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Update Log #13


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Desert Treasure 2 (Awakened) versions

  • Awakener's Orbs are now available in the PvM store to assist with the large number that players will need for Blood (Sanguine) Torva
  • All 4 Desert Treasure 2 Bosses now have their awakened versions unlocked. You can now enter the regular room with an awakened orb to fight them - good luck, you'll need it
  • The drop tables for the Awakened variants provide the unique loot 3x more commonly, and the regular loot 10x what you'd normally receive
  • Upon killing all 4 awakened bosses, a server wide announcement will be made and you will receive the blood ornament kit x3 for a torva set
  • The first player to kill each awakened version will be given 25x mystery boxes (screenshot or video proof required)
  • The first person to kill all 4 will receive an additional 25 mystery boxes
  • As it is mostly for the torva set, I haven't added 4 new hiscore categories, but have tracked kill timers for the awakened variants





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