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Update Log #24


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Spent majority of today completing server maintenance for stability, as a result of this taking 6 hours instead of expected ~2, and the bugs reported below, I have pushed the #Suggestions update until tomorrow (24 hours from this update)


  • Any ToA raid done at level 900 or above with any team size will now grant 3x point rolls, replacing the old 500/800 solo raid boost
  • Berserker will now increase damage against the core in ToA based on your lowered hp
  • Tumekens shadow now displays your mage accuracy boost visually in the equipment interface
  • Tumekens shadow now displays your mage damage boost visually in the equipment interface
  • As a reminder on Vulcan due to the difficulty of Virtus, it has slightly buffed stats over Ancestral
  • Fishing with endless harvest + infernal harpoon now correctly grants fish + 20% cook xp
  • Scurrius can no longer attack outside of his room bounds
  • Removed justiciar from breaches
  • Updated when abyssal sire proc's combat diary tasks
  • Your accuracy is now 100% on your first magic hit when using berserker to prevent 'splashing' but still dealing damage
  • A combat achievement related to tekton will now auto-complete when CoX is done once as it was not intended to be left in for launch
  • Fight caves speed-runner task now works with corrected time
  • Trailblazer pickaxe with auto-smelt disabled will now send the 2nd ore to the bank instead of inventory
  • Corrected statius warhammer attacking at 6t vs 5t
  • Corrected Sotetseg dealing damage to the party for the shadow realm target stepping off the correct path at the end when they have to exit the white portal
  • Thralls will now attack with their respective style vs typeless damage (for Nylocas room in ToB)
  • Increased chance of pyromancer taking damage for the combat task
  • Phials in Rimmington can now open the bank for you
  • Smithing items made without inventory space will now drop to the floor
  • Corrected XP drop from sheep shearer awarding less than intended
  • Added a placeholder for amulet of blood torture
  • It is now possible to roll a bird's nest drop with trailblazer axe equipped
  • Corrected not being given the sage's axe in the gauntlet like the guardian thrall
  • Corrected treasure seeker never finding Easy clue scrolls and the weightings of clues
  • Added defence & ranged requirements to red d'hide (g) and (t)
  • You can now attack aviansies with autocast magic spells
  • Logs cut by the trailblazer axe and burnt will now count towards the burn x log tasks, sending a message in chat to track progress
  • Added a warning message that indicates if 24 hours passed between you claiming your votes via ::voted. If you trigger this, you will be given 1 warning and an additional 24 hours before your vote streak is fully reset now.

Note: You must ::voted in-game to add another 24 hours, not just vote on the website.

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