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Update Log #16


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Misc. bug fixes / Content changes

  • The Halloween event has ended
  • Halloween masks are now permanently discontinued, and removed from the donation store
  • Corrected 200m range cape not counting as an assembler
  • Corrected 3a druidic robes not being sacrificiable at the fountain
  • Corrected the north lumbridge stairs putting you out of bounds (who uses the north?)
  • Vengeance will no longer stop running actions
  • Zuk pet earnt from gambling will now add to collection log
  • Cannon shots will no longer count as hits from PvP weapons to reduce charges
  • Completionist cape rack now shows 500 clue scrolls as the req in both text places
  • Mandrith at home for PK gamemodes can no longer bank items from his wild version
  • Bruma roots/kindling, tephra, mystery box scraps and amulet of avarice will now always be lost on death
  • Other player's phoenix pets will now have their opts hidden by the filter
  • Awakener's Orbs will no longer globally broadcast as a drop
  • Added light tuxedo & addy/rune dragon masks to their clue tables
  • Increased the cost of private instances from 800k to 1.5m
    • However, this cost is now reduced by 50% for Iron accounts
  • Corrected bounty teleport spell placing you inside walls at Rev caves
  • Ghommal can now check for missing leagues tasks related to combat diaries
  • (Hopefully) Corrected a bug with instances getting stuck / being unable to re-enter
    • If this is not fixed, please let me know what you've done exactly so I can re-produce it easier
  • DT2 Pets now have their options hidden by the pet options filter
  • Lowered the amount of time until fires deplete to ashes by 90%
  • Lowered the respawn timer on stalls in Mor Ul Rek from 10s to 3s
  • Corrected superior kill task not completing on all superior variants
  • Corrected rogue's in wilderness granting multiple coin pouches per thieve
  • Corrected a bug rarely allowing infinite prayer points
  • (Hopefully) Corrected a bug with dying as you exit revenant caves
  • Bonds can no longer be sold to Sigmund
  • Morrigans from the Tournament shop is now (broken) and requires Armadylean plates to fix
  • Added ::RaidRates back as an in-game command
  • Fixed a bug with Scythe on Aggressive counting as Stab vs Slash (75% less accurate)
  • You now have a chance to receive a scroll to choose your slayer task from Vote Chests
  • Added 50 new Trivia questions unrelated to OSRS (General Knowledge)
  • High level revenants and Wilderness bosses now drop mystery box scraps commonly
  • Drops received from the 4 new DT2 bosses will now also include the kill counts the item was received on in the world broadcast message

Drop table scaling

  • 3x Nex has been removed as a fountain roll
  • Nex MVP will still receive 2x loot
  • Nex's drop system will now scale based on the amount of players in the room, for example if the rare drops are 1/350, with 2 people in the room you will both roll 1/700. This means the drop rates are identical to solo or with 100 players
  • This system has also been implemented at Corporeal Beast and The Nightmare, with potential to expand to other bosses if needed (and successfully implemented here)

G.E History

  • Updated James' pricing data for the past 30 days of most commonly traded / highest priced items

New Fragment / Sigils

  • Living on a Prayer (Combat) - Reduces prayer drain by 1%, 3%, 6% based on tier 1 / 2 / 3
    • Mainly added for the set effects it provides, but I plan to release more of the locked ones next update
  • Sigil of the Food Master - provides a 20% chance for your food not to be consumed upon eating
  • Sigil of the Potion Master - provides a 20% chance for your potion not to be consumed upon drinking

Player Made Suggestions

  • Powder: Update Petinfo page to include misc pet drop rates
    • Page now shows drop rates on misc. pets like herbi/tempeross, barrows, rev etc
  • Benadryl: Boss KC tasks are too high (e.g 1,500 alch hydra, 1,000 dag kings etc)
    • Added a new boss KC scroll, granting 15 or 30 KC in a random boss to speed these tasks up (5 for Skotizo)
  • ReYimm: Ranger boots are too hard to obtain due to med clue rarity
    • Galvek now drops a random clue scroll at a rate of 1/3 to make them more consistent
    • Galvek will also drop Mimic caskets at a rate of 1/50
  • Benadyrl: Meta for obtaining clue scrolls 
    • Addressed above with Galvek changes
  • Soared9111/Swervo: Add Jugs of water to general store
    • Added regular jugs, which can be used with humidify spell for grape/wine making
  • Mophides: Make Larran keys tradeable
    • Done
  • Benadryl: Add a spinning wheel to the afk area
    • Done
  • Achieve: Add new slayer task monsters
    • Added the 4 new DT2 bosses as slayer tasks at 85+ Slayer (will not count on Awakened variants)
  • Icedember: Zaryte crossbow to count as an Armadyl item
    • Done
  • Rhys: 3A druidic can't be put in well
    • Fixed in the bugs section this update
  • Mophides: Add G.E History back to interface
    • This was disabled for performance reasons (responding as it had a lot of thumbs up)
  • Y: Skilling pet upgrade costs too high
    • Lowered a large amount of them & their associated costs (e.g. 200m -> 100m)
  • Yoho: Increase max hit at whisperer
    • Increased the cap to damage from 50 to 65
  • J Rich: Item hot keys within gauntlet / corrupted
    • You can now use key binds 1-9 to take items vs clicking the options manually
    • You will now also start with more vials on entry
  • Mormaii: Add the safe death scroll back
    • You can now purchase a safe death scroll from town board points or the donator store
    • Upon a death, you will simply be moved to Death's office, but no items will be unequipped and your inventory will not be rearranged/touched
    • This will also bypass the death's coffer cost
  • Soared1111: Make higher level revs drop more ether
    • Low tier revs will now drop 10 per kill on average, med 20 and high tier revs 30
  • Endurance: Remove some unrealistic task master tasks
    • Removed cannon, imbued heart sacrifice tasks
  • Benadryl: Add new XP drop setting for what you hit, but still gain full xp
    • After a lot of revision, this is now possible through a new XP toggle - you'll see 3 XP drops, 1 for the hit, and 2 for the actual XP you gained
  • SwogNation: Sigil overflow count show stored GP
    • The message when it removes 4m to cover your overflow will now also specify how much you have stored remaining
  • Itheyln: Change well contributions to ::voted instead of opening chests
    • Done
  • PermTate: Add a separate chest for every person in the raid so we know who's purple it is
    • I've elected not to spend development time on this (for now), but upon the ending of a raid, it will now specify in chat who's purple chest it is
    • The HP Hud overlay will now also close upon Verzik's death
  • Andreas: Add double drops scroll to donator store
    • Done
  • ReYimm: Raids/Gauntlet to give PvM Points
    • You'll now gain 50 per raid and 30 per gauntlet completed
  • X/Did I wipe: Raid rates buff (especially for Solo)
    • Completing ToB with less than 3 people scales to 3 people, so you will now roll loot as if it was a 3 man at 1, 2 and 3 party sizes
    • Soloing a ToA at >500 raid level, will now grant 50% more points than you would regularly earn (effectively making a 501 raid a (501*1.5=752) raid level for ::RaidRates)
  • Los Grimos: Tumekens accuracy needs a buff
    • Reviewed the accuracy boost formula and found it wasn't applying accuracy boost correctly (damage was applying just fine). Fixed now and compared to dps calculator to ensure it's accurate 
  • Lophius: Remove ruinous altar switch cost
    • Lowered from 500k to 250k (and thus 125k for irons)
  • Rhys: Null green damage ball at ToB if Verzik has died
    • Will no longer deal damage if she has died while it is in the air
  • C17: Volcanic Mine teleport animation for ::Home
    • ::Home will now use the fast teleport animation if you have it unlocked
  • ZeeFaa: Chat box message when obtaining a new collection log item
    • Added a filtered message so the C Engineer plugin will now work



Thanks, Xsj

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