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Update Log #17


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Misc Bugs / Changes

  • Removed toxic blowpipe sacrifice task from personal tasks
  • Potion master sigil is now tradeable
  • Removed an invisible NPC at rimmington docks
  • Renamed the death scroll now that we have 2 versions doing different things
  • Webweaver bow special at Leviathan (enranged) is now accurate
  • Added a protect value to Salve (ei)
  • Webweaver, ursine and accursed sceptre can now be dismantled for revenant ether
  • Amulet of avarice will now count as a Salve (ei)
  • Avarice skull should no longer deplete after 10 minutes
  • Check a grown Mahogany & Calquat tree tasks now also unlock from magic trees
  • Corrected combat stats for black demons / giants in catacombs
  • Corrected expert chompy hat task not unlocking
  • Corrected Callisto's magic attack taking effect a few hits later
  • Corrected some visual bugs with Callisto's attacks
  • Corrected Callisto's ranged attack never hitting above a 0
  • (Hopefully) Corrected thrall's bugging out the energy siphons in ToA
  • Corrected a task checking for 45 GM combat tasks when there's only 42
  • Defeat 1 superior creature task now unlocks correctly
  • PvP weapons & armour are now always lost on death in PvP scenarios (granting GP)
  • Lowered amount of GP received for killing players in breakable/untradeables  
  • Crystal implings can now rarely spawn in Puro / around the map for the task
  • Nex will once again drop x2 loot to the MVP of the kill


  • C17: Scrolls overlay timer
    • Added to the quest tab to show time remaining on all of your scrolls
  • C17: Allow $1 bonds to be sacrificed to the fountain
    • Done, granting 300k each and 3m towards the global fountain
  • Cydien: Trade in Boss Jars for PvM Points
    • Added
  • Verticle: Allow pures to do wilderness slayer
    • Lowered the combat requirement from 100 to 75
  • Ithelyn: Show when fountain was re-rolled and by who
    • Added broadcast when using a scroll
  • Ruins: Nullify damage when teleporting out of CG
    • Done
  • Loizos: Redwood trees
    • Redwood trees will now last 2x as long before depletion
  • Ithelyn + others: Nex drop changes
    • Below

Nex Drop Scaling / Changes

  • Ecumenical keys can now be purchased from PvM store
  • Nex drops will now become 25% more common for every player who contributes enough damage to the kill
  • Previously it was 1/77 to receive any unique from Nex as a solo
    • At 2 players, it doubled to 2/144
    • At 3 players, it tripled to 3/231 etc
  • With the above change, it will now be 1/77, 2/115, 3/173, 4/231 etc, effectively making it more likely to see an item the bigger the group is, but not severely discouraging small teams
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