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Update Log #14


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Misc Changes / Fixes

  • Leviathan now has a longer delay to attack during the lightning phase
  • There is a longer delay before Vardorvis starts healing in awakened now
  • Corrected Superior kill tasks not being completable 
  • Corrected some league tasks requiring more combat achievements than are in-game to unlock
  • Added fill a bucket with compost task to the Leprechaun for those unable to do it
  • Added corporeal beast leagues kc tasks to Ghommal
  • Updated when Trailblazer boon unlocks
  • Updated when grown fruit tree task can be completed
  • Updated dig up some magic roots task
  • Corrected Ring of the gods (i) prayer bonus from 4 to 8
  • Updated Daeyalt essence task
  • Revenants now drop the crystals to make an Obelisk in your POH for the leagues task
  • Added elven signet to the vote store
  • Updated when lectern tasks unlock
  • Corrected Zebak attacking players in ToA ghost form (after they've died)
  • Comp Capes no longer act as ava's device but rather ava's assembler
  • Corrected Nex only dropping ecumenical keys to the MVP
  • Adjusted (again) when the Max cape announcement / task unlocks 
  • Lowered Max Cape's prayer bonus to match Comp Cape variants 
  • Items noted by amulet of avarice will now also go to collection log
  • Standardised the gauntlet tornado attack even further so it's more predictable
  • You should now have your stats/hp restored on kill of gauntlet/corrupted gauntlet
  • Corrected barrows not correctly draining your prayer if you're on the Ruinous book
  • Corrected make an extended super antifire potion task not unlocking
  • Corrected Dagannoth prime not dropping all skeletal items for the leagues task
  • Corrected Dagannoth rex not dropping all rock-shell for the leagues task
  • Corrected a trivia question about PvP worlds
  • Fixed Vardorvis pet being unobtainable (the other 3 dt2 bosses were fine)
  • Added a further 1 tick delay to Vardorvis' darting spike attack reactions
  • Removed the animation stall on all crossbow attacks / specials
  • Prayer no longer has to be enabled for 1 tick to be registered as on for flicking / reactions in PvM
    • This required a big internal change, so I'm hoping it hasn't impacted anything else

Updated James with the latest trading post data so the prices he displays are now as of today

Up next:

  • Halloween update + all player-made suggestions will be released early next week
  • Early November I'd like to release some of the trinkets from DMM Apocalypse 



Thanks, Xsj

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