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XP rates: For Normal accounts Starting at x6 combat and x3 non-combat, Scaling up per tier of league tasks you do at max tier you will have x13 combat and x10 non-combat, Check out L's guide for a starter list of tasks to do with ::topic 43  

Sage points: When starting the server you will have 3 skills unlocked; Defence, thieving and fishing, you will need to complete league tasks in order to get sage points to unlocks skills and bosses

AFK Area: This has 4 AFKables 3 of them being free to use; The Tree for woodcutting, Temporos pool for fishing, Herbiboar for Hunter, Herblore and farming XP.
The last one is the obelisk this requires 12mil gold per hour to use and will give XP into ur lowest level skill.

Commands: For a list of game commands ::commands     

Sigils: You can claim ur first combat sigil from the statue east of the teleporter, you may also buy them from shopkeeper for 2mil each, If you're a realism account you're able to put any sigil in any slot allowing you to have a wide range of combos. HOWEVER, these do have a chance to break during an action so only keep them on when you're using what they're intended for. 

NMZ/Imbuing: Everything that can be imbued will be done with NMZ points, Also a good place to overnight combat as there is no logout timer.

Crystal keys:  These will be used to turn into Enhanced crystal keys. Requirements; 1 crystal key, 10 crystal shards, 80 smithing and 80 crafting.

Cannonballs: These are obtained via Vote chests, Bossing, Mystery boxes, Slayer Reward Shop.

PvP weapons: statius, tent whip, etc..  These will all degrade as they have 3k hits before they break.

Hespori: Your hespori seed will be used on entering the cave! and the boss fight will start, the fight itself is the same as osrs however you will receive a chunk of XP into a random non-combat skill and some loot that will be sent to your bank.

Wildy: To enter the wildy you will need to deposit 100k gold into the coffer located next to the training dummies. some note worthy items from wildy are; Rune pouch, Royal Seed Pod, Looting bag, these can be obtained inside the rev caves from any rev monster.

PVM vendor: With valuable boss drops you're able to sacrifice these into PVM points and will be able to buy other bossing stuff and other good items from this vendor. 

Crystal gauntlet: To access crystal gauntlet you will need the level requirements for song of the elves the following skills at level 70; Agility, construction, farming, herblore, hunter, mining, smiting, woodcutting, cooking 
Once inside you will have 1 prep room, then face the boss.

Wintertodt: No Warm clothing is required for it here, just an; Axe, Tinder box, Knife and Hammer

Herblore: You will be required to do Druidic ritual to gain herblore experience.

Clue scrolls: Clue scrolls will be auto completed when you use them on Watson at home near the shop vendors, for a price depending on the tier. To obtain a master tier clue scroll, you will need to bring 1 of each scroll to him, and he will convert them into 1 master scroll.

Early game cash: In need of some gold? thieving is an incredible way of making a good amount of money, especially early on and even later when you have relics levelled up 

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