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Update Log #21


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  • Fixed dragonfire from chromatic dragons ignoring anti shield
  • Corrected burn 100 yew logs task not unlocking
  • Corrected burn 200 redwood logs requiring 1 log
  • Fixed bloodthirsties requiring 80 slayer
  • Corrected get a task from konar not unlocking
  • Globetrotter now correctly takes you to Ferox Enclave
  • Specified on globetrotter the cost if you're not a donator
  • You can now cut the teak trees in prifddinas
  • Fixed 'disable spell filtering' button not working
  • Corrected the 'Completed' filter resetting everytime you re-open tasks interface
  • Decreased the chance of guard's spawning while skilling by 20%
  • Globetrotter will now remember any last-locations made from the teleporter
  • Corrected fletch 1,000 arrow shafts only completing if you do them 1 by 1
  • Brawler's resolve dealing a critical hit message is now filtered by chat filter
  • Fixed shortcut at grand exchange
  • Awakened DT2 bosses no longer roll the global loot table
  • Increased chance of receiving rare loot from all 3 raids
  • Fixed scurrius rock fall projectile playing at home if you tele'd out
  • Decreased stats and frequency of awakened nex special attacks
  • Fixed jad challenge still teleporting you outside of it after you've finished and logout later
  • Corrected leagues 3 giving incorrect amount of league pts / sages renown for some tiers of tasks
  • Corrected Vardorvis' head not removing when they should
  • Increased chance of blood shard pickpocket by 20%
  • Lowered the chance to hit the global drop table on all bosses by 40%
  • All vyrewatch npcs are now pickpocketable and grant correct xp/loot
  • All elves in prifddinas are now pickpocketable and grant correct xp/loot
  • Fishing spots in shilo village can now be used for Salmon
  • Added zoo keeper spawn to Ardougne zoo for clue step
  • Ruby harvests now count towards Catch a butterfly task
  • Corrected cancel / block slayer task buttons mapping incorrectly
  • Corrected not getting killcount at bryophyta / combat tasks not unlocking
  • Corrected some abyssal sire combat achievements
  • Corrected finish off general graardor with no minions alive task
  • Corrected equip a full gilded armour set task 
  • Corrected Dinh's bulwark being marked as a 7t weapon vs 5t
  • Entering sand crab island can no longer interrupt you with combat
  • Cut a cactus in the desert can now be completed with more than just (0) waterskin
  • Fixed wallbeast in lumbridge swamp caves
  • Harvest some sweetcorn now unlocks in prifddnas
  • Added a missing team-cape to general store for the task
  • Corrected druidic ritual not needing to be completed for herblore
  • Increased the amount of loot you can receive per clue scroll
  • Updated how the scythe uncharges with the new vial of blood requirement
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