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If you're trying to play vulcan be sure to register by choosing a username and password on the client not forums.

Sigils are obtained via Random drop or general store west of banks at home (2m for a random sigil)

Pvm store is across from altar at home.

Use ::trivia or ::answer to answer the trivia.

Relics are obtained via Combat and Skilling xp drops.

Do leagues tasks to get renown to then get skills/bosses unlocked see quest tab.

Use ::voted to claim votes, the reward is 2 voting chests, should always be in bank.

Crystal keys in their normal form are not useful, only when you upgrade to enhanced, to upgrade them get 80crafting and smithing then 10 crystal shards per key at a singing bowl.

Shops are west of banks and ge clerks the main shop is named shopkeeper.

Please refrain from pming xsj/tagging in discord start with server support up to simp/deadman.

if you have any technical difficulties regarding password changes/osrs gp donations make a ticket in ::discord

Clues are completed via using them on wattson with gp in invy.

Wildy coffer to access wildy is north of banks at home, behind rejuvination pool.

You can imbue everything at nightmarezone rewards chest for nmz points.

Set packs can be exchanged by right clicking ge clerk then clicking sets and then clicking your set pack.

Starter guide can be found at ::topic 43, leagues info can be found at ::topic 30

You need Song of the elves quest requirements to do gauntlet, no the +8 boost doesn't help skip.

Fragments will automatically appear in your invy/ground if your invy is full.

You can recieve a starter sigil via statue north of banks.

Can recieve a house via the construction teleport and the shop there.

If you run out of gp and need to teleport use ::Home.

You can get xp for your fragments via doing a related activity of that fragment. (Nmz and afkzone don't apply)

You can make noted logs into planks using coins at the afkzone log stump.

Raids consist of their respective final bosses only.

You must vote for the day if you want to use the afkzone.

You can find teaks by using ring of wealth to etcetera (Kingdoms)

Community Favor Scrolls give 100 community shop points upon use.

Double drop scroll will stack with fountain Double xp will not.

Fountain Scroll will roll the fountain for it's benefits.

Remote bank scrolls give temporary access to remote bank command (::b/ctrl+b)

Group Ironmen of every kind can trade anything between eachother in exchange there is no storage. (Excluding 10ish items)

The following deaths for hardcore ironmen are safe (Fight caves,CoX,Tournaments hosted at home)<-- will get updated if any further safe deaths are found.

You can obtain a house for construction via construction tele in the teleport menu.

The osrs gp to vulcan donation rate is 45m/10$

You can get Sigils as random drops from combat/skilling or buy the box at shopkeeper west of home for a random one.

Sigils Degrade and will disappear (All 3 at once.)

Hespori can be done after you get most skills unlocked if you don't wait it will roll a possible skill you haven't unlocked thus not getting xp.

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