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Update Log #38


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Misc Bugs / Changes


As I've been hard at work on our Chambers of Xeric update I haven't gotten through all of the bugs passed on to staff this month, but just ones that I felt should be corrected sooner rather than later/were a simple change:

  • Corrected damage at gauntlet / corrupted gauntlet always dealing max if you weren't wearing crystal armor from a dmm change
  • Corrected increasing the invocation level at ToB not increasing the HP of monsters like it does at ToA (and now CoX) - still won't scale att/def
  • Corrected Ancient Sight prayer granting only +20% accuracy and not +20% damage that it was updated to on Leagues 4
  • Increased the tax on G.E sales to discourage merching of high value items from 2% to 5%
  • Added a small fee for loading presets
  • Corrected a bug with alching multiple items with CAs done at fountain of rune
  • Nexling pet will no longer bug the Siphons in P3 ToA
  • You can no longer attack 2 of the Totems at Nightmare to drag them out
  • Corrupted twisted bow is no longer tradeable
  • Corrected being able to take the Comp Cape without actually paying for it
  • Corrected where the breach announces for Venenatis
  • Corrected incorrect def & mage level required for virtus
  • Increased the spawn rate of monsters at breaches, watching one this past weekend it was clear there weren't enough bosses to players ratio
  • Updated James' pricing data for the past 2 weeks


Changes for our $3,000 USD Deadman Mode event: Sunday 30th June - Saturday 6th July

  • Corrected Sigil of Resistance not working at the gauntlet
  • Corrected the Breach timer in quest tab always stating 'Active'
  • You can now store BH emblems inside the looting bag
  • The chance of all Sigils from the Sigil Box is now even. Previously the lower tiers weighed higher. The tier 3 rare sigils have dropped from 1/42 to 1/18.
  • You can now sacrifice duplicate sigils you don't need by using them on the exchange master for exchange points
  • Added a popup to ::donate/::store to educate people on w2 being OSGP only
  • You can no longer create private instances of bosses on the dmm world
  • Opting in to the free preset gear will no longer force your spellbook to ancients, it will remain on whatever you enter with (for veng builds)
  • Gap between breaches lowered from 9 hours to 7 hours each (quest tab shows time remaining)
  • The multi stage fights will no longer wait 2 minutes to allow attacking (now 15 seconds)
  • The fog will now fill the Multi arena faster. Fog will now start to deal damage after 7min vs 20min
  • Corp/Nex and Demonic/GWD boosts have been swapped. Corp/Nex will now begin on day 7 and GWD/Demonic boost will begin on day 6
  • Purple sweets now have a 3t eat delay vs 1t on the dmm world
  • PvP weapons and armor no longer lose charges on the dmm world
  • Damage dealt with a cannon now grants 6x the XP in ranged it would on world 1 (3x damage vs 0.5x)
  • Items dropped on the ground outside of a safezone will now appear instantly to other players


Player made suggestions


#Suggestions made over the past month will return in the coming weeks in one giant update - once CoX is smooth and bug free 🙂


Chambers of Xeric

I won't blabber on about the hundreds of hours this took but just hope everyone enjoys the changes and more diverse content (especially for rangers) in raids. As with all major changes please allow some leniency for a few updates to occur over the weekend to fix anything missed in testing:

  • New Party System matching ToB and ToA
    • MvP Scoreboard at the end of the raid
    • Overlay during the raid showing your contribution 
    • Purple chance breakdown in chat at the completion of the raid
      • If you 'roll' a purple you are added to a list of players who rolled purple, and up to 3 random people are selected from this list in case more than 3 successfully land one per raid
      • If you don't roll a purple, you will receive regular loot scaled on your contribution (points/damage)
    • HP orbs for your teammates (disabled by default based on staff feedback)
    • Fake scaling to increase the number of 'players' inside the raid, granting higher purple chances
    • More information on the Raid for global purple announcements, like the duration it took, how many rooms you completed etc


  • Invocation System
    • Matching ToB and ToA, Chambers of Xeric now has invocations to customize the raid
    • Differently from ToB, this system also allows you to customize what rooms you want to complete in CoX
      • You can skip straight to olm, sacrificing much higher purple % and paying a fee
      • Or complete all 12 rooms, increase your purple chance, and pay no gp fee
      • Or mix-and-match, complete some rooms you want, and skip others you don't!
    • Similar to ToA, adding invocations will increase your raid level, and this will also increase the bosses hp levels. It will not scale their att/def similar to ToB as this is a pain point for anybody without highly accurate weapons in high invocation raids.
    • Any CoX run completed with all 12 boss rooms enabled will be considered a Challenge Mode raid (and receive 12% base purple chance vs 4% - on top of all other boosts)








Weekly Boss Speed Run

  • Has not been active as it was just sitting on a ToB placeholder for the past few weeks, but for anyone who attempted this please speak to an admin
  • This week the speed run has been set to our newest Chambers of Xeric (Solo, CM) update - good luck!
    • Any major bugs discovered / used will invalidate the run


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