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1. What's happening to Vulcan

2. What's coming in Vulcan: Reborn

3. The Roadmap, Prizes & Giveaways for Vulcan: Reborn


1. What's happening to Vulcan

When we go from one major Leagues to another, there has to be changes that come with it. Immediately most people would see that Leagues 3 has new tasks, relics, effects and skills & bosses locked behind sage's renown. If we proceeded with current accounts, veterans would immediately have a large portion of league's tasks done, a ton of sage's renown to spend, 99 in all of their skills so no reason to unlock the skills, and a ton of other benefits. 

Originally I planned on resetting player's league's tasks & points as it was a new league, and that made sense. But then it became boss kill counts, collection logs and skills, as they're all locked behind shattered relics being a fresh start.

And at that point, and with the massive overhaul I've done to Vulcan, the economy, the drop rates, the new content and everything I've learnt over the past 2 years of hosting Vulcan, I felt it was a good time to create a fresh start for everybody. I've done some great things - leagues, deadman modes, toa, tob, gauntlet, etc etc etc, basically what I think is a truly great & content packed server, and some negative things - making the game more p2w, speeding up progress every few months making the completionist cape less prestigious and grindy, and devaluing people's feeling of accomplishments like when pet mystery boxes were on the store for a couple of weeks. So with all of that in mind, I'd like to take Vulcan back to the roots and make sure we steer clear of any of these pitfalls again, and ensure the economy stays in a healthy balance permanently with a ton of changes listed below.

So with all of that said - it doesn't mean a reset. Instead, it means converting your progress from Trailblazer Leagues #2, to benefits you can use on Leagues 3. How? Your items, levels, league's progress, combat achievements, pet count and various other factors will all be converted into donation rank. This donation rank will transfer across to Vulcan: Reborn, and allow you to continue playing on a fresh start with everyone else (including the new players we're spending a ton on advertising to), with some perks to show for your final results on Trailblazer Leagues!

Here's how:

  • For every 100m of value your account has, you receive $1.00 to your donator rank
  • For every pet you have, you receive $2.00 to your donation rank
  • For every 100 total levels you have, you receive $5.00 to your donation rank
  • For every 20m total XP you have, you'll receive $1.00 to your donation rank
  • For every 10 leagues tasks you had done, you receive $3.30 to your donation rank
  • For every 10 combat achievements you had done, you receive $2.50 to your donation rank

Here's 3 examples:

Player Bank wealth Pet Count Total XP Total Level Leagues Tasks Combat Tasks Donator Rank Earnt
Bob (Rank 1 overall) (not calculated yet) 59      ($118) 4,600m      ($230) 2,277      ($113) 300      ($100) 240      ($60) $621 + Bank Value
Mormaii (Richest player) 214b     ($2,141) 26      ($52) 1,500m      ($75) 2,277      ($113) 299      ($99) 228      ($57) $2,537
Rokusasu (randomly picked) (not calculated yet) 13      ($26) 559m         ($27) 2,113      ($105) 234      ($78) 210      ($52) $288 + Bank Value

Overall I expect players to receive around $300-700 depending on how much they've progressed and their bank value calculation

Edit 14th of August: These prices have been adjusted to reduce inflation of donator perks on launch. In summary months of development cannot be funded for free, and providing everybody excessive amounts of donator rank is a great way to ensure the server isn't covering it's own costs.


2. What's coming in Vulcan: Reborn?

Shattered Relics - Leagues 3

Shattered Relics League logo.png

  • Added over 1,000 new leagues tasks from the 3rd leagues hosted on OSRS


  • Added Sage's Renown, a new currency used to unlock your skills & bosses, earnt from completing Leagues Tasks


  • Added fragments, broken down parts used to create the Relics from Leagues 1 & 2. Obtained from skilling, minigames and combat


  • Passive bonuses from tiers will also apply depending on your game mode. Each tier unlocked will grant +1x experience boost to regular accounts, and +0.5x to realism accounts


New Website - Hiscores, Vote, Store, Play Now

  • Reset all user accounts, threads and history. You will need to re-create your accounts on the new forums here
  • Updated all website pages to be a 2023 standard, with a ton of new functionality (especially on the hiscores)
  • Simplified and clean play now page
  • New Vote page with weekly voting hiscores shown
  • Simplified Store integrated into our forums - now 1 website for everything and only 1 product to purchase
  • Hiscores now featuring: (You can also view some test data I've left on there now)
    • All tab containing all gamemodes, their donator and iron man rank shown
    • Main page showing sorting by Level, Experience and displaying your Completionist Cape % progress
    • Sort by Game Mode tabs to align with our new simplified game modes
    • Search User, Pages, Compare User #1 to User #2
    • All skill categories - sorted by level then experience
    • All boss categories - showing your kill count AND personal best time at that boss. Sorted by total boss kills
    • All PvP categories - including a 'virtual level' as if the amount of kills you had was experience in a skill
    • All Other categories - leagues points, combat achievements, clue scrolls, collection logs, claimed votes etc all with a virtual level




New Home Area

A much more open and spacious home area, containing a ton of new activities and content to explore - all outlined below. Lets continue..



Desert Treasure 2 - Update

Ruinous Prayers

  • Added the new Prayer Book from Desert Treasure 2
  • The prayer book has a significant cost associated with usage as it's a raw increase above the standard
  • The new prayer book cannot be used in the wilderness / pvp scenario



Virtus Armour

  • Added the new Virtus armour from OSRS
  • Will grant +1% magic damage per piece, with a total of +4% for the full set. Will be tripled to +12% when using ancient magicks
  • Dropped by all four of the new desert treasure 2 bosses 



New Desert Treasure 2 Items

  • Ultor, Venator, Magus, Bellator Rings, SoulReaper Axe, Ancient Sceptres & Quartz



Vardorvis, Duke Sucellus, The Leviathan, The Whisperer (To stop this thread loading gifs forever I've only inserted the first 2 fights mentioned)



Blood Torva

  • Added the Blood (Sanguine) Torva ornament kit dropped by completing a fight with all 4 of the awakened variants



Preset Gear

  • Now allow you to save up to 50 Preset slots (depending on donator tier)
  • Will save your equipment, inventory, sigils, spellbook and stats (for pk gamemode only)
  • Can be reloaded from any unrestricted locations




Zamorak vs Saradomin team tournament

  • Unlike previous multi minigames, this one now features a castle wars team style battle
  • You will choose a team or be auto assigned depending on balancing and fight for sara or zammy
  • You will be given team capes to identify each other as colored dots on the minimap
  • Utilising the clan wars FFA arena and being multi combat
  • Having fog slowly push you to the final area before crowning a single winner
  • Will provide reward points to spend at the tournament shop
  • Will roll a chance at a 5m OSGP scroll for the winner if you don't roll a $10 bond in-game




Game Mode Simplification

  • XP Rates may seem very low, but for every Shattered Relics tier you go up, regular accounts gain +1x experience boost and realisms gain +0.5x. As shown this takes a regular account from 6x combat, up to (13x) combat when you have all 7 tiers unlocked (15,000 League points)
  • Upon first login, you will be prompted to select a new gamemode
  • Due to lack of interest in the below game modes they will be retired:
    • Ultimate Iron
    • Group Iron
    • Group Hardcore Iron
    • Realism Group Hardcore Iron





Automated Gambling

  • You are now able to offer items up in a gamble trade screen
  • These items will be added to the winner's inventory or bank depending on space available
  • To ensure GP is further controlled through the economy, you must pay a convenience fee to the gambling tutor to use this service
  • You can now also use dice bag to gamble against other players (0-100 etc)




Voting / Store / Donations

  • Your quest tab will now show a vote streak, indicating how many days in a row you have voted within a 24 hour period
  • The number in brackets (2) after your vote streak shows the highest vote streak you have ever achieved
  • A new requirement of the Completionist cape is to maintain a vote streak of 25 days (effectively 13 days of voting every 12 hours)
  • You will receive a $1 Bond for every day you vote, and this will increase the higher your vote streak is (within 3 categories)
  • Reduced vote reward boosts for each donator rank
  • Removed all raw equipment found on the Store, with a new shop in-game providing ability to spend your points
  • Adjusted all bonuses found on Donator Perks to suit new donator tiers and be more aligned to the economy



Shop rework

  • All shops have been reworked, with the removal of Vulcan tokens and Vulcan points
  • A lot of items have been removed from shops and will need to be obtained other ways (example rune crossbow from range store)
  • Instead, you now have 3 categories - Skilling, PvM and PvP points, each with a separate store to spend your points in
  • These store prices are now more aligned to big purchases and not 50 tokens for a BIS sigil, or 1 time graceful purchase and then having no use for your points
  • Items can still be sacrified to the PvM master, but as seen below can no longer be used to purchase upgraded gear
  • Instead, it will mostly be used for ammo and collection log boxes alongside other replenishables (shards, charges etc)




AFK Area

  • The rate at which XP is granted has been reduced to align with new XP rates
  • There is now a barrier to enter, requiring your account to have voted in the last 12 hours (once in you can stay)
  • The obelisk will now only accept one currency to gain time - raw GP
  • Herbi will grant XP in herblore provided you have completed the Druidic Ritual quest
  • As Vulcan tokens have been removed, you will instead receive raw GP from the activities




Removal of Deadman Mode content

  • All content relating to Deadman Mode & World 2 has been removed (excl. sigils)
  • You will no longer lose XP on deaths in PvM 
  • The items lost on death screen will now correctly display, replacing the skills to protect screen



Deadman Mode Sigils

  • Removed from the general store as individual purchaseable sigils, and are now inside of a Sigil Box
  • Various sigils for non-combat that were too over powered have been removed in replacement of League Relics
  • Will no longer be a '1 time BIS purchase' as they will now over surge, destroying the active sigils you're using
  • Can now be obtained through a random drop of a Sigil Box from skilling & pvm, or purchased from the shop at home
  • The Sigil box has equal weighting for all sigils, so it is completely random what you receive
  • As such, all deadman mode sigils are now tradeable




Mystery Box / Pay to Win content

  • Mystery box (t1), (t2) and (t3) have been removed
  • All items buyable on the store have been removed
  • The only item you can now purchase is a $5, $10 and $25 Bond, granting you 5, 10 and 25 donator points to spend in-game
  • Every item in the in-game donator store is cosmetic except the mystery box.
  • The new mystery box has been added and will be the only form of P2w ever added to Vulcan Reborn
  • The odds on this box range from 1/28 for a double XP scroll (most common) to 1/1,500 for a Christmas Cracker (rarest)
  • The mystery box will now use a slider wheel to randomly roll the item you receive vs just deleting the box and adding the item



Tombs of Amascut

  • Has had a few changes designed to increase the challenge
  • Common safespots found on Vulcan 2.0 will no longer work (getting the warden stuck)
  • The wardens have had their pathing redone to match OSRS. They will now follow you around the centre obelisk



Drops re work

  • Every dungeon mob and boss has had their drop table adjusted
  • Most items have been made less common (by about ~10%, but up to 25%) to account for speed of kills with league relics / drop rate boosters added
  • All items have been sorted correctly, so the rarest items will appear at the bottom
  • Items like jars for POH / recoloring serp helms have had a proper drop rate applied (i.e. 1/1,000 vs previous 1/~150)
  • Clue Scroll loot has been re done with corrected rarity, and can now be viewed by tier in the drop table viewer






  • Galvek now has a purpose outside of being required to kill before fighting Vorkath
  • Galvek will now drop untradeables not found in other shops (void, barrows gloves)
  • Galvek will also be repeatable as his only other drops are supply boxes (herbs, ammo, skilling boxes) 



Bounty Hunter (Wilderness)

  • Added the new Bounty Hunter system from OSRS, but remaining outside of the Crater
  • You will be assigned a target based on your combat level and location
  • To enter the wilderness you will require GP in your wilderness coffer, ensuring it is always profitable
  • You will receive your opponent's wilderness coffer GP and their items upon a kill
  • Additionally you'll receive PK points based on the risk/reward system
  • Killing your target will upgrade your tier 1 to tier 10 emblem, which can be traded in for rewards in Edgeville
  • The longer your current killstreak will increase your pk points earnt per kill
  • Dying will reset your streak and lose some of your pk points
  • The current highest active killstreak will be displayed on a board in Edgeville, resetting each week
  • The highest per week will receive in-game bonds as a prize
  • Anti-farming & target manipulation restrictions in place




Misc. Changes/Overhauls

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of changes coming to Vulcan Reborn. There is a ton that I cannot list because it will simply take too long 


  • Runelite has been updated to the latest version, and thus will come with a ton of new features from the Runelite team
  • 200m XP capes have had their perks adjusted. The info thread on this will be released once they are all unlocked
  • The fountain now only accepts raw GP, items can be sold on the G.E or to sigmund
  • Vulcan points have been split into pk, pvm and skilling points
  • Corporeal beast drops now function like Nex and the Nightmare, every player who does the minimum damage will receive a loot roll
  • The quest tab has been simplified to show things like XP toggles, fountain on a new screen, your points in skill/pvm/pk and the timers until next events spawn in minutes/hrs
  • Town board tasks have been adjusted to suit the fresher economy style at launch
  • Crystal items will no longer grant a ton of experience to revert / re-create for smithing XP
  • Slayer Task weightings have been introduced, meaning you are much more likely to get good tasks and not require the donator perk of choosing your task
  • Construction now has it's own dedicated skilling area, and has been removed from the home objects
  • The lottery will now draw every 2 hours vs 24 hours
  • The mimic event has been removed
  • The crystal anvil event has been removed
  • The custom barrows boss Linza has been removed and replaced with DT2 bosses for Virtus
  • The daily reward chest has been removed
  • The attack speed orb & quest from trailblazer league #2 has been removed
  • A lot of the custom scrolls have been removed - attack speed scroll, global clue scroll drops
  • Double slayer points, double vote chest loot & double barrows loot have been removed as a fountain roll
  • Herbi pet is no longer possible to obtain from herblore incorrectly
  • Some safe spots at Tombs of Amascut have been corrected
  • Added mystery box scrap paper, allowing you to collect scraps from all over the game and combine into a mystery box and open. This stops mystery boxes being given from a ton of different places and flooding the economy with items
  • Void ornament kits will no longer apply extra boosts and will just act as a cosmetic upgrade
  • XP received from Duo slayer has been slightly nerfed
  • Ironman accounts will no longer gain XP in pvp combat scenarios
  • Sigil of last recall is now crystal of memories from the town board shop
  • Making zenytes now requires the skill levels to complete monkey madness 2 before it can be done
  • You can now unlock a new teleport animation globally from the town board scroll shop. This lowers it from 5 ticks to 3 ticks per teleport.



  • Pets following you will now charge 500k upon a pvm or pvp death. If your bank doesn't contain this, you will lose your pet
  • The rarity of receiving Pets has been adjusted by and most are now ~10% rarer to achieve
  • Perks from Pets have been adjusted. Majority of useless perks have been removed and the upgrade costs for remaining pets has been changed



Completionist Cape

  • Completionist Cape and Completionist Cape (T) have been merged into one. This means the requirements to earn the base cape are much higher, but will allow me to add higher prizes and more prestige to completionists.
  • Completionist Capes perks have been adjusted, but will not be revealed until someone achieves the cape 😉



Raw GP 

  • Raw GP entering the game has been reduced by at least 10x. This means if voting gave 750k, it now gives 75k. If a boss dropped 250k, it drops 25k. This applies to everything and allows me to control the GP in the economy a lot easier
  • Furthermore to the GP point, our automated G.E bot has a ton of data to go off and will now buy majority of listings on the G.E when they meet fair market conditions, but will not remove the opportunity from players
  • Lastly, new GP sinks and costs associated everywhere will ensure the GP added through various methods is also flowing out of the economy very quickly, creating a healthy balance permanently
  • These GP sinks include the afk training area, new boss instances, using our teleporter at home and many more added throughout the game

Supplies entering game

  • Nightmare zone will no longer sell herb boxes or secondaries
  • Herblore will now have an economy for herbs and secondaries, both purchasable from the skilling point store. The items received from these boxes scale with your level
  • The ranged store will no longer sell arrows / bolts directly. These are now obtained from Ammo Boxes which are common drops from Revs or purchased with PvM points
  • Alternatively, bolts/arrows can also be directly fletched with supplies
  • The amount of bones dropped on death of npcs has been adjusted to normal amounts on OSRS


  • The Revenant caves have been made extremely profitable, but is a full multi cave
  • PvP armours will not work above level 20 wilderness. They will also degrade with general use
  • There is a cap on the number of brews you can enter the wilderness with 
  • Singles+ is now active in the 3 new wilderness boss caves
  • Dying in PvP will spawn you at a quick return spot in Edge vs death's domain
  • The quest tab will show the number of players currently in the wilderness
  • New Wilderness bosses will receive 3x drops every 10 hours
  • Skully at home will provide a regular or high-risk skull and sell you the ability to use loot keys
  • You can now toggle XP options to fake XP drops / equal to what you hit through the quest tab
  • Leaderboards all around home with tournament wins, highest active pk streaks and other competitions
  • Clan Cups (pending release date)
  • Minimum wilderness coffer gp to enter the wilderness
  • Charged / ornament kit items will revert and drop to the ground
  • Amulet of Avarice to instant high-risk skull players, but will auto-note all items dropped in wild
  • Added special transfer and bounty teleport target spells
  • PK accounts provided a starting special attack weapon that will degrade after 250 uses. 
  • PK specific account builds are now possible with setting their levels, spawning pk items

Player made suggestions from the past 3 weeks implemented ready for Reborn

  • Ability to type cntrl + B to open ::b/bank (Paymer)
  • Convert the demonic caves to multi areas (B.forrest)
  • Lower the damage required to be done to Nex to receive a drop (IronToke)
  • Separate account types on the boss speed run hiscores each week due to Realism's adventage (Night)
  • Add a scroll that we can purchase to roll the fountain directly (Kakarot)
  • Make amethyst ore deplete after several mines like OSRS (Bob)
  • Add the amulet of avarice to larren's key drop tables since it's also wilderness (Rokusasu)
  • Allow multi glory charges (4, 6) to be used for the townboard tasks (Ji Tu)
  • Change the crystal degrade scroll since it can now be obtained from Gauntlet directly (Don Vito)
  • Ability to add multiple blood shards to add more charges to a blood fury (Hattahh)
  • Expose the truth about the amulet of avarice drop rates (Moist)
  • 24/7 Fountain if weekly donation goal is met (Juice WRLD)
  • Ways to obtain wrath and blood runes easier than they currently are (Selena)
  • Easier ways to sell big items (B.forrest)
  • Explain the G.E bot pricing values so we an sell items to it easier with lack of GP in economy (Boofling)
  • Nex drop rate re-work (X)
  • Break revenant weapons down into revenant ether (Rhys)
  • Allow Verzik to have her defence drained a certain amount so it's not as difficult (X)
  • Lower the frequency at which Red Crabs spawn in p2 of Verzik so it's easier for solos (Dead)

3. The Prizes & Giveaways for Vulcan: Reborn - Launch

The Roadmap

  • August 10th - Announce Vulcan Reborn
  • August 10th->  - Youtubers to upload videos, ad slots to be purchased
  • August 20th - Vulcan closes down
  • August 20th-30th - Beta available for $1,000+ Donators
  • September 1st - Vulcan: Reborn releases

The Giveaways

Luck Based Giveaways - Total of $2,000 USD

  • Hide and Seek
  • Picture of an area
  • Discord bot giveaway
  • 1v1 & multi tournaments

Hiscore Challenges - Total of $1,900 USD

  • Regular XP Rates
    • First to max - $100
    • First to Completionist - $300
  • Elite Iron
    • First to max - $200
    • First to Completionist - $400
  • Realism XP Rates
    • First to max - $300
    • First to Completionist - $600

Other Challenges - Total of $1,100 USD

  • First 3 players to receive any pet - $50
  • First to complete all 3 raids solo - $100
  • First player to defeat all 4 DT2 bosses - $100
  • First to complete all combat achievements - $250
  • First to complete all leagues tasks - $500




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