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Update Log #9


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Bugs / Misc changes

  • Guardian boots will now count as a bandos item
  • Corrected Whisperer/Vardorvis KC showing opposite name (still granted correctly)
  • Corrected a bug when dying in PvP combat with the new BH system / pk leaderboard at home getting you stuck
  • Dagon'hai now counts as a Zamorak item
  • Chambers will no longer steal seed dibbers from your bank
  • Corrected being able to attack Kraken's in an instance without a task
  • Corrected it being very rare for your vote streak to reset after not voting on time
  • Adjusted values for a lot of items and how it influences g.e. bot for purchasing
  • Added an attack delay to accursed sceptre special attack
  • Added voidwaker & karils crossbow / top to dh multi tournament
  • Added soulreaper axe (DM) to a 1v1 tournament type
  • Removed a few overplayed tournament types
  • Added ::capePerks command for max/comp/200m cape perks
  • Duke Succellus should now close his ice barrage overlay on death

Player made Suggestions

  • Rainbow: Show sigil overflow counter remotely
    • Added under the Misc tab with colors for each tier it's on
  • Dumboodaking: Add red spider eggs to sarachnis drop table
    • Added 50-100 as a common drop from sarachnis
  • X: Make dt2 drop table items tradeable
    • Vestige pieces (for rings), ruinous prayer scrolls and awakener's orb are now tradeable. Axe will remain untradeable
  • JeremyTheWicked: Add more recolor tokens to skilling shop
    • Done
  • Canada/X: Add a timer to thralls or make the runelite plugin work
    • Added the plugin / timer overlay in your buff bar
  • Olay: Buff bofa/tbow - currently worse than crossbows + armadyl decree
    • With all relics this is always subject to change, but I have checked this and found it was stacking incorrectly with the scroll from the townboard shop. The chance for bolt effects to stack with decree should now be about 15% less likely - and these should be more worth while
  • Soared1111: Add extra risk vs reward to wilderness
    • I believe revenants are already the best money for alchables, but I've added the below
    • While in wild now you will receive 10% XP boost in all skills
    • Larran's keys will now be a drop from all NPCs in the wilderness above lvl 30 (npc combat > 50) - and Larran's key can be searched via drop table viewer to see the OP chest loot options
  • Soared1111: Notes/warnings for things when it's costing your bank money
    • Added a filtered message that states when GP is removed from your bank or from a variety of sources and how much it cost in total (believe this will cover 99% of cases)
  • Maho: Toggle to disable getting fragments when you've maxed all
    • Added to Misc tab in quest tab
  • IronToke / 9: Add a use for excess sage's renown after unlocking everything
    • For every 100 excess renown you have, personal banker will now add +1% to the chance of procing. I'm open to expanding this further as I see how much excess is left
  • X/Dumboodaking: Allow masori to count as an armadyl item to hold it's value
    • Masori (f) when fortified will now count as an armadyl item for league fragments & GWD
  • PsychoBorn: Add Preset Master to Raids
    • Added him to all 3 raid banks
  • BFB Tom: PKP Change - currently very hard to get them especially on PK accounts
    • Removed the minimum risk value for player's to earn pkp given (pk) gear is valued at 0. Increased PKP per kill. Added below suggestion on PKP too.
  • Fuzz: Lower the cost to upgrade the gauntlet pets 
    • Lowered from 75/150k shards to 55/110k shards
  • HCIM Vulcan: Make Sanguine dust useful instead of a meme drop
    • Receiving a Sang dust is now required to morph your Lil'Zik pet correctly
  • Deadmen: Add more charges to the (pk) account's starting weapon, and add an easier way for them to bank their gear setups
    • Upon account creation 100 of each set will be added to their bank, including food and potions
    • The starting special weapon will now have 300 uses vs
  • Helios: Emblems should give PKP per tier
    • Trading in BH emblems will now grant 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 PKP depending on the tier you leveled it up to
    • Drastically increased the gp you receive per emblem tier (100k-5m now 500k-15m)
  • ImAddicted / Rhys / Hiluxi etc: Make Nex Minion damage count to threshold
    • Minion damage will now count towards Nex damage, and roll you a drop.
    • The minimum damage required is now 175 vs 100 (as there is an extra 2,000 hp available per kill)
    • Removed the 1,000 total level requirement to receive a drop from Nex
  • Grindcore: Add a forced tutorial / explain basic things on start
    • The info button in the leagues tab will now direct to the guides section of the forums
    • When you first sign up you will now be prompted if you'd like to see forum guides to start off
    • Crystal keys now have an 'info' option on them to specify what they're used for
    • Offering $500 in Donator Bonds (20 x $25 bonds) to the best made starter guide.
      • This means photos, explanation of the leagues for those who haven't played it before etc.
      • The login screen will then directly link to your guide moving forward. I'll allow 7 days for this.

Thanks, Xsj

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