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How to efficiently farm relic fragments


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Background Info
Just after launch there was a now-deleted thread that explained some of the logic on fragment drop rates. The core idea was when you receive xp you have a minimum of a 1 in ~1,100 (?) chance to receive a fragment, and a maximum of 1 in ~330 (if you’re xp drop is 1.1k or higher).


While testing shows there are likely hidden mechanics, it doesn’t appear that the number of fragments in a period of time is capped. This means to farm fragments efficiently as possible, we need to maximize the number of 1.1k exp drops in short time periods. 


1. In general large exp drops like at the end of a wintertodt game, or a single barrage cast, are not more valuable than a 1.1k exp drop. 
2. Training methods that have multiple exp drops at the same time seem multiple times more efficient (IE casting on defensive mode)
3. Training methods that don’t use the tick system can be wildly effective (IE fletching darts)
4. Fragments do not drop in NMZ or AFK area
5. You can AFK for up to 3 hours, after which you cannot receive drops.


Given the above rules, the methods below appear to be the most effective for farming fragments. These are not in order.


Combat Fragments
1. Using a fast melee weapon on a shared attack style against monsters with high hp that drop bones, using the bone burying frag (potentially on slayer task). This creates 4 xp drops per attack (including hp), and 2 when the monster dies (burying bones and slayer xp). It can be difficult to achieve 1.1k exp on every unique exp drop though


2. Bursting/Chinning on defensive. This provides mage/range, defensive, and hp xp per attack.

3. Splashing on defensive. Two exp drops per cast and fully AFK for 3 hours. You need a -64 magic bonus to splash (full rune/other armor and and d'hide vambraces)


Skilling Fragments

1. Barbarian fishing with the cooking fragment. Provides up to 4xp drops per action!


2. Fletching darts. Optimally do this slow enough to maximize xp drops per second, but not fast enough to combine xp drops. (Clicking too fast combines two xp drops into one, but with the minimum chance of 1/1100 (or 0.0009%), two drops at 400xp provide a higher drop rate than one drop of 800xp)

3. Thieving with a 100% success rate the xp drops occur (maybe?) as frequently as fletching darts. 

4. Powermining iron with the smelting frag. While slower than other methods, this still frequently provides double xp drops.

5. Wintertodt provides quick non-tick xp drops

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