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Update Log #22


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Misc changes / bug fixes

  • Corrected vardorvis speed time unlocking 100% of the time
  • Updated James' pricing history on the trading post sales
  • Increased price & quantity of mystery boxes in the vote store
  • Added a teleport to piscatoris fishing colony for a clue step
  • Fixed pickpocket 50 elves / vyrewatches not completing
  • Corrected vyrewatch pickpocket level from 85 to 82
  • Sage's axe now grants XP for the finishing blow it deals
  • Fixed bloodthirsty kurask bugging out
  • Bloodthirsty NPCs can no longer roll the global drop table instead of their own
  • In the final phase of the awakened nex fight, only 3/4 players will receive a tornado chasing them
  • Increased the chance of rolling the global clue scroll loot table by 20%
  • Awakened Nex now specifies in chat what each of the rolls you received were
  • Trailblazer tools now only work for those who have the relic (rip group irons)
  • Corrected equipping one god book granting task for equipping all of them
  • Trailblazer harpoon cooking fish now counts towards cook x fish tasks
  • You can now toggle on/off the trailblazer harpoon's auto cook feature
  • Endless harvest + trailblazer will not cook/smelt/burn the 2nd resource, this is intended
  • Mahogany trees in prifddinas are now chopable
  • Corrected last-destination not working on globetrotter from last patch
  • Corrected 'complete ardy diary' showing up instead of 'obtain a zalcano shard' task
  • Burn x logs will now count multiples done with trickster relic
  • Dart tips made with production prodigy will now give 10 extra vs 1 extra if the 25% hits
  • Adjusted when the craft 4 runes with 1 essence task unlocks
  • Thieving will now display a counter for each NPC and how many you've pickpocketd to show progress on pickpocket x tasks
  • Added a message in chat to specify when your chaos fanatic no ppot combat achievement progress increases
  • Probita requiring a fee to use pets now displays the warning through chat filter
  • Added missing spawn for Taxidermist in Morytania, charging gp to stuff a head for the league task
  • Added full graahk and a spottier cape to the general store as they're currently unobtainable for the league task
  • Fixed the double wintertodt damage scroll not publicly announcing through chat filter
  • Corrected chop 200/500 redwood log tasks giving 2x count per log
  • All log chopping will now send a filtered message specifying your current cut progress
  • Corrected soul stealer not ensuring your max hit is at least 10%
  • Warden phase 3 will no longer reset your combat when it sends siphons out, you will just deal no damage
  • Fixed Treasure Seeker not providing bonus clue scrolls while skilling. You will now receive them 5x faster than normal on Vulcan. PvM is untouched at 1/45 chance
  • Returned a lost cave horror in falador mine to his home
  • Fixed pickpocket 100 vyrewatch townboard task not unlocking since last pickpocket update
  • Bloodthirsty superiors will now spawn 25% of the time (vs 100%)
  • Bloodthirsty superiors will now award 10-20 slayer points depending on their combat level
  • A chat message will specify how many you've received
  • Bloodthirsty dust devils will no longer spawn a smoke devil superior
  • Bloodthirsty slayer superiors will now grant xp 
  • All elemental battlestaffs now count towards the leagues tasks
  • Players binding their Escape key to inventory/special will no longer have it unusable at ToB/ToA
  • Fixed the timer overlay in ToB being closed based on some settings
  • Fixed collection log interface breaking if you try to claim a reward for a finished log with a full inventory
  • Glassblowing is now 4x faster in line with production prodigy
  • Fruit tree seeds can now correctly be added to filled plant pots to make saplings
  • Soulreaper axe will no longer hit players while at 5 soul charges for a prolonged period of time
  • Equipping a (t4) amulet now counts towards the trimmed amulet task
  • Catch a butterfly task now unlocks for more butterflies
  • Burn x logs tasks now send a filtered message to show your progress
  • Catch x fish tasks now send a filtered message to show your progress
  • Corrected max vote streak granting +1 day per vote instead of half a day (since you can vote every 12 hours)
  • Corrected achieve 35m / 50m xp tasks not being triggered until you level up a skill
  • Fixed viggora's chainmace bugging out when charging it with ether
  • Teleporting to Priffdinas will now take you outside of the gate and require the stats of SOTE to enter
  • Corrected tumekens shadow having unlimited charges when running out
  • Mark of grace will now unlock on collection log when received from rooftops
  • Corrected being unable to fully enter some abyss shortcuts while in combat
  • Slayer dart can now be cast on leaf-bladed monsters
  • You can now autocast slayer dart & crumble undead with the slayer staff
  • Endless harvest now sends pure & dark essence directly to the bank
  • Endless harvest now sends an additional pure & dark essence to the bank for you
  • Bot prevention guard is now enabled at pure/dark essence
  • All ranged weapons now correctly roll the 10% chance to hit a 2nd time with archer's embrace
  • Rocky pet perk can now roll with trickster relic. Reduced 10x rolls to 6x rolls for leagues 4 accounts with this perk.
  • Added tzhaar-ket-em maul to the shop outside of fight caves
  • Fletch 200 magic longbows no longer completes for doing shortbows
  • Zalcano will no longer proc endless harvest / donator extra ore / infernal pick smelting
  • Herb drops from the global loot table are now noted
  • Lowered the price of phoenix necklace in general store
  • Nobody has read this far and I'm very hungry
  • Added a stew to the general store for the task
  • Cyclops can now only drop defenders in the guild/basement
  • Cyclops dropping defenders will automatically go to your inventory
  • Eternal gems can now be converted into eternal slayer ring for the task
  • Using a bucket of water on flour now creates a pizza base, ready for pineapple slices
  • Corrected dt2 boss speed tasks not unlocking (may need to open CA diary)
  • Added Vials of blood to the exchange point shop
  • Corrected Scurrius novice / Bryophyta kc tasks not unlocking (may need to open CA diary)
  • You can now use an unf bullseye lantern on a lens and light it with a tinerbox for the task
  • Moved the portal next to the mining bank to inside the bank so you don't know which one you're clicking
  • Corrected Archer's embrace and Superior sorcerer's accuracy boost applying after the hit was already calculated
  • Planting snape grass seeds now yields snape grass and doesn't turn into watermelons
  • The lecturn on lunar isle now assists with creating tablets for league tasks
  • All talismans not proc the locate a runecrafting altar task
  • Fixed collect 30/50 unique hard clue rewards not unlocking
  • Corrected a bug with breach justiciar mage getting you locked when pulling you
  • Added mithril & adamant scimitars to melee shop
  • Disable cannon usage at maniacal monkey caves
  • (Hopefully) resolved tournament points granting multiple times for participation
  • Added 3 toggles to the quest tab for undying retribution, soul stealer and endless harvest
  • Elite Ironmen can now use ::yell when they reach max total level
  • Attempting to click the teleporter to exit a raid will no longer instantly exit the raid. You will receive a dialogue confirmation prompt. RIP any HCIM that this impacts.

Raid Loot Buff

  • The amount of base loot you can receive from each raid has been tripled (e.g. 2500 max death runes is now 7,500 max deaths)
  • The amount of base coins has been multiplied by 10x (e.g. 250k-250k from ToA is now 250k-2.5m)
  • ToB can now also drop 250k-2.5m if you don't roll a purple
  • Completing a Tombs of Amascut above level 800 invocations will now award 3x points towards a purple

Theatre of Blood changes

  • Removed the party cap size of 5, you can now raid with up to 8 party members
  • The bosses' hp will slightly scale up to account for extra party members
  • If sotetseg starts a maze, the red energy ball will not deal damage
  • Sotetseg's maze will now deal less constant damage to the player in the maze (1-3)
  • Sotetseg's floor tiles will damage faster to players who stand off the path in his room
  • If the shadow realm target steps on the incorrect tile, all party members will now be damaged
  • Corrected Sotetseg's defence doubling incorrectly after the first hit
  • The wave attack from Zebak now covers wall to wall at Verzik p3, and throws 2 rows at a time to make skipping more difficult. As such the raid invocation modifier has been increased a lot
  • The ToB overlay has been integrated with the ToA overlay, displaying the raid level (invocations), 8 party members (over the regular 5 cap) and the timer (instead of a little countdown in the corner for custom invocations)
  • Verzik no longer scales to a minimum of 3 people and can scale down to 1/2 man teams, but the regular boss rooms will remain with a base hp (as most of them don't scale based on party size normally)



Combat Achievements / Rewards

  • Now utilises the point system for all tiers, requiring:
    •  35 points for Easy
    •  119 points for Medium
    •  305 points for Hard
    •  777 points for Elite
    •  1,387 points for Master
    •  1,891 points for Grand Master
  • The tiers will now display in your combat diary interface, with points until next unlock



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