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Solo 600 ToA guide


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Welcome to my guide on how to complete your first 600 invocation Tombs of Amascut.

A few notes before getting into it:

You cannot use any food or brews in this raid, you will solely rely on Drakan's touch, Amulet of Blood fury and Keris Partisan of the sun for your heals.

You can acquire a Keris partisan of the sun by attaching a Jewel of the sun (1/10 drop from any ToA) and a Keris Partisan (1000 community favour points)

Keris partisan will require 100% special attack regardless of your special fragment and you must be above 50 prayer points to use it.

You can 1 hit the skulls on Phase 3 with the partisan to gain 12 hitpoints per skull at the cost of 5 prayer points.

You will not receive any potions from the ToA other than restores, this means you must take your own combat potions in with you.











We use these because they give 6% chain magic and 6% double tap for your mage/range respectively.


Phase 1

Stand here, block until you're 70 hp then step to the tile labelled "1"


Once you see the Red pyramids, you are safe on tile 1


After Red pyramids move to Tile "2" to be safe from the yellow pyramids, however if you're fast enough you won't proc them.


Large ball of energy will always spawn and hit you for 25, it's recommended after the obelisk is down, you use your keris to go back to full HP.




Phase 2

The warden will rise, do 2 hits of either mage or range as he makes his way to you, then either melee/mage/range when he's in distance, stand on this tile to avoid the triangle specials.

You will want to camp Protect from Melee at all times as this attack has no reaction time, when you see his attack you can flick accordingly.




Repeatedly down the warden until you reach phase 3 while avoiding his specials.

Phase 3

Phase 3 starts as any normal ToA, however with insanity on the warden will not always start from his normal side after skulls, so be prepared to move fast.


As you can see above, after the 3rd set of skulls, Kephri will now attack in a 3x3 square as opposite to 1 single tile as usual.

This is due to aerial assault.


To combat this, it is best to walk in a triangle pattern through wardens attacks rather than a straight line.



Phase 4

This is where it can get tricky, you must avoid the 3x3 of kephri and the warden's lightning tiles.

Don't rush, don't panic and you should dps enough to get to the end.



Once you Loot the final chest, you will be rewarded with:

Your common reward (unless purple)


Itchlarin's shroud 1


Masori crafting kit (used to make masori assembler)



Thanks for reading, any questions feel free to pm "X" in-game.



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