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2.0 Speedy Starter Guide For Quick 2,000+ point Tier 4 - Leagues 4


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This guide will take you approximately 30-35 minutes to get to Tier 4, which is HUGE


Starting this one off saying SHOUTOUT TO Levi for the starter guide on ::Topic 368 , I used a lot of his tasks here, and made a better approach to all of the new tasks added prior to his guide

As Levi listed in his guide, 

This guide will be a simple list. This list will exclude anything donatable/transferable for easy points and will only consist of tasks easily completable on any account regardless of donator status. The goal of this list is to help achieve tier 4 (your relic for combat style) quickly. Please feel free to follow as closely, or as loosely, as you would like. 
You can but do not have to; Starting new, use ::vote for a free 500k and starter items

We will not be including this cash in the beginning of this  guide for new player / alt accounts sake.


Watch for *RED* tasks as NPCS are aggressive and you can die if not cautious!

If you are a realism account you may have to repeat some of these tasks as you need the level requirements to complete tasks that may follow.

1. Open the Leagues Menu via quest tab (20 Points)

2. Open Emotes tab, and do "Uri Transformation" and "Explore" (400 Points)
3. Equip the elemental staff and mith gloves you spawned with (20 Points)
4. Bank everything and take out the 25k, and head south to the theiving stalls
5. Stay here until you have 20 thieving, then thieve banana stall (50 Points total)
6. You should now have 30k+ Gold saved up, head Northwest to the shops, open shopkeepers store and buy an Unholy Godbook from the magic shop and EQUIP it (200 Points)
7. Teleport to Lunar Isle; Run into bank and use it, then run west into the long building, and use the lectern there (410 Points)
8. Teleport home (10 Points)
9. Run north into "Deaths Domain" (10 Points)
10. Run west and Get a Slayer task from duradel (10 Points)
11. Use the Vulcan teleporter to: Tree gnome; exit the gate, then follow elkoy back inside: then use spirit tree to gnome stronghold (210 Points)


At this point you should be at 1380 Points.
You should be able to pick your first 3 Relics of your choice,  As you unlock relics you are rewarded EXPERIENCE MULTIPLIERS  per relic unlock (can be seen under Relics>Relic>Passive effect:

12. Run the Gnome Agility course until 10 agility (10 Points)

13. Teleport home and pick pocket your best stall until 30 thieving (bank the cake)  (40 Points)

14. Teleport to Draynor and run 10 rooftop laps BORING but you got this, be sure you are at 30 agility before you leave (60 points)

15. Teleport home, bank everything and Take out and equip Mith gloves, Monk robes, Unholy book5 cakes and Cash; Go to shops and buy 1 stamina pot (need for lot of running coming up), 300 mind runes, a Staff of air, Iron axe, Knife, Hammer, Bucket, Pot, Tinderbox, Net, Iron Pickaxe, Team cape, Stew and a Bullseye lantern)
Bank the Net, hammer, pickaxe, Stew-  then Light the lantern with tinderbox and drop the lit lantern, Equip team cape, Equip staff of air, then teleport to Training>Cows & Goblins              
(90 Points)

16. Cut the trees when you spawn in Lumbridge and fletch arrow shafts until 5 fletch (30 Points)

17. Kill a goblin with the magic you brought and bury it's bones (mage levels needed for early point tasks) (20 Points)

18. Milk a cow  (10 Points) 

19. Kill 3 cows and loot the cowhide, beef, and bury the bones then cut a tree, light a fire, and and burn the beef (30 Points)

It is okay if you do not burn the beef, you can burn a different type of food later.

Finish your Slayer task Durial gave you (should be cows or goblins) Whichever it is.  Bury all the bones from the kills, heal with cakes as needed.

TIP: If you get goblins as task, loot the "Chefs Hat" and the "Air Talisman" For additional points; entering cooks guild and locating altar with Right Click Talisman> Locate 

20.  Put any prayers on and let your prayer drain while you run to Lumbridge church; while prayer is draining pick pocket men near the church as your prayers drain (10 Points)

21. Once you have drained at least 5 points, Run into the church and use altar (10 Points)

22. Run to the grave yard and dance (10 Points)

23. *Aggressive NPCS level 23* Run to the H.A.M Hideout and pick the lock on the trap door, go down and pickpocket a ham member (run away from aggressive HAM guards) northeastern cave where a fire is lit usually is best place to do this (10 Points)

24. Exit the Hideout and run NORTH toward the wheat patch, first, fill your pot with wheat by using the wheat on the pot, secondlyCRY in the wheat field, next, Head southwest to the potato field indicated with dirt and 1 single tree in it across from wheat farm (you can see it on the minimap)                                                                                                                                  Cut the tree in that potato field  (30 points)

25. Teleport home, bank everything take out 10 lobster, 100 mind runes, and then,  go buy 50 chaos runes, 200 fire runes

26. Teleport home

27. Teleport to Ancient Wyvern cave (search via Vulcan Teleporter)  - Then exit through the tunnel (10 Points)

28. Teleport home then teleport to "Vyrewatch Sentinels
*BE CAREFUL* as they are aggressive and can max 12. spam lobsters as you do the step below. 
Run south and pet "Frank". (he is inside the fence behind the prayer altar near the 3 trees.) (40 Points)

Teleport home

29. Teleport to Burthorpe and run EAST into the slayer house to "Get a task from Turael" then teleport home (10 Points)

30. Bank everything and get 40 thieving whichever way is fastest for you (40 Points)

Before you do step 31, run into the building at home and rejuvenate your run energy via the pool of rejuvenation
Take out Mage gear and Runes and 5 food to safely safespot kill a varrock guard on the step below

Teleport to Varrock
31. Pet the stray dog near west bank (10 Points)

32. Pickpocket a guard (40 Points)

33. Kill the guard with fence safespot (10 Points)

34. Run to Varrock east bank, and steal some tea from stall behind bank (10 Points)

35. Talk to Aubury to teleport to rune essence mining place then teleport home (10 Points)

Teleport to Skilling>Fishing area
36. Bank everything and take out your net, Catch 20 shrimp and teleport to home> lumbridge (10 Points)
37. Use fish on range in lumbridge kitchen *Try to cook at least 5* (30 Points) if you don't get the cook 5 successful task, try to redo step 36.


Teleport home and bank all, take out  a cowhide, coins, stew then teleport to al kharid
38. Tan hide (soft leather) (10 Points)


39. Teleport home grab your stew from bank and then teleport to Draynor, use stew on "bank guard" roaming outside of draynor bank (10 Points) 

40. Grab mage gear (50 chaos runes and all the mind runes you have banked just incase you run out) and run to wizard tower and kill the lesser demon (10 Points)

41. If you are 41 magic, buy a death rune and cast "Wind Blast" for 40 FREE Points


This last one is not needed for the combat relic but it is free.

You should have the combat relic T4 unlocked, (Timer: 32 Minutes and 15 Seconds.)

the steps below are just for free easy points🥳
Complete 10 Varrock Rooftop Laps; BORING AGAIN but free 50 points (50 Points)

42. *Scorpions are aggressive here be careful if still low hp*

-Teleport home and bank everything, then grab your pickaxe and teleport to Motherload mine.

-Mine 14 tin and 14 copper in the fally mine area you spawn at (10 Points)

Teleport home>Mining Area

43. Smelt ore into bronze bars (10 Points)

44. Mine 20 Iron ore (10 Points)

45. Take out hammer from bank and smelt 150 iron arrow tips (10 bars)   (10 Points)

Bank everything

46. Mine until you get the "mine 50 iron" achievement (40 Points) - 80 if you get a clue geode

47. Mine 30 coal and smith 15 steel bars (10 Points)

48. Smith a steel med helm and wear it (10 points)

49. Save up 1M Coins and teleport to Skills>Construction Area and buy a house

50. Build a Parlor: and construct a chair and sit in it (200 Points)

51. After that, attempt to build a "Achievement Gallery" (80 Points)

You could from this point go on to getting 50 Firemaking and starting Wintertodt. It is very chill on this server, and you can get some HUGE gains (cash, items, and levels) early on to boost you up to the next relic. GOOD LUCK GAMER!

At this point in the guide you should be well over the 2,000 point mark for the COMBAT Relic
This guide is just to help you get there, from that point on, you can choose whichever relic you want that fits your playstyle. No relic is "better," as it all depends on how you like to play. Each relic can be good respectively if the gear matches it.
Relics can be swapped out, check out ::scrolls ingame and look under the reset relic scrolls (can be earned with points in game as well as donated for)

Hope you guys enjoyed and feel free to add any more easy tips/tasks below!!! 



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