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Update Log #12


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Misc Bugs/Changes

  • Corrected comp cape rack not showing complete on townboard favor category
  • Corrected comp cape rack showing 250 vs 500 clue scroll requirement
  • Corrected pkp streak going up by 2x per kill
  • Increased delay on pkp being able to be granted on the same player
  • Special discount now counts with Crystal harpoon
  • Corrected superior tracking rates being swapped between tier 1 & tier 3 
  • Corrected full gilded or trimmed wizard set task not working
  • Corrected multiple shooting stars spawning on top of each other bugging out
  • Corrected vetion's hellhounds respawning due to a hellhound slayer task
  • Enchanting crossbow bolts will no longer delete them if you have a full invent
  • Drops from Zalcano sent to bank now add to collection log
  • Corrected slayer store selling archaic vs esoteric emblem from bounty hunter
  • Dragon pickaxe (or) special attack now works
  • Adjusted when the Max Cape announcement gets triggered
  • All comp cape variants now count as an Ava's device
  • Corrected the 1,000 total level requirement not working correctly at ToB like CoX
  • Entering ToB will no longer grant a tiny amount of XP in Defence
  • Corrected bandosian might set effect sending message without the relic equipped (wasn't actually boosting damage)
  • Disabled being able to yell the message received for a pet drop
  • Corrected infernal max cape stats being overpowered
  • Fixed a ladder putting you out of bounds at Neitiznot
  • Verzik webs should no longer be able to delete the reward chest if killed during this attack


Player Made Suggestions

  • Icedember: Expand area of home where you can attune Sigils
    • Expanded to include north bank
  • Did I Wipe: Add ecumenical key drops to Nex
    • Done last update
  • mophides: Better starter kit
    • Updated the starter kit to match his suggestions (starting sigil box, starting relic etc)
  • X: Awakaner's orb drop rate for blood torva / awakened variants
    • As I'm planning to begin releasing these over the next week, I've updated the drop rates on the orb from 1/150-1/250 depending on the boss, to a flat 1/100 at each boss
  • Kelvo: Claim all bonds in inv at once
    • Added an option to claim all if you have more than 1 in your inventory
  • Chxpo_: More bank space
    • Lowered the cost of purchasing 200 extra bank slots from 1.5m to 100k per slot a bit ago
  • I Drink Spit: Strength 200m notification
    • Added a chat message when it procs in-game
  • Lewis: Add Jad slippers to the game
    • Added and bob the cat slippers via 'change-style' option - townboard shop
  • PermTate/X: Allow torva / blood torva to count as bandos item
    • Blood torva will count as a bandos item once released
  • Big Log Dog: Improve dt2 boss loot tables
    • This was done last update, it scales with kill time for each one now
  • Lewis: Brimstone chest change
    • Changed dragon leather to dragonhide
  • Kelvo: Reduce damage threshold for Nex
    • Lowered from 175 to 140 to be eligible for loot
  • Bearjewz: Make temple spiders auto-agro 
    • Done
  • Y: Skiling pet raw gp costs
    • After reviewing current economy, I've lowered the cost from 200m to 150m for skilling pets and Vetion from 500m to 200m
  • King K9: Give us raid rates
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