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Update Log #20


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  • Fixed PvM points not being given for any npc kill
  • Corrected 2x XP scrolls being $20 vs $3 in store
  • Mystery boxes are now tradeable
  • Fixed a bug with burning multiple logs as Trickster
  • Fixed a bug with yell messages being marked as too short
  • Fixed a bug with nightmare zone reward points and league passive
  • Corrected equip slot for celestial ring
  • Fixed anti-d shield not working against dragonfire due to brawler's resolve
  • Disabled rolling the global loot table while in the Wilderness
  • Globetrotter pendant can now be used while equipped and in inventory
  • Globetrotter pendant can now be used to access the Vulcan teleporter remotely even if you're not a donator. It will charge a fee for use instead (mostly for Elite accounts)
  • Boosted stats should now increase as you level up with production prodigy (will passively restore like all stats)
  • Cry in wheat field task now unlocks at lumbridge and draynor wheat fields
  • Fixed knife's edge on leagues 3 not functioning since berserker was added
  • Giant mole now drops mole claw & skin for collection log completion
  • Zulrah now drops zul-andra teleport for collection log completion
  • Gauntlet now drops the gauntlet cape for collection log completio
  • Fixed 'restore 5 prayer points' requiring you to restore 6 for the task
  • Adjusted when the allotment patch task unlocks
  • Fixed cerberus boots being withdrawable as noted item
  • Endless harvest now grants 2x xp and 2x bruma roots at Wintertodt
  • Reduced speed of smelting/smithing without PP by 1 tick
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