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Itheyln's Starter Guide to Your First Day


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Welcome To Vulcan Reborn!

You’ve made a great choice in RSPS.

I’m Itheyln, and I’m here to guide you on your first day on the server!


First thing to know is this is a Permanent Leagues Based Server.

What does that mean?

“Leagues” are a special event in OSRS that add unique content to modify the game and how we play it. Vulcan Reborn is based on the Shattered Relics league of OSRS.

Link to OSRS wiki page on Shattered Relics if you want to read about what the server is based on:

NOTE: This server is based on Leagues, but not a direct clone. This is a permanent economy server, and so changes were made to ensure a healthy long-term economy.

You’ll discover all sorts of fun things about Leagues as you play, but starting off the two most important things to note are:

1.       All but three skills and all bosses are locked at the start, you'll use Sage Renown to unlock them!

2.       You’ll receive “Sage Renown” for completing various tasks in the game.


So let’s get you started playing so you can unlock all skills!


First Time logging In – “Choose your Game Mode”

The very first thing you’ll have to do is select your game mode!

If this is a new concept for you – I recommend starting with the default of “None” which will allow you to trade with other characters and enjoy all the game's content without restrictions.


  • If you prefer a solo game, you could try Standard or Hardcore Iron Man, where you won’t be able to trade with other players, and will have to gather everything yourself!
  • If you want to hop right into the Wilderness and want to ignore the League and main game content - consider a Pker account.
  • If you’re a real expert, check out the “Realism” tab for Realism variant game modes with lower XP rates giving a more authentic OSRS experience, but with some unique perks!.

Pro Tip: Thinking of going a certain mode but worried you’ll regret it? You can visit ‘Mac’ at home and he’ll turn any restricted account back into a normal account, but remember, it doesn’t work in reverse! 


Exploring Home

Once you’ve chosen your game mode, the first thing you need to do is sort out all the available resources at Home.

First let's run just a bit West to find all the Shops!


Here we can see many of  the convenient shops located at home, I’ll point out a few critical ones you’ll need on your first day:


General Store - This guy sells it all! Starting equipment for Melee, Ranged, and Mage! tools, general supplies, he’s got it all!

Skilling Store - You’ll accumulate ‘Skilling Points’ as you play over time, spend them here!

I Buy Anything - This fool will buy all your junk!

Vote Store - ::vote every twelve hours and then spend those tickets here!

Hey! You’ve voted right? If you haven’t already- type ‘::vote’ in chat to vote!

Now that you’ve voted, and entered ‘::voted’ into chat, you’ve unlocked a new part of Home! Let’s check out the AFK area!

Just a quick run South and we’re there!


You can only enter the AFK area if you’ve voted in the past 12 hours, but lucky for you, you just voted and have access, RIGHT?


Here you can train a few skills fully AFK for as long as you’re away. Going to bed for the night? Leave your character in the AFK zone for some free XP over-night!

Tempoross - Trains Fishing and counts for Tempoross League Tasks!

Teak - Trains Woodcutting.

Herbi - Trains Farming, Hunter, and Herblore (if Druidic Ritual is completed) - Also counts for Herbi League Tasks!

Obelisk - Spend 12m/hr to get 120k xp/hr in your lowest skill. I say save your money and train the old fashion way kids!

Anvil / Stump - Costs GP! Use noted ores on anvil to convert to bars without requiring coal, or noted logs on the stump to turn them to planks!

Pro Tip: Druidic Ritual Exists! Doing this quest after unlocking the skill will give you a nice XP boost!

Grab some Bear Meat, Rat Meat, Beef, and Chicken and complete the quest starting from Taverly dungeon: 


Continuing on with our tour of Home


We’ll run right past the Gambling area, because say no to gambling. (At least in your first few days 🥸 )

And we wind up near a mix of fun stuff, here’s some of the stuff worth looking at on your first day!

Fountain - This fountain will give server wide boosts everytime it hits 200m contributed! Contribute by sacrificing items, or voting!


Townboard / Taskmasker - Gain Community Favour by completing various daily tasks.

Thieving Stalls - A great place to grab some quick cash and Thieving XP!

Completionist Cape - Awe in glory of the requirements to be a true completionist!

Crystal Chest - Got a Crystal Key? Well upgrade it to an enhanced key and use it here! There is no use for Crystal Keys other than to make enhanced crystal keys.


Just North we can find the North East building and all that it offers:


And finally if we head outside we’ll find the final destination of our home tour.


Sigil Statue - Examine the Statue to choose your first sigil! This sigil can be ‘attuned’ to give a passive effect boost to the combat style you choose.

Slayer Masters - Grab your wilderness slayer tasks from Krystilia, or a typical slayer task for Nieve or Duradel 

Teleporter - Use this to get anywhere! It'll cost 3x your total level in GP, but can take you almost anywhere!


So I’m off to fight Giant Mole!

Err - Wait. This is Leagues, I need to unlock Giant Mole first?


The League Mechanics – “Why do I only have three skills?”

Let's start talking about what makes Vulcan Reborn so awesome and unique, Leagues!

Head over to the League tab in your quest menu to get started:


This panel is your go to spot for everything Leagues related. It’ll show you your current points, and has access to all the League Menus.

We know the main gist of Leagues by now - everything is locked, complete tasks to unlock them. So let’s start navigating to those tasks!

League Tasks & Sage Renown / Unlocking Skills & Bosses

Let’s start off by clicking the ‘Task’ menu to get an understanding of how you accumulate Sage Renown and progress in the League.


Surprise! You’ve completed your first league task!

You’re rewarded with 5 League Points and 1 Sage Renown.

If you feel like it, go ahead and complete some tasks off the list and soon enough you’ll have enough points to unlock your next skill!

Don’t know how to start? Check out this post to get a huge jumpstart to your completed tasks! 

Filtering Tasks

Filter your list of tasks by selecting your filters on the left, and then clicking into a task.


Once you’ve accumulated some sage renown and decided you want a new skill or boss, head over to the ‘Unlocks’ tab to start unlocking new content!


Each Skill and Boss will cost a set number of Sage Renown to unlock, but keep grinding away those league tasks and you’ll have all skills unlocked in no time!

League Points / Tiers and Getting Better XP rates

If you’ve been wondering what those League Points are that you’re getting along with Sage Renown, well League Points are the key to raising your Tier!

"What’s a Tier" you ask?

Head into your ‘Fragments’ Table and check out the Passive Effects tab to view all the amazing unlocks that come with higher tiers!


Unlocking higher Tiers is the single most important thing for your accounts progression!

  • Higher XP rates 
  • New fragment slots
  • Game changing passive effects

Pro Tip: Want ‘Last Recall’ for fast Runecraft training? Unlock Tier 6 for the Crystal of Memories to unlock Last Recall! 

Fragments / Sigils - a.k.a the fun stuff

‘Fragments’ are a key League component, each giving a unique perk that will either be a massive help in combat, or in skilling. Once you unlock several fragments you can combine them for some awesome set effects!

“How do I gain Fragments?”

 Do anything! Anything that gives you XP (excluding NMZ and AFK Zone) has a chance to give you a fragment in a related skill.


Early on Fragments may be hard to come by, don’t worry - eventually you’ll be swimming in them! Just focus on grinding out some levels and league tasks and you’ll do great!

 You should know enough at this point to go off and choose your own adventure.

Maybe you’ll use the teleporter to the Fishing area and train fishing?

Maybe you’ll head right to the stalls to train Thieving and grab some starting cash.

Or maybe you’ll head straight into those league tasks and start grinding out points to unlock your favorite skill!

Wait something just happened on the server!

Vulcan has tons of events that can trigger throughout the day - here’s an example of just a few events that might occur and how to react to them:

PVP Tournaments


PVP Tournaments are SAFE  events to try out a PVP tournament for a chance for a GP prize, and tournament points for PVP gear! Head home, deposit everything into the bank, and head to the PVP portal to enter!




At random intervals, a trivia question testing your Runescape knowledge will pop up in chat. 

Be quick! Type “::answer <answer>” in chat to answer (ex: ::answer Blast Furnace) 



Shooting Stars

“A Shooting Star has Landed!”

Grab a pickaxe and race to the south of home for some free mining XP and GP!


Frequently Asked Question


Q.  What's a good money maker when I first start?

A. Thieving is great for pure GP - Wintertodt, and killing low level Revenants are also great money makers with other great rewards.

Q.  Am I being charged to use the teleporter?

A. Yup! You’re charged 3x your total level in GP for every teleport. GP Sinks!

Q.  Can I make cannonballs?

A. You can’t! Get plenty of cannonballs from voting, boss drops, trading, etc.

Q. Where do I buy glue to combine mystery box scraps?

A. Head to the shops at home - “Magic Glue” is sold in the General Store for 500k

Q. Where do I use Crystal Keys?

A. You can’t. Crystal Keys need to be upgraded to Enhanced Crystal Keys, which requires 80 crafting and smithing (Boosting works)

Q. Do Fragments work in the Wilderness?

A. Nope! You’re on your own out there kid.


Kind Regards,


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Great guide, big fan of the informal tone! Images and gifs are really helpful and clear too! I'd would consider moving the skill unlock section near the top, since that seems to most players first questions. A few less color variations on the text, but otherwise excellent!


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