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Update Log #10


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Misc Changes/Fixes

  • Increased delay between the donator ranks being able to Yell again
  • 1v1 Dharoks tournaments now come with Voidwakers instead of AGS
  • Increased time it takes for DKs to respawn to closer align to OSRS
  • Increased the max distance of Trident's attacks
  • Bounty hunter emblems can now be banked, but won't upgrade while banked
  • Mage arena lever will no longer delete pending damage, it will just delay it
  • Losing a skull will no longer end your kill streak in the wilderness
  • The radius when using teleport to bh target has increased from 3 squares to 20 squares away from your target. You will at minimum be 14 squares away when teleporting in now
  • Removed the bank outside of Ferox enclave from old DMM events
  • Corrected a bug preventing Duke from being killed
  • Sigil effects will no longer apply in Wild against NPCs to match Relics not working at all in wild
  • It now costs 25k to use the teleport to target spell, removed from the wilderness coffer
  • Corrected antifire potion granting 6min vs 3min of protection
  • You can no longer pratice the Inferno while having a Zuk slayer task
  • Maniacal monkies should no longer melee you from a distance
  • Corrected Nex townboard task not counting any kills for personal tasks
  • Lowered drop rates on corporeal beast shields by ~25%
  • You can no longer cannon at Rune/Adamant dragons
  • Corrected leaf bladed battleaxe attack speed
  • Corrected Amethyst javalins having no range strength bonus
  • Staff of light now counts as a Zamorak item
  • Lowered the effectiveness of Armadylean Decree from 25%/50%/100% increased chance for bolt proc to 15%,35%,65% for balancing
  • Whisperer should no longer hit players who have already teleported home with special attacks that were half complete
  • Nex cough attack spreading to other players should no longer mark you as having attacked them for a pk death lol
  • Corrected being unable to complete equip all god books task
  • Dragon & crystal axe are now also impacted by Special Discount fragment
  • Book of War should now count as a Bandos item
  • Amethyst ore is now tradeable
  • Chefs catch will now grant multiple zulrah scales when it auto-discects an infernal eel
  • Leagues interface now specifies for every 100 sage's renown extra you have you gain 1% to personal banker
  • Corrected Magical obelisk time resetting upon logout incorrectly
  • Max Cape swapping spellbook feature is no longer restricted to 5 per day
  • You can now trade in extra Bruma torches for another wintertodt crate
  • Corrected Hiscores counting all boss killcounts but comp cape rack not correctly counting
  • Fixed some weapons not poisoning the crabs in phase 2 of verzik correctly
  • Added 6 colored dyes to the Townboard & donator store, which can be used to recolor your Twisted bow
  • Added Magic shortbow (i) scroll to the pk point store for 50 pkp
  • Added 54 new items to hard clues for heradlic (h1-5) items and god d'hide shields
  • The tornadoes at gauntlet are now consistent. You will only receive 1 tornado spawn per full attack cycle (4 ranges, 4 mages, 2 switch anims) at random.
  • Elidinis' Warden will no longer follow you to Melee distance
  • Corrected the Wardens facing random direction in ToA (surprised nobody reported this? very annoying when I was changing Elidinis)



  • Enabled The Leviathan the final DT2 boss
  • This one was extremely difficult to do, and the timings may be slightly off
  • As such the drop table is near 1:1 with OSRS to reward every kill vs unique hunting
  • The 4 awakened versions will begin to unlock over the coming weeks


Player made suggestions

  • Dr1veby: Pk accounts
    • Pk accounts can now use the Occult altar to change spell books without the quest level reqs
    • Pk accounts can now set their agility levels for obstacles in the wild
  • Roophus: More than $1 bond in donator store at a time
    • Done
  • Stillarpog: Fountain should guarantee one roll
    • If the fountain rolls nothing, it will now autofill 75% of the way for the next one to be cheaper
  • Jimmy 6 toes: Emblems should give PKP
    • Added last update
  • Rhys: Make HCIM lose lives in ToB/ToA
    • This is now added. HCIM will now lose lives by dying in ToB / ToA
  • ActuallyChad: Make PK activities do-able
    • Changes listed above around BH target tele etc should solve this
  • Grindcore: Remove tuna from Nech drop table
    • ? done
  • Swoledell/ZyzzBrah/Wiki/Soared1111 + a lot of others: PvP changes
    • Made tournaments every 12 hours vs 24 (original idea is players can use scrolls to start their own anyway)
    • Teleporting to target: this was addressed above already as it is now a cost + distance
    • Sigils / relics shouldn't work in wild - this is already how it is
    • Pker accounts should have a delay - it now costs them money to use BH teleport
    • Fix the PKP system - this was addressed last week and should now grant PKP correctly
  • Rmtank: Make crystal bowl tell us how many shards we need
    • Will now specify the amount for each creation
  • Yoho: Make prifddinas slayer dungeon multi-combat
    • Done, but disabled cannon usage here
  • Wiki: Changes to mystery boxes
    • Increased rarity of rolling a dragon warhammer 
  • Swoledell: Add buckets & water to general store
    • Added
  • Mormaii: Have sigil statue work like probita to store gold and auto-reset overflow
    • Added, and a warning message for when your coffer is below the 4m requirement
    • Having a max cape in your inventory will still reduce the cost to 1m when it auto-pays for you
  • Zyzimma: Increase the amount of crystal shards we get from destroying the wep/arm seeds
    • Regular weapon seeds increased from 5 shards to 250 shards (they can be done noted)
    • Dragonstone armour set increased from 50 to 4,000
    • Enhanced weapon seeds increased from 2,000 to 4,000
    • Armour seeds increased from 750 to 5,000
    • Crystal tool seeds increased from 750 to 1,500
  • PermTate: ToB Solo - make red crabs only spawn 1 instead of 2 in solo
    • Soloing ToB will now roll a 50% chance at 1 red crab - but if this becomes the meta for ToB, it will be removed
    • New players need people to teach them ToB and I don't want to encourage this
  • Yimm: Add Darklight to PvM store
    • Added
  • Nathan: Update pet info with missing pet drop rates
    • Added DT2 bosses, the rest are just afk area pets and they don't need to be public
  • vsDJ: Crystal situation (drop rates, crystal shards)
    • Shards addressed above, adjusted the drop rates to make enhanced seeds less flooded
  • Swervo: Maxed fragments - when maxing a category make it give to another category
    • this cant be done because you earn fragments by doing that specific action (combat, misc etc) by this logic you could just barrage for fragment ever
  • Maho/Kelvo: The Zalcano situation
    • Zalcano loot will now be automatically banked for you, with a chat message to show what you got
    • Zalcano can no longer be damaged by regular weapons with rapid switching (bug abuse)
    • Lowered the XP/hr at Zalcano from 25* level to 18* level to account for below changes
    • The tephra will now always deal 15 damage per hit, doubled to 30 when on blue squares, drastically speeding up kills
    • The red squares will no longer drain your run energy at all (prev 10 per red square tick)
    • The red squares will now deal 60% less damage per tick
  • Lewis: Consider adding back crystal anvil / crystal shard drops
    • Addressed a lot of the shard discussion above. Instead incorporated some of this feedback to stars:
    • Shooting stars will now grant 25x the amount of gp they previously did
    • Shooting stars will now grant 3x the amount of community favour it previously did
    • Shooting stars will now last 40% longer
  • Did I wipe: Add Ecumenical key to Nex drop table
    • Different approach - ecumenical keys are now tradeable
  • PermTate: Allow God Wars dungeon pets to count as a Bandos/Armadyl etc item
    • All 4 godwars pets will now count towards the 4 item requirement for Bandosian Might, Armadylean Decree etc while following you
  • A moist nun: Add fragment presets
    • Added to our Preset Master - it will now save what fragments you have equipped with each preset you create/save, and load back what fragments you had equipped for that preset on load




End of the first Month of Vulcan: Reborn

Thank you to everyone for voting, supporting and playing the server over the past month. It's been incredible to grow Vulcan from Rank #25 in June 2022 launch to Rank #2 over the past 15 months. It started as a random idea to start a server with 0 programming experience and now it's a full time gig and seeing 500+ online everyday is as good as it gets.

I've added another OSGP Discord giveaway to celebrate and look forward to many more months of content and suggestions 🙂



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Strange to change ToA and ToB to become dangerous for HCIM 1 month after release, especially considering some HCIM has gotten multiple uniques from these places while it was a safe activity. Makes it extremely unfair for those not fortunate enough to have ToA/ToB purples yet.

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