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Druidic Ritual Guide


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Druidic Ritual is the only quest currently in the game and is very easy to complete. Druidic Ritual has to be completed in order to access the Herblore skill.

First of all, you need to collect one raw rat meat (behind Lumbridge Castle are level 3 rats), one raw beef (cow & goblins training area in teleporter), one raw chicken (northwest of cow pen), and a raw bear meat (east of Ardougne).

Once you have all the items, use the teleport to the Taverly dungeon, climb outside then run north and talk to Kaqemeex


After going through the chat dialogue with Kaqmeex, he will offer you a quest and accept.

Now, teleport back to the Taverly dungeon and head slightly north, then east through the gate to the Cauldron of Thunder. 


Simply right-click use all pieces of meat on the Cauldron and they will turn blue, at this point head back to Kaqmeex for your quest reward.


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Just a tip:
I found the following path for collecting the meats much easier!

1. Teleport to Goblins and Cows
2. Kill a Cow.
3. Directly west theres a chicken farm, kill a chicken.

4. Walk north following the path, and continue north east until you see a bear next to the varrock east mines. Klll the bear.
5. Keep walking north, close to the southern east of Varrock by the wall just north of the East Mine there is a rat.
6. Kill the Rat.

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I would just add this isn't the 'only quest' in the game. Sheep Shearer is a good source of early crafting xp and GP.


I have also heard dorics quest and cooks assistant work but I have never tried them.

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