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Update Log #26


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  • Ziggy & Rocky will now count as Skilling pets (not boss)
  • OSGP scroll can now use the 'redeem' option added last update
  • Your combat diary now re-calculates your tier for the fountain of rune upon opening rewards interface
  • Corrected overloads in nmz
  • Fountain scroll is no longer usable on the fountain and must be clicked to activate
  • All bloodthirsty mobs now utilise their individual combat (gargoyles fight like gargoyles, nechs like nechs etc)
  • All variants of bloodvelds in slayer tower can now spawn superiors correctly
  • Menaphite thugs are no longer aggressive to low levels
  • Updated when deranged archeologist combat tasks check
  • Making arrowtips with production prodigy now grants 15 extra vs 1
  • Saturated heart is now tradeable
  • Damage from lightning skulls now hits 1 tick slower in ToA
  • Removed dwarf in falador mine that shares a name with a pickpocketable elf in prif
  • Corrected when equip a dragon weapon unlocks
  • Corrected trickster not giving 2x hunter xp on box traps
  • Corrected box traps giving 0 xp if you dont have trickster from last update
  • Corrected galvek speed trialist requiring 3 second kill vs 3min
  • Corrected special master not granting 100% accuracy on some multi-hit weapons like DDS and crystal halberd
  • Corrected a bug with claiming bonds from votes
  • Slayer helms from combat achievements now also act as face mask in smoke dungeon
  • Completing a scaled CoX raid now unlocks dust seeker CA
  • Corrected sarahcnis 2x range attack CA
  • Verzik crabs now correctly pop at a distance, was incorrect due to the crab invocation update
  • Enabled Greedy Gatherer on leagues 3, 100% chance at double resources, 25% chance at triple resources from mining, fishing and woodcutting
  • Greedy gatherer's additional resources can be proc'd by personal banker to automatically go to your bank instead of inventory
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