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Max, Completionst & 200m Cape Perks


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Max Cape Perks

  • [1] Access to the 'teleports' option - to remotely open the teleporter
  • [2] Access to the Features Menu
    • Option 1 - Crystal of Memories - Last recall without having the crystal on you
    • Option 2 - Arcane Grimoire - Remote spell book swap without the grimoire on you
    • Option 3 - Player-owned house portals
    • Option 4 - Stamina boost


Completionist Cape Perks

  • [1] Will roll all of the below 200m XP cape perks when wearing the comp cape in 2 scenarios:
    •  Category 1: 90% chance - 200m XP in that skill
    •  Category 2: 45% chance - Not 200m XP in that skill
  • [2] Access to the perks available on Max Cape - Features & Teleports menu

200m Cape Perks:

Cape Perk
Attack cape 5% chance to hit a 2nd time for 10 damage
Strength cape 5% chance to boost hit damage by 25%
Defence cape 2% chance to nullify incoming hit
Hitpoints cape Allows food to overheal you by 15% of max
Prayer cape +15 prayer bonus, reduces prayer drain by 25%
Ranged cape 10% chance to deal another hit equal to 25% of your damage
Magic cape 1% chance for ice barrage hit, freezing and dealing damage
Thieving cape +2 loot rolls while wearing, stacks with other boosts
Hunter cape +3 loot rolls while catching chinchompas and opening impling jars
All other capes Perks available to be suggested

General Notes:

  • All 200m experience capes have the bonuses of a Max cape (+9 in defence bonuses, +4 prayer bonus)
  • The melee 200m capes have the same stats as an infernal cape, but require you to own an infernal cape for the perks & bonuses to apply
  • No perks will apply while a player is in the wilderness
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