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Starter Guide for Quick Tier 4 Unlock - Leagues 4


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Disclaimer: Using ::vote and ::voted is a good way to get starting cash! If you do not have enough cash to purchase items during this guide wait until you finish step 17 then purchase your items!

Tasks to follow

1: Open the tasks and Relics task for the League.
2: Equip all items from starter kit, plus all items listed above you had to purchase.

3: Open the emote tab and use Uri Transformation and Explore emote.
4: Obtain a slayer task from Duradel.
5: Check your Slayer task Via enchanted gem.
6: do ::Home then run north and enter deaths domain.
7: Thiev stalls at home to 20 thieving then steal a silk.
8: Using teleporter teleport to tree gnome then use the spirit tree to gnome stronghold.
9: Run the gnome agility course until 10 agility.

10: teleport to Draynor and run 10 rooftop laps.
11: Teleport to Lumbridge and pickpocket a man.
12: Kill a goblin and bury its bones.
13: Complete your slayer task. (Bury all bones for 5 prayer, Drain all prayer points then restore at an altar.)
14: Teleport to Ferox Enclave.
15: Teleport to Vyrewatch sentinels and run south to pet Frank. (he is inside the fence behind the prayer altar near the 3 trees.)

16: Teleport to ancient Wyvern cave then exit through the tunnel.

17: Achieve 25 Magic (See next step for recommended place to train) and 50 thieving. Any method you would prefer is fine.
18: Kill the lesser demon in the wizards tower.
19: Using law runes in your spell-book teleport to Varrock.
20: Pickpocket a guard (if you didn't for the 50 thieving grind.)

21: Pet the stray dog near west bank.
22: Complete 10 Varrock rooftop laps.
23: Have Aubury teleport you to rune essence mine.
24: Kill a Green Dragon in wilderness and bury the bones. (Make sure you put 100k coins in the wilderness coffer, located north of combat dummies at home, to enter wilderness.)


At this point you should have achieved, or exceeded, the required 2000 points to unlock tier 1-4 on your trailblazer reloaded relics. Enjoy your combat style!
P.S. If you have any comments/suggestions to the guide feel free to comment below and/or message me in-game and I will get back to you.

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