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Update Log #11


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Misc changes / bugs

  • Masori max cape will now count as an Assembler correctly
  • Corrected Set effects not loading correctly when using new Presets to load them 
  • Corrected a recent change breaking Knife's Edge
  • Corrected Zalcano sending drops to bank in noted form from last patch
  • Increased the time players have to react to Baba's boulder attack in ToA
  • Corrected leagues interface stating Zamorak mage % boost is 50% for all 3 tiers (visual typo only)
  • Corrected PvP tournaments reverting to 24hr timer after their first one runs
  • Corrected revenant weapons not working in wild from a recent change
  • Fixed receiving a gambling request closing your interface while mid gamble/trade offer screen with somebody
  • Trivia questions will now state the correct answer when they've finished for future reference
  • Corrected last update's tornadoes consistency change to Gauntlet not also applying Corrupted Gauntlet
  • Chance for Verzik p2 solo to get 1 red crab vs 2 increased from 50% to 75%

Leviathan feedback/changes:

  • Re calculated how Leviathan delays work to react with Prayer. It will now be exactly as you'd expect with distances and  projectiles to make it easier for everybody to follow
  • As such after phase 5, it will no longer reset to phase 2 to match OSRS, (hopefully) forcing players to fight special attacks and not just perfectly pray switch
  • The Abyssal Pathfinder in the enrage phase now correctly moves through boulders if it finds itself stuck
  • Amount of permanent boulders that spawn near you during a boulder attack lowered from 3 to 2 to match OSRS
  • Added 1 more tick delay between each boulder during the rock special attack to allow for hit & move tactic
  • Corrected Lightning attack reading your live position vs last known position when the attack started. It is now possible to attack between lightning strikes correctly
  • I've included a quick guide below on how to fight Leviathan to save most of you the time:


Dt2 Bosses:

  • All have their own drop table now, with the supplies you get from each boss varying based on how long/hard the fight is
  • The uniques are most common in order of Leviathan -> Whisperer -> Vardorvis -> Duke to match above difficulty

Grand Exchange 'James' Pricing History

  • Updated all of the data for top 100 most traded items and top 100 most expensive items for the month of Sept
  • Overall I'm extremely happy with the current state of the economy. It's great to see such a large quantity of raw supplies being traded and the prices of items maintaining even with 500+ online consistently bringing drops into the game for over a month. (this includes me reviewing total number of items/gp etc in eco privately also)


Thanks, Xsj

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