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Update Log #39


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Misc Bugs / Changes

  • Receiving the blood hound pet now specifies your total clues completed vs just masters
  • Corrected various bugs around not being correctly tracked in a raid / being able to do actions outside of a raid (like drink raid-only potions)
  • Corrected scaling up your CoX raid making the purple chance % message too long and logging you out when it sent
  • Adjusted what is sent in the purple chance message to specify the 50% olm-only reduction
  • Fixed a bug with tournaments
  • Bloodthirsty / superior wyrm now give more slayer XP than the base wyrm
  • Pk accounts are now excluded from the skilling level reqs to use ancients/lunars via magic skillcape to match occult altar
  • Removed the renaming of spirit shards to vulcan shards
  • Corrected NPCs below 15% health & having executioner and ranged relic unlocked resulting in 1t attack speeds for all ranged weapons (meant to only happen with the axe itself)
  • Lowered the rarity of an eternal glory from the fountain of rune by 25%. Also made it more dynamic so the more glories you sacrifice the higher your chance
  • Eternal glory now adds to the collection log correctly
  • Corrected a bug allowing multiple cores to spawn as a warden went down in p2, and dinhs bulwark hitting all cores dealing multiple extra hits to the main warden
    • 4 maxed players have had their accounts wiped for abusing this
  • Corrected attacking an npc with an uncharged staff equipped still letting your guardian thrall hit it (and the monster not retaliate)
  • Vasa Nistirio will now spread the damage to players who were teleported far if they stand near him as the bombs go off (as opposed to only sharing while directly under him)
  • Corrected a ladder in mourner tunnels leading out of bounds
  • Corrected creating divine battlemage/bastion using all crystal shards vs 1 shard per dose
  • Corrected being able to accept a trade where 1 player would end up above max cash and lose the excess GP
  • You can no longer place your dwarf cannon down on somebody elses
  • If you leave your cannon down during a server update, it will now automatically add to your bank
  • The Gauntlet & corrupted gauntlet pet can now metamorph between each other correctly
  • The Gauntlet / cg pet perk have now been morphed into 1, upgrading either will now give extra rolls for both gauntlets
  • The Gauntlet +50% Boost from the fountain now stacks on top of the gauntlet pet upgrades
  • Receiving the Spindel pet will now unlock the Venenatis pet collection log slot when metamorphed
  • You can now metamorph between the Lil Creator and Destructor
  • Recieving either of the soul wars pets will now unlock the collection log slot correctly
  • Muspah's purple magic ball will no longer deal damage if you leave the instance as it begins
  • Increased the projectile speed on Duke's magic attack to match osrs
  • Bloat flies that hit a player can no longer be passed on to other party member's who are standing outside the barrier
  • Nylocas can no longer fire projectiles over the barrier to people outside of the arena during Hard Mode
  • Sotetseg range / mage projectile balls will no longer deal damage as the maze event starts and people are teleported
  • If Verzik has not targeted any players and 0 pillars in p1, she will now attack all 6 pillars at once to prevent any potential safespots
  • Fixed players who use ESC key to open tabs / close interfaces having it break while in a CoX raid
  • Overload can no longer be drunk below 50hp and provide 15 seconds of boosts incorrectly
  • Added the evil chicken suit for collection loggers to the vote store
  • Corrected sanguine/holy scythe of vitur using 2x the charges per swing
  • Corrected 'examine' option in the slayer buy shop counting as 'buy 10' instead of sending the examine text
  • Bolts that are not (e) enchanted yet will no longer proc their enchanted effect incorrectly
  • Corrected 2 safespots in the tombs of amascut p1/p2 room
  • Fletching amethyst ammo is now correctly sped up by The Craftsmen (L3) and Production Prodigy (L4)
  • Corrected Infernal tools + endless harvest resulting in half the xp for fishing (i.e. 1,300 xp for a shark with a regular harpoon, or 650 fish & 650 cook for a shark caught and cooked with an infernal tool. You will now receive 1,300xp for catching and 650 for cooking)
  • Corrected infernal tools + endless harvest reducing xp while woodcutting similar to above (only by 33%)
  • Increased the raw resources you receive from ToA (e.g. 50-450 uncut gems/resources is now 150-450) 
  • Updated James with the 2 most recent weeks of pricing data from ge trades


Player made suggestions

  • 111loggedin: Full CoX / Invocations
    • Done 🙂
  • Go Again: Add elder maul special attack
    • All updates from February 2024 onwards will come with our next 'major' patch - I'm currently expecting to do it in ~September, with the main reason being I want Varlamore part 2 to release prior to doing it. With this Vulcan will get:
      • Zombie axe
      • Warped sceptre
      • Varlamore
        • Fortis Colosseum minigame + Dizana's quiver
        • Hunter's guild
        • Moons of Peril + Blood, Blue & Eclipse moon armor sets
      • Undead pirates
      • Project rebalance (enemy defenses, mage gear damage %, elder maul spec etc)
      • New content they add in July with the DMM
      • WGS / Tormented demons / tormented synapse amulet
      • Varlamore part 2 - new herblore activity, hailstorm mountain and group boss (hueycoatl)
      • Araxxor new slayer boss
  • Scuffy: add daeyalt essence for more rc options
    • Added to the teleporter inside the Mining area a new option for Daeyalt essence
    • Requiring 60 mining and sins of the father quest levels
    • You can now mine daeyalt shards similar to pure essence, exchanging the shards for essence with noranna nearby
    • Runecrafting with daeyalt essence will grant 1.5x experience compared to regular pure essence
    • Side note: received the RC pet while testing 10 blocks


  • T: Collection Log boxes into skilling point shop
    • Added
  • Sainty: Add a rare way to obtain a pet mystery box 
    • Added as a rare drop to awakened nex event
  • DaGoon: make awakened nex scale based on how many people are in room when it spawns
    • this is exactly how it works, but I've reduced how much it scales by 30% and increased its drop rates by 20%
  • JDG: hear me out, rock crabs to drop pet rock
    • ...added


  • Amo: Auto bank cox raid loot
    • No longer an issue with the full CoX / Invocation release
  • How910: Ancient icon dismantle into ancient essence
    • You can now crush it into 5,000 ancient essence
  • Amo: separate pet perk for gwd pets for l4 accounts since it only applies to l3 accounts
    • Leagues 4 accounts with a GWD pet will now grant free access to that boss room, no kc/upgrade required
  • APB: Make more locations mutli/cannon-able since everyone goes to catacombs
    • You can now place a cannon down in Relleka slayer dungeon, slayer tower and ancient cavern to help spread out the increasing slayer demand
  • songlo: blue keris more accuracy at kq
    • Doesn't really fit with the osrs theme, so I've instead added a +10 damage to all hit so you feel more consistent instead of *1.33 from osrs, and the 1/51 chance to deal 3x damage through their armor still remains
  • miyuki: blood torture heals less than blood fury
    • The code is identical for the 2 to proc their effect
  • Songlo: scroll to alch 10 items at once
    • Using this as a reminder to specify that alching next to the fountain of rune requires no runes and will alch 12-30 items at once for you (dependent on your combat achievements done)
    • Updated the combat diary rewards page to specify this


  • Hit da lotto: add wildy boss drop rate event to ::events
    • Added
    • This chat message has now become too long and will be converted to an interface for all of our events in the coming weeks


  • Gim Vernon: grammatical corrections to trivia & herbi dialogue
    • Corrected spelling of the vegetable "avocadoe" 
    • Reviewed the trivia questions and ensured they're a bit more consistent
  • GIM Vernon: catacombs of kourend rock shortcut
    • You can now use a pickaxe to traverse the rock shortcut found by skeletons
  • Go Again: toa suggestion (not exactly what your suggestion was about but I liked the comments below it) - cap hp/def/att scaling so its worth the extra purple % and not as punishing with invocations/increased stats
    • All ToA level scaling will now cap at 850, so completing a level 850-1000 toa will encounter the stats & hp of a level 850 raid, with the added purple chance from those extra raid levels
  • TAMPA: increase amt of mobs in wild slayer dung
    • Added 5-10 of every mob in addition to what was already there
  • Bub: include revenants in the wildy boss 2.5x drops
    • Included but lowered this to a flat 2x boost 
  • bub: better way to get dragon arrows
    • Added to the range store for GP
  • MufinMan: league 3 relic combats to be improved (not your exact suggestion) 
    • Removed the nerf to Absolute Unit on Leagues 3
      • Currently with
        • 2 fragments - 5% damage reduction, 10% reflection
        • 3 fragments - 10% damage reduction, 20% reflection
      • Is now matching how osrs was:
        • 2 fragments - 30% damage reduction, 50% reflection
        • 3 fragments - 50% damage reduction, 100% reflection
    • Which will hopefully put Leagues 3 well and truly back on the map competing with L4 DPS
    • Also increased the chance of receiving a fragment from (1/321-1/816 depending on xp drop size) to (1/143-1/363 depending on xp drop size), effectively almost 2x as common. 
      • Combat fragments were also buffed to be more common on top of this
  • Itheyln: Chance for players to trigger a 2x raid event by doing raids in large groups?
    • Love it - added a chance when players complete any of the 3 raids (cox, tob, toa) in a party size of 6 or more, that a 2x event will spawn on that raid in 5 minutes
    • Added a new 2x purple chance event for ToA to match the other 2 raids
    • Also ties into our new Discord event notifier


  • hardstyle: Add red skin
    • Spent way too long trying to figure out how os was doing this only to realise it's not even in osrs
  • Dr Disconnect: undying retribution graphic to only show to the player
    • The graphics displayed for undying will now only show to the player who proc's it to avoid area gfx spam


  • Alvskan: Make scrolls 2x stackable
    • All double scrolls are now stackable in your inventory
  • Eepycatgirl: Nex instances
    • Re-worked Nex to support instances as a purchasable option 


  • L: Rift guardian pet perk upgraded - un-notes pure ess when used on him
    • Added as an additional perk for rift guardians once upgraded
    • Increased the cost of upgrading the rift guardian to reflect the new pet perk
    • Corrected not being able to metamorph between the rift guardian types


  • Go Again: practice 1 single tob room at a time
    • Spent a lot of time adding a new system to let players enter only 1 room at a time in 'practice' mode in ToB. This can be done in a normal party size up to 8
    • I love this suggestion because it will let any new player try out the Sotetseg room / maze and learn how it works before wiping a team 10 min into a raid 🙂
    • It will function identical to that room in a normal ToB run, including allowing the use of Invocations, with a few exceptions:
      • You cannot advance past this room
      • You cannot take supplies from Sotetseg's chest
      • If you practice Verzik, you will not receive any loot at the end
      • No combat achievement / league tasks will unlock during practice mode (but you will still receive failure messages so you know when you went wrong)
      • The entry cost fee has been reduced to 1/4 while practicing individual rooms
      • The dawnbringer will spawn on the ground in Verzik's room instead of Xarpus



  • Muppet Cream: Beaver pet transmogs
    • Beaver's metamorph option will now cycle through all beaver transmogs + pheasant and fox variants
    • Ensured this will not show options to other players on any of the variants from the start


  • Slayeregg: buff crystal armour and bofa
    • Bofa + crystal gives 15% damage + 30% accuracy on osrs, I've increased it to be 15% damage + 40% accuracy
  • Bub/Others: nerf breaches
    • I've slightly decreased the amount of raw gp you receive from trading in the 3 lowest tier (most common) emblems
  • xigbar: trivia closed after X correct answers
    • Added a counter in the end message that shows how many people got it correct/incorrect
    • Also added "::a" as an alternative to ::answer or ::trivia


  • Deklab: % of purple chance readout for cox and tob
    • ToB already had this, added to CoX last week with the release of full cox/invocations
  • Juggahoe: cox loot box qol, not have to click 'withdraw' on loot when u open chest
    • added with the cox update already last week
  • Kelvo: add nightmare scroll to vote shop
    • Added
  • 111loggedin: implement death charge spell
    • Added Death Charge from the arceuss spellbook - restoring 15% of your special attack on your next npc kill when it has been casted. 60 second cooldown
    • Ensured the info box on runelite shows a cooldown too


  • Steven: add dt2 tablets value to fountain
    • Added a 5m value to the tablets
  • Muppet: increase render distance in fightcaves
    • Increased while you're in a fight cave similar to raids / dt2 bosses
  • semkala: re-do trivia to be consistent, some have numbers some have letter, spelling "the" etc
    • Completed
  • Sainty: reduce the cost of capes in tourny shop
    • Lowered the 2 highest tier capes down
  • Sleepy: pay to decant options on elite/brokies
    • Donators below the Rune tier can now decant their potions for a flat 15m gp fee each use


  • Sainty: new methods to get clue scrolls
    • Since you can technically buy mediums from osrs and masters from our pvm shop, I've added those 2 to the general store for a gp cost (as clues in general are just a gp sink)
  • Notsofilthy: add slayer task pick scroll to slayer shop
    • Added to the PvM store
  • Ethadyius247: add twisted horns to exchange master
    • Added a 5m exchange value to the fountain instead
  • Jade: hespori insta kill hit flowers
    • Hespori flowers will now always receive a max hit from you when attacked
  • Jade: change taverly dungeon to taverley
    • Updated references of taverly to taverleeey
  • Jade: ether bracelet warning
    • Updated to specify you will not lose ether stored within the bracelet by uncharging
  • Dolla: trivia night?
    • Sounds like a great idea for an event - we'll host a Kahoot next weekend OSRS themed with irl & server prizes

And highlighting my favorite suggestion over the past 6 weeks:



Discord Notifier

  • I have setup a new Discord channel for notifying you when server events are occurring
  • You can press the react buttons to be subscribed to the categories you want to be notified for, and re-select it to remove the subscription to it in the #support channel
  • This is on a trial basis and may be disabled if it becomes too spammy / unnecessary. For the first week we will only have it enabled for the 3 raid events.



Weekend Events

*This update was originally planned for Friday but due to the overwhelmingly large amount of work that went into it, was not completed until Sunday. The below have now passed.

#1 - Vulcan Monthly DMM
  • The July run of our $3,000 USD monthly DMM will conclude this Saturday
  • Normally our schedule is a 2 week event:
    • First 7 days -> followed by a 1v1 tournament for $1,500 USD 
    • Second 7 days -> followed by Multi & 1v1 tournament for $1,500 USD 
  • But given OSRS has a DMM we have combined the 2 weeks into 1
  • Additionally there will be no DMM in August for the same reason
  • The finals will be livestreamed on the VulcanRSPS twitch channel


#2 - Fountain Event
  • All fountain bonuses will be enabled for 24 hours this coming weekend next weekend!


Weekly Boss Speed Run


  • Congratulations to 111loggedin, Go Again L4M and Nath btw. Please contact an Admin to receive your bonds
  • This coming week the speedrun will be set to Corrupted Gauntlet

And congratulations to our tournament winners this week:




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