1 hour remains


  • SodaPop: Add time remaining when typing ::Events
    • Added a new system to handle all player run events, allowing time tracking for current and all future events added, so feel free to suggest player run events!
    • Format is minutes : seconds remaining


  • Y: When exiting a KBD instance, put them inside the public instance vs Wild
    • Updated to do so
  • Dopey: Increase red-skull duration
    • Receiving a red-skull (high risk, no prot item) from Skully at home will now last 25 minutes vs 5 min regular skull
  • Jiggybrazy: PKP Store pricing
    • Fixed 1 morrigan weapon being 60 pts vs 6 each
  • Multiple people across many weeks now: Range accuracy is not in a state to compete with Melee/Mage builds
    • Although I've tried to avoid doing anything custom to solve this and instead opted for routes like Ruinous prayer updates, I think this is proving too true with falling tbow/zbow prices every week and my data on the 3 relics picked
    • As such, I've made the below changes and will see how they feel for the next 7 days:
      • The chance for a bolt proc has been increased from 2x to 3x base
      • Increased the 100% accuracy boost to 200% for the Ranged relic
      • A common example complaint is 900+ ToA:
        • above change in my testing of p3 - 960 invoc: 34% to 53% accuracy with tbow
  • Bub: Instanced area for guards/cows for easy/medium clue scrolls
    • Added as a right click option to the gate in lumbridge cows (not cheap)


  • Kelvo/Chxpo: Sire to start in phase 2 / already dismounted
    • Noted down for next week, this is something I keep forgetting to change
  • Groot: Mole pet to auto pick up mole skin, claws & crushed nests
    • Added at an upgrade cost of 5,000 steel bars
    • Side note: received the mole pet while testing this, fuck you


  • Kelvo: Watson option to turn in all clues to caskets at once
    • Added, use your scroll boxes on him and he will auto complete all of the ones in your inventory provided you have the GP to cover it
    • A confirmation dialogue has been added stating the price to avoid people inevitably losing their entire cash stack doing this



Weekend Events

#1 - Vulcan Weekly DMM
  • The third run of our $1,000 USD weekly DMM will conclude this Saturday, where participants will fight it out in a multi stage & 1v1 stage elimination 
  • This will be livestreamed on the VulcanRSPS twitch
  • At the completion of the tournament, we will be moving to a rotating schedule:
    • For the first 2 weeks of every month, there will 2 tournaments hosted.
    • The finale of each week will always occur on a Saturday, so some weeks may be shorter/longer than a perfect 7 day week
    • First 7 days -> 1v1 tournament for $1,000 USD 
    • Second 7 days -> Multi & 1v1 tournament for $1,500 USD
#2 - Vulcan's first store discount in 7 months!
  • Vulcan will have a store discount code for the first time in 7 months (since we launched DT2 bosses in October!)
  • By entering code "MOBILE" at checkout you will receive 50% off your order for 48 hours this weekend only
  • The next time we offer a store discount will probably be a similar length (6mo + away)


Weekly Boss Speed Run


  • Congratulations to Unexploited, Plebeian & Sekrue. Please contact an Admin to receive your bonds
  • This week the boss has been set to Tombs of Amascut (500+, Solo)
    • The minimum raid invocation level will be 500
    • Runs at 500 or above will only count if the party size that began the raid was 1 (solo)
  • I've also increased the prize pool to $150 / $100 / $50 for this week's challenge

And congratulations to our tournament winners this week:


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