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Update Log #25


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Misc bugs/changes

  • Brawler's resolve now protects against Icy Breath from Skeletal wyverns
  • Clue scrolls dropped by NPCs with treasure seeker will again be turned into scroll boxes (stackable) if you have it unlocked
  • Corrected thrall dealing invalid damage at hespori, vorkath and verzik p3
  • Corrected gauntlet/cg speed tasks unlocking when you havent attempted them
  • Corrected Farmer's fortune not gathering all produce from flower patches at once
  • Corrected the order of calculations for damage boost with berserker / on core at ToA. Now set to berserker hp boost -> max damage if npc is full hp -> 20% boost on top if using superior sorcerer
  • Corrected tumeken's shadow boosting regular spells damage vs just inbuilt spell
  • Added ancient ceremonial armour and warped sceptre to nex minion drop table for collection log
  • Thrall damage will no longer kick you of combat with an npc from last update
  • Increased chance of bloodthirsty superior spawning from 1/4 to 3/4 when a regular superior spawns
  • Added missing superior marble gargoyle & bloodthirsty gargoyle
  • Bryophyta now drops essence required for collection log
  • Lowered the range at which broyphyta spawns can spawn away from him to avoid getting stuck
  • Corrected ensouled tzhaar head being 1/2 drop -> 1/6 drop (for bonecrusher xp)
  • Moss giant now has 120 hp within nightmare zone
  • Corrected gargoyles getting stuck mid smash if you change targets
  • Corrected zilyanna getting stuck dying in specific cases
  • Trickster relic now grants 2x chin xp catch correctly
  • Fixed pickpocket option being hidden on menophites for 50 pickpocket task
  • Phoenix pet recolors now have their options hidden by the pet filter
  • ToA's completed at 900+ now grant 4x points (was meant to be 3x but i'm happy to leave it in as 4x).  Completion at 6 man parties or higher will result in a 100% purple chance.
  • ToA no longer grants +100% chance at a purple via fountain, corrected to +50%
  • Corrected collection log counting incorrect progress on hiscores / some pages. It will now auto re-calculate on hiscores/in-game for all
  • Undying retribution will no longer restore boosted stats down when you proc it
  • Bloodvelds no longer spawn bloodthirsty nechryaels incorrectly
  • Bloodthirsty & regular superior spawn message will no longer be filtered out by the chat filter
  • Superior spawn rate now specifies it is 1/35 vs 1/25 on bloodthirsty relic
  • Corrected skotizo 5 kc combat task not unlocking
  • Corrected cerberus mitigate 6 souls not always unlocking
  • Exhumes at Xarpus now take 2.5x longer to start sending splats to Xarpus for healing
  • Corrected grandmaster speed tasks for all 4 dt2 bosses requiring the awakened version incorrectly
  • You can now purchase the trailblazer reloaded vengeance scroll from the exchange shop, changing your vengeance graphic to the trailblazer reloaded version
  • Updated James' pricing



Suggestions / Additions added

  • Tokey - Add Elves thieving drop table
    • Added
  • Cunt Crusher - Ability to toggle on/off the auto prayer regeneration for torva + donators
    • Added as ::regenPrayer toggle
  • Potsbaby - Buff clue drops / fix treasure hunter
    • Added last update
  • Deadmen - Add regular restore potion to general store
    • Added
  • Splyad77 - Add a delay after the warden phase 2 does its animation vs the attack comes out
    • Added a delay to let the animation finish before the projectile comes at you
    • Adjusted the projectile timing on arcane specials
  • Splayd77 - Imporve base ToA loot
    • Increased max reward by 3x
    • Increased raw gp reward by 10x
    • Completed the same as ToB last update
  • Juice Wrld - Disable cannon at maniacal monkies
    • Done
  • Sainty - Add a cooldown for pillory guard when skilling
    • The rates were adjusted until people weren't mentioning it as often. It is currently at ~1/600
  • Ursine - Add secondaries for herblore to a shop
    • I don't believe everything should be obtainable instantly so this will remain unchanged as there's plenty of ways to obtain these
  • Benadryl/Fuzz- Change how god wars instances are restricted behind Hard combat diary
    • The cost to create all instances will now scale based on how far into the combat achievements you are, and GWD will not be locked behind hard combat diary
    • The costs of these instances range from 1.5m to 4m. Iron accounts have this cost halved
      • None completed - 2x cost
      • Easy - 1.50x cost
      • Medium - 1.25x cost
      • Hard - 0.95x cost
      • Elite - 0.75x cost
      • Master - 0.5x cost
      • Grand Master - 0.1x cost
  • Taskmaster - L4 only hiscores
    • I believe this will solve itself with a couple of weeks of gameplay, but I will explore adding this when the bugs slow down
  • Red - Reduce cost of phoenix necklaces
    • Reduced from 250k to 40k each
  • L - Add missing tzhaar weaponry to the shop for tasks
    • Added 3 weapons for equip point tasks
  • Scarf Cat - Way for Elite accounts who cannot donate to reduce last recall cooldown
    • Elite irons will now have a 3min cooldown when they reach 2,100 total level
    • Elite irons can now use ::yell when they reach 2,100 total level
    • Elite irons can now access 4 presets instead of 2 with 2,100 total level
  • Powder - Add a way for alchs to be completed quicker
    • The fountain of rune no longer requires any runes to cast the spell when nearby
    • You can now alchemise up to 30 items at once at the fountain of rune in the wilderness
    • The amount of items you alch depends on how much of the combat diary you have completed
      • Grand master - 30 alchs
      • Master - 27 alchs
      • Elite - 24 alchs
      • Hard - 21 alchs
      • Medium - 18 alchs
      • Easy - 15 alchs
      • No tiers complete - 12 alchs
  • Benjamin - Combat achievements to use points instead of tiers
    • Added last update
  • Hercules - Re locate the portal at the mining area
    • Done last update
  • Friction - Increase availability of vials of blood for scythe
    • Added 3x drops of this and decreased the price in the exchange shop
  • Kelvo - Imbued heart cooldown to reset on death
    • Imbued & saturdated will now reset on death
  • Tokey - Label which scrolls are tradeable / untradeable from the exchange shop
    • Added a (t) and (ut) to all of the scrolls to specify status
  • Aktheplugs - Exchange shop pricing
    • Lowered the price of consumables like bolts and other items
  • Friction - GOTR outfit to grant 2x runes
    • While runecrafting, you now roll a chance to find a random robe piece
    • While wearing 4 of the robe pieces from GOTR, you will receive 2x runes while runecrafting
  • Akrilium - Herbsack to automatically pickup unnoted herbs
    • Slightly different approach, auto collect herb scroll added to scroll shop
    • Will automatically collect dropped herbs whether noted or unnoted
    • Will stack with donator perk that notes the herb, scroll picks it up afterwards
  • Benjamin - Allow us to convert the 10m OSGP scroll into a mystery box
    • Added an option, will prompt for confirmation to avoid accidents *will take until next restart to be enabled
  • Deadman - Increase quantities dropped by global loot table
    • Increased by 2-6x on some categories
    • To clarify for all, when people can 1 hit hellhounds or kill bosses in 3 hits, the point of this drop table is to decrease rare items entering the game without dropping nothing/pure junk. The positive is it does make some slayer tasks actually worthwhile, but please stop suggesting to exclude bosses from this, that is the entire point it exists
  • Calib101Add a toggleable option to turn off the 8k cost notification on globetrotter
    • This is annoying on purpose
  • Bonquiqui - Add redberries to re colour Rocky pet
    • Added redberries & poison ivy berries to recolor Rocky
    • He can be reverted with white berries or a cleaning cloth, all found in the general store
  • Benjamin - increase kraken task weighting from slayer
    • Increased Kraken task weight by 40%
  • Goomy - Buff skilling shop boxes
    • Reduced their price by 40% instead
  • Taskmaster - Add range ammo / magic rune saving with l4 combat relics
    • Added a 15% chance to save ammo, charges and runes while casting spells. This remains in line with Leagues 3 having a 9% chance to save
    • This can stack with ghommal's lucky penny, which also saves 5-10% of charges on weapons

Pending next update:

  • Itzpennywise - Leagues 3 greedy gatherer
    • When you have the set effect enabled the following will occur
      • 2 Fragments - 2x woodcutting, mining, fishing and farming resources
      • 3 Fragments - 50% chance to receive 3x of the above, if not 2x

Over the coming week I want to explore enabling relics to work in the wilderness. This will be a big job and I won't commit to it definitely being added, but I will try my best to get this working except in PvP.

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