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Update Log #37


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 Misc Bugs / Changes

  • As we now support Mobile and 2 vote sites, you can now claim 4 votes at a time (2 from WiFi, 2 from mobile hotspot for example)
  • Corrected Undying retribution hitting the pillars at Nightmare
  • Corrected a bug with being teleported out of a ToA/ToB raid
  • Adjusted the stacking order of ZCB with range relic, giving 7-10% more chance to hit on specials
  • (Hopefully) corrected Fountain scroll again rolling 0 bonuses and turning off instantly
  • Pk accounts can now train prayer
  • Added d pickaxe back to exchange store
  • Corrected Abyssal Sire failing to spawn minions in phase 4
  • Corrected a bug with Perfect Verzik failure message not displaying in p3 verzik range/mage attacks on some occasions 
  • Corrected Warden hp overlay staying up into treasure room once it was defeated in the final phase of ToA
  • Removed custom "instance" option on lumbridge gate for cows as it appeared on other gates, replaced with a portal next to lumbridge gate for the instance
  • Nexling pet perk can no longer damage the red skulls in p3 ToA causing them to not die and a floor attack hitting everyone
  • Through a very long and tedious process combat achievements will re-calculate when you next open the interface due to an invisible task removed by jag messing up +/- 6 points (only impacting grandmasters)
    • All grandmaster (zuk helms) now require all 1,891 points / all 463 combat tasks to be completed to wear the helmet, fixing people having it at 462/463 or some people getting stuck at 461/463 without perfect ToB
  • During the above I've noticed task categories aren't marked green when complete, so that will now auto update the next time you open the rewards tab / once you claim a reward from each tier


  • Parasite from Nightmare now dies if you exit the Nightmare arena without needing a pool/restore
  • Corrected a bug with Tumeken's Shadow accuracy check while fixing a DMM related bug
    • Casting spells with the tumekens shadow was granting the tumekens accuracy boost, but it should only be for the built in spell
    • Discovered that on the equipment interface, I multiply the +35 built in bonus the tumeken has by 3x to 105 (correct)
    • Discovered I am also multiplying all hit's accuracy % done with the tumeken shadow equipped by 3x on top (incorrect)
      • With the above corrected I tested inside a 1,000 ToA raid:
        • 0.3% drop in accuracy at obelisk p1 (99.9% -> 99.6%)
        • 3.9% drop in accuracy at warden p2 (99.5% -> 95.6%)
        • 11.8% drop in accuracy at warden p3 (98.7% -> 86.9%)
    • So in the most extreme scenario the tumeken has only lost ~12% accuracy, but at least it's something towards it's outrageous accuracy with the mage relic vs range/melee builds
  • Collection Log
    • Added missing earth warrior challenge scroll to collection log box
    • Corrected some items that store things (coal bag, gem bag etc) not unlocking on the collection log from specific sources
    • Removed guardians of the rift outfit from collection log boxes as they're a rcing reward
    • Added bones to peaces tab to battle mage drop table
    • Fixed ring of endurance not unlocking the (uncharged) version
    • Creating a bonecrusher necklace will now unlock the dragonbane necklace from vorkath log
    • Added missing chewed bones to mithril dragon drop table
    • Added missing LMS whip/staff ornament kits to ornament kit box
  • Equipping or unequipping a lightbearer ring will now reset the time until your next special regen
  • If a special restore starts on 50 ticks and it reduces ticks required (by a sigil/relic/lightbearer etc) it will now finish the original cycle before increasing regen speed
  • Updated James' TP pricing for the past 2 weeks of sales data
  • Re designed Cerberus boots as the light purple color did not match any gear set
    • Cerberus boots are now also untradeable
    • By default Cerberus boots will now be marked as (Sanguine)
    • You can now right-click "Transform" on the boots to transmog them into Cerberus boots (Virtus) or (Masori) after sacrificing 1 virtus robe top / masori body
    • For those unfamiliar, cerberus boots are all 3 (primordial, pegasian, eternal) in 1 pair, at a cost of 1 of each boot and 1 of each crystal + upgrade scroll



Deadman Mode Monthly changes


  • (DMM) You can no longer drop food while the banks are spawned in Round 1 of 1v1s
  • (DMM) You can no longer enter with the default preset gear if you have anything in your inventory/equipment
  • (DMM) Increased drops from Corporeal beast by 20-40%. (Elysian ~1/3,100 to ~1/2,400)
  • (DMM) Equipping or unequipping a lightbearer ring will now reset the time until your next special regen
  • (DMM) If a special restore starts on 50 ticks and it reduces ticks required (by a sigil or something) it will finish the original cycle before increasing regen speed
  • (DMM) Manually casting spells with the tumekens equipped no longer grants 3x accuracy incorrectly
  • (DMM) Corrected Crystalline / Corrupted hunleff ignoring sigil of titanium on basic attacks (only worked for tornadoes)

Suggestions / Misc

  • (DMM) Added Statius's warhammer & Vesta' spear to Emblem trader
  • (DMM) Adjusted pricing on all PvP weapons in the emblem trader
  • (DMM) When teleporting to Maniacal monkies, the upper level is now a multi-zone
  • (DMM) Gauntlet completions currently grant 1-2 rolls (fountain) of 6 different loot items
    • (DMM) They will now grant 3-4 rolls (with fountain) of 6 different loot items
  • (DMM) The home teleporter can now be found in the centre of most major cities (safe ones)
  • (DMM) Fortifying Masori armor now requires the same # of armadylean plates as os vs 2x
  • (DMM) Reminder that you can change your XP drop settings through the quest tab
  • (DMM) Both a multi and singles breach will now spawn within 1 minute of each other, announcing 1 at a time 



Player made suggestions

  • MonkeyNow: Voting for Alt accounts
    • Enabled up to 4 votes to be claimed per ip/account now
  • Equinox: Improve fast fletch scroll
    • Done last patch
  • Kelvo/Chxpo: Instance version of Abyssal sire already dismounted
    • Reworked this boss last patch to start in phase 2
  • Dopey: Allow PK accounts to max/skill
    • Fixed unable to train prayer above
  • Benjamin: Reduce clue scroll auto complete cost for irons t
    • The cost to auto complete clues will now reduce by a further 50% after your donation rank has lowered the base cost for iron accounts
  • Sainty: Allow private instances to 'stack'
    • You can now Extend your instance duration after creation
    • You will pay up front for this extension
    • The same rules apply, if you're outside of it for too long it will auto close, and no refund will be given for those who forget about an instance with 10 hours on it


  • Ironwolf: prevent abyssal demons from teleporting you
    • This will come with the Varlamore patch, zombie pirates, etc which I'm holding off on until they release the 3 additional bosses
  • Yeahright: L3 pickpocket change
    • Using deeper pockets + rogue's outfit now grants 4x pickpockets vs 3x
    • This is becuase leagues 3 still requires manual clicking for pickpocketing
  • Cunt Crusher: Zulrah to respawn in instance
    • Handled below
  • Suchwow: Fountain to always roll at least 1 thing when using scroll
    • This was actually the intended function and just kept breaking a different way as i'd try to fix it the past 3 weeks, should be good now
  • Andreas: Solo ToB scale option
    • Currently only Verzik scales below 3 party members, the remaining 5 demi bosses scale at 3-8
    • Moving forward any party size of 1 will see a 20% hp reduction for all bosses, and a party size of 2 will see a 10% reduction
    • I do not want to endorse a meta of solo raids for ToB, especially with the custom invocations, so if this proves too powerful the reduction will be changed/removed
  • NoDropsyet: CoX Invocations
    • Added a #poll to Discord for 1 week
  • 1111loggedin: Poll full CoX addition
    • Added a #poll to Discord for 1 week
  • Vrestraint: Buff Leagues 3 Range Relic
    • Handled in a below suggestion
  • Vrestraint: Make Virtus count as Zammy equipment
    • Virtus now counts as Zamorakian items for Zamorakian Sight on Leagues 3
  • Sainty: Make 900+ ToA worth doing
    • Changes have been made to 900+ ToA runs as follows, but not as suggested:
      • Blazing Tombs I and II no longer provide +200 raid level each, instead they provide +175 ea
      • As a result this will force people utilising the 900+ ToA point boost to enable some harder invocations than everyone is currently using
      • You can still achieve a 900 raid level without Insanity enabled, but will lose the smelling salts
      • This is to align with a similar change made at ToB last week, where people were running a 'meta' raid that was providing large level boosts but wasn't increasing difficulty as much as expected, which was the point behind these extra boosts
    • Additionally, some people would realise this now makes a 1,000 raid impossible. If you setup a 950 raid (the new max level) it will automatically adjust to 1,000
    • If this change proves positive, the 900+ Raid boost % may be increased, and a new one introduced at 1,000 raid level for even higher boost %


  • n0sta: Add single breach options
    • Added 4 new breach locations to World 1, all in Singles areas
    • All World 1 breaches will now announce 5 minutes before they open
    • Disabled rolling the Demonic Ruins breach in multi, so it's now 3 multi, 4 singles
    • Breaches in Single allow anybody to attack the bosses, but not players who are already in combat


  • Nathbtw: Thrall reminder plugin
    • Fixed this not working


  • YUH: delay for re-entering fight caves
    • Reduced the delay on re-entering Fight caves if you successfully kill Jad for pet hunters
  • Snapcasters: nightmare loot filter to not be hidden
    • Nightmare chat message specifying what loot you received is no longer hidden by the chat filter
  • Go again: Dragons in nmz hard mode get stuck
    • Removed the Red Dragon spawn from hard mode
  • Many players: Ruinous quick prayers
    • Added Quick-Prayers for Ruinous Prayer book


  • Ithelyn: add 2x spawns and goblins to cow instance
    • Added extra spawns for the instance for clues
  • IProgadius: leagues 3 to get scroll boxes instead of clues
    • All Leagues 3 accounts will now receive Scroll boxes instead of Clues so there's less juggling as a QoL
  • Kelvo: Zulrah to respawn using gp coffer
    • Added a GP coffer outside of Zulrah that you can deposit and withdraw from
    • Provided your coffer contains 40k, Zulrah will respawn within the same instance until your coffer runs out
    • Note: Zulrah will remain in the same state it was when killed and resume from there, it will not revert to the cloud phase at the start allowing for a ton of afk kills


  • MuffinMan/Many people: Buff Leagues 3 combat relics
    • Upon reviewing these I discovered a bug with the accuracy boost only providing 50% of what it stated, so this should make the accuracy boost feel much better
    • Additionally, I have removed the requirement to be below 20, 10 or 0 prayer points to receive the accuracy boost (depending on your shattered relic xp) to align better with Leagues 4



Weekend Events

#1 - Vulcan Weekly DMM
  • The 4th run of our $2,500 USD (now monthly) DMM will begin this Sunday, with the server being up for 2 weeks and a finale taking place for the following 2 weekends before closure until next month
  • This will be livestreamed on the VulcanRSPS twitch
    • First 7 days -> followed by a 1v1 tournament for $1,000 USD on Sunday the 9th
    • Second 7 days -> followed by Multi & 1v1 tournament for $1,500 USD on Sunday the 16th


Weekly Boss Speed Run


  • Congratulations to 111loggedin, Unexpolited and Hardstyle. Please contact an Admin to receive your bonds
  • This week the boss has been set to Theatre of Blood (Solo) with the above changes
    • Runs will only count if the party size that began the raid was 1 (solo)
  • I've also increased the prize pool to $150 / $100 / $50 for this week's challenge, good luck!

And congratulations to our tournament winners this week:


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