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    • Were the invocations nerfed since these videos? Specifically, the door guide? Selecting the displayed invocations only brings it up to 855. NVM I just read the May 31st patch notes  
    • For anybody with questions regarding ToA, you will now have to run Insanity for similar runs to the ones displayed. Regarding a previous comment about Guardian being massively helpful, this only applies if your offstyle gear is poor. If you're running Voidwaker for mage phase and a ZCB/BP/TBow for range phases you should run Undying Retribution instead, especially due to the safety net it provides with the Insanity invocation. There's other invocation setups you can attempt to run if you are looking to play with full defence gear (Justiciar/Torva and holding Dinh's as a main damage weapon) as the range hits are far and few between where you run Overclocked 1 & Overclocked 2 and stick to mage prayer. You are likely looking to either enable food, change overly drainining or change supplies to have an extra safety net. Bear in mind that if you run the Insanity invocation, the boss in phase 3 'remembers' the last slam location on Orbs spawning and will proceed slam this location after the Orbs are killed. Due to a fix implemented to not have orbs and slams overlap, there is a rare chance that the boss may stall, but the slam cycle invisibly continues (but won't show an animation or do damage), so you may have to react between either the logical next slam or the subsequent one appropriately. I have not found an issue with reacting to this and this seems to be a minor bug. If the boss stalls for long before throwing orbs, he might slam the location after the 'remembered' location. ToA is now and has always been nearly impossible solo with the Berserker or Soulstealer relic (for melee and ranged), as the defence levels on the boss scale too high for you to actively do any significant damage to it. After testing I found that even two DWH/SWH specs and the use of an Osmumten's Fang were not enough to do any reasonable damage to it. As a melee player you will need somebody to DWH/SWH the boss down to acceptable defence levels. For any further information you can always contact me in-game (Go Again L4M) for any questions. I have ran ToA before this update with all combat styles and multiple relic setups (totaling to 500-600+ 900 or above runs) and I have a lot of experience with the raid in general.
    • Giving this a go in a moment. Tyvm if this works out haha. 
    • With today's update these guides and invocation settings are outdated. I personally won't update these guides further. Feel free to use clips of the videos as a template for a generic guide in the future or make a new one. 
    • Misc Bugs / Changes   Player made suggestions   Weekend Events #1 - Vulcan Weekly DMM The 4th run of our $2,500 USD (now monthly) DMM will begin this Sunday, with the server being up for 2 weeks and a finale taking place for the following 2 weekends before closure until next month This will be livestreamed on the VulcanRSPS twitch First 7 days -> followed by a 1v1 tournament for $1,000 USD on Sunday the 9th Second 7 days -> followed by Multi & 1v1 tournament for $1,500 USD on Sunday the 16th   Weekly Boss Speed Run Congratulations to 111loggedin, Unexpolited and Hardstyle. Please contact an Admin to receive your bonds This week the boss has been set to Theatre of Blood (Solo) with the above changes Runs will only count if the party size that began the raid was 1 (solo) I've also increased the prize pool to $150 / $100 / $50 for this week's challenge, good luck! And congratulations to our tournament winners this week:
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