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Update Log #23


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  • Increased the invocation level for all ToB invocations by 50-100%. This means youre much more likely to receive a purple the higher the raid level, similar to ToA
  • Corrected a bug with theatre of blood (hard mode) not providing loot chests
  • Master clue scrolls done manually now count towards town board
  • Fixed Zulrah's die to vengeance combat achievement not proccing
  • Corrected infernal harpoon granting 2x fishing xp+1x cooking vs 1x of both
  • Corrected mithril seeds getting you stuck if you use them as you die
  • Zuk pet will now correctly add to the collection log
  • Corrected combat achievement - speed tasks for dt2 bosses not unlocking
  • Corrected Dinh's bulwark sending messages of being unable to attack pets
  • Undying retribution will now work in the following way:
    • It will no longer require the kill hit to be from an npc
    • It will not work via self inflicted damage though: rock cake / divine pots
    • It will function 100% of the time otherwise
  • Brawler's resolve now protects you from the floor damage at Mount Karuulm
  • Brawler's resolve now protects as a wyvern shield at ancient wyverns
  • Updated bounds of multi area in demonic gorillas
  • Corrected loot a dragonstone from the rogues castle chest not unlocking
  • Corrected 'no time for a drink' combat diary challenge being bugged 90% of attempts
  • Fixed catch a snowy knight task breaking since last butterfly patch
  • Lowered the price of bolts / darts and others in the exchange shop
  • Updated when skotizo checks for kc tasks / on opening of diary interf
  • Fixed lantern lens on bullseye automatically lighting for task
  • Correct dusk's range attack ignoring defence bonus
  • Corrected Phantom Muspah's speed kill count tasks having incorrect time to beat
  • Fixed escape key bugging in Gauntlet similar to ToA/ToB
  • Corrected water surge/wave not being affected by tome of water like other water spells
  • Fixed mix 100 divine ranging potions not working
  • Templ spiders now drop red spider eggs
  • Added a placeholder for cerberus boots
  • Making unf bolts now grants 10 extra with production prodigy
  • Corrected Kalphite queen getting stuck dying due to the vengeance combat achievement
  • Stew on draynor bank guard now works on jail guards also
  • Trickster will now grant 100% catch chance on implings as well
  • Superior sorcerer now applies 20% magic damage boost in all scenarios
  • Increased chance of seeing a superior with bloodthirsty relic by 30%
  • Corrected soul stealer dealing a minimum of 10% of max hit as damage even when you failed the accuracy check (thus making magic splashes deal damage)
  • Corrected a bug with dinhs bulwark rarely providing a falador massacre scenario on other players


24 Hours from this update I will implement all #Suggestions made, including rune/ammo saving for L4 relics, greedy gatherer on L3 and others. Be sure to put yours in if you'd like it reviewed in this weeks batch.

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