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Update Log #36


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Misc Bugs / Changes

  • Updated Masori completionist (cheese) cape to match osrs colors correctly


  • Corrected Defeat corporeal beast 250 times league task not unlocking
  • Obtain a crystal tool seed now unlocks from Gauntlet
  • Creating a crystal tool from a seed now retrospectively unlocks the obtain a tool seed task
  • Corrected Rumple-Bow-String not counting towards the 3 fragments for Craftsmen set effect
  • Converted all Pker accounts to leagues 4 from leagues 3, allowing them to train prayer/agility correctly
  • Beaver pet can now roll the bonus mystery box / xp lamp as it is not an afk area pet (still cannot roll from tiny tempor/herbi)
  • Tbow/Scythe/Voidwaker with dmm ornament kits are now untradeable
  • Corrected exchanging a tbow/scythe/tumekens for exchange points only announcing if you had more than 1
  • Corrected being able to manually cast on Xarpus while he was in phase 1 / healing exhumes
  • Corrected ToA draining 20% of your prayer for damage taken even if you had Deadly Prayers Invocation turned off
  • Receiving a Defender drop from Cyclops will now add to your inventory or if you don't have space drop to your feet. You will also receive a chat message explaining where it went and why
  • The fountain scroll used by players now starts a fountain if not active, or adds bonuses not already activated and specifies in the broadcast what it did
  • Corrected Lumbridge cow gate no longer working since last update added Cow instances.
    • Made the lumbridge cow pen a Multi zone to increase efficacy of these instances
  • Added ~50 new items to the collection log boxes that were previously unobtainable in-game (things like capes from minigames, pages from hallowed sepluch etc)
  • Updated James' TP pricing for the past 2 weeks of sales data


  • Removed 25% chance for pet perks to apply their bonus accuracy/damage, it is now 100% of the time


Player made suggestions


#Suggestions will be made with next week's update due to 2 major suggestions being implemented below and all suggestions being done last week


Abyssal Sire - Rework

  • Now spawns in at phase 2 in the middle of the room
  • No longer have to deal with prep / tentacles / avoidance
  • Now resets if the player who 'awoke' the Sire hasn't been around for 1 minute
  • No longer displays 811/400 hp on the Runelite hp bar incorrectly
  • Will continue to respawn in 2 seconds
  • Should feel a lot smoother / less tedious to kill



The Nightmare - Rework

  • Has been re-written entirely
  • Now has 1 public instance available for all players to join
  • Will now respawn within the same room no longer requiring you to exit and re-join to respawn Nightmare
  • Follows similar damage requirement mechanics to Corp and Nex, dropping loot to all players in the room provided they deal 120 damage
  • Has introduced all 3 basic attacks (Melee, Ranged, Magic)
  • Has introduced all 8 special attacks (Grasping Claws, Sleep Walkers, Husks, Flower Power, Prayer Switch, Parasites, Charge & Spores)
  • Now utilises the boss HP overlay found at most bosses
  • Will scale up an additional 200hp per player in the room, but drop rates are more common for longer kills
  • Should overall feel much cleaner / smoother to fight compared to previous version
  • Now has a new scroll available that can trigger 2x loot from Nightmare for 60 minutes via scroll shop (::events)
  • Can now receive the Parasitic Egg as a rare drop, allowing you to metamorphisis the pet





Weekly Boss Speed Run


  • Congratulations to 111loggedin, Go Door and Yomo. Please contact an Admin to receive your bonds
  • This week the boss has been set to Zulrah - good luck!

And congratulations to our tournament winners this week:


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