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Update log #27


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  • Absolutely insane to see over 740 players online at some stages throughout the weekend, this has beaten our Leagues 3 all time record by over 150 players


  • Congratulations to the winners of this week's speed running competition at Zulrah, please open a support ticket to claim your bonds from an admin
  • The following weekend will be rotated to Vorkath



Weekend Event - 16th of March

  • Beginning at mid day (12:00) server time on Saturday, all fountain boosts will be activated
  • These boosts will last for 24 hours, ending 11:59am Sunday
  • The fountain will then revert to requiring donations and rolling random bonuses


Nex / Awakened Nex / CoX

  • Increased Nex & Awakened Nex's chance to roll a rare by 35%
  • Decreased minimum damage from 140 to 80 to be eligible for a drop
  • You can now return whenever you'd like to the awakened nex event
  • Removed the restriction on remote banking at awakened nex event
  • Increased the duration from 15 minutes to 25 minutes
  • Increased chance at a purple from CoX by 20%

Misc Bugs / Fixes


  • Saturated heart is now tradeable
  • Corrected Duke's cold feet combat achievement
  • Uncharging a full trident now returns runes like partially used tridents
  • Corrected bloodthirsty nechryaels being counted as bloodthirsty turoths due to a typo
  • Herb sack scroll now auto loots clean herbs in addition to grimy
  • Marble and bloodthirsty gargoyles can now be smashed by the hammer correctly
  • Corrected gauntlet & corrupted speed chaser/runner task timers being off
  • Corrected PvM point gambling giving 3x when it says it doubled
  • Corrected combat achievements not providing the below rewards automatically due to a typo:
    • Tztok / vampyric / tzkal slayer helmets
    • Ghommals hilt with teleport options
    • Ghommals lucky penny
  • Added missing tablets to dt2 bosses for collection log completion
  • Energy balls shot as the Obelisk dies in ToA will no longer deal damage
  • Corrected shayzien soliders (tier 1-5) showing talk-to vs attack option
  • Corrected archer's embrace not saving bofa charges like the melee does for saeldors
  • Corrected name of partial rank scroll to (ut) as it's untradeable
  • Greedy gatherer 2x/3x resources now stack with Molten miner and personal banker correctly
  • Greedy gatherer now grants 2-3x bruma roots at wintertodt
  • Corrected Zealot's mask removing your face and not granting +1 prayer
  • Corrected +8 boost on stats on leagues 3 not updating on all skills 100% of the time
  • Corrected Rocky pet perk not applying if you metamorphed it into Ziggy/Red
  • Regular loot rolled by ToA now also adds to the collection log (cache of runes)
  • Added missing light tuxedo to clue drop table viewer (could already receive it though)
  • Corrected Treasure seeker stating it found a clue for you in extremely rare cases where you didn't have treasure seeker (message bug only)
  • Corrected Zulrah & KQ being unable to die to a final hit of vengeance for the CA task
  • Chaos Fanatic CA tasks are now checked when you open the interface
  • You can now opt to kill the Abyssal Sire on an abby demon task
  • Corrected the 10% chance to fire a 2nd bolt not proccing on ZCB special attacks on L4 (worked on L3)
  • Absorption potions drank in nmz will now follow the break vials toggle
  • Corrected make an extended antifire potion task not unlocking
  • Corrected Awakened Nex's final countdown overlay disabling Escape key
  • Corrected Nex not announcing ZCB drop if you receive it as the MVP of the kill
  • Galvek CA speed-trailist now checks when you open the CA interface if it hasn't unlocked already
  • Crystalline & Corrupted hunleff will now wait 1t longer before stomping if you're under them
  • Corrected Crystal implings taking up rare spawn spots at puro puro but not freeing them up if caught
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