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Update Log #19


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  • You will now have an 80% chance to receive bonds when voting, or receive 2m coins + (10k * your vote streak) if you roll the 20%
  • $1 Bonds are now untradeable
  • Updated James with the average price of items for this month

For clarity people have been seeking, there has been a massive influx of $1 bonds entering the game (look at James' top 100 most traded items - it's over 10,000 per month sold alone) and this is resulting in the only part of Vulcan that is not free (Donator perks) becoming also free (via the G.E and voting). This will mean for future content plans (i.e. Leagues 4) advertising, hosting, giveaway and development budgets all become much more limited and will not result in the best outcome for the server.

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