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Update Log #28


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Misc bugs / fixes

  • Added chat message that specifies exact time down to seconds you last voted, and exact seconds you've currently voted at with a difference calculation if your streak is being warned as it would've reset or is actively being reset


  • Corrected clues not being turned into scroll boxes if you had Treasure seeker but not trickster also picked
  • Corrected treasure seeker being unable to roll an easy clue scroll
  • Receiving a DT2 boss pet / Scurrius pet will now specify the kill count you received it on
  • Fixed chaos fanatic hiscores not updating & chaos ele having it's kc overriden by fanatic kc
  • Whisperer will no longer eat pets as she dies
  • Reverted recent change that impacted impling spawns in Puro (eclectic)
  • Corrected Galvek speed task unlocking for everybody & having an incorrect timer
  • Updated how CA diary to kill Vorkath with a Stab weapon is checked
  • Corrected Nex Master combat achievement unlocking at 25 kc vs 150
  • Corrected League task to earn enough points for complete X combat diary still checking total tasks done vs combat achievement points
  • Corrected fight caves speed-runner/chaser tasks not always unlocking 
  • Corrected how Zombified Spawn combat diary task is checked
  • Corrected how Guardians No more combat diary task is checked
  • Corrected a bug entering the inferno & when entering the olm chamber
  • Corrected a bug with Hespori's flowers dying as she dies
  • Corrected complete 750 clue scrolls not crossing off on Comp Cape reqs
  • Corrected gauntlet speed tasks and tested with an account unable to unlock them
  • Corrected kill a Kalphite with a keris task not unlocking in specific cases
  • Galvek can now be melee'd in the middle 2 phases over the edge of the boat
  • Bloodthirsty kurasks now access the bloodthirsty drop table correctly
  • Duke can no longer hit you with the freeze attack if you teleport out
  • Corrected Duke restoring health if you damaged him too fast at the start before he retaliates
  • Soulreaper Axe can no longer damage you for 8 below 9 hp
  • Townboard task of Complete Master Clue Scrolls now specifies Open Master Clue Scroll Caskets
  • Cox hands hp overlay now works for both mage & melee hand correctly
  • Renamed ghommal's hilt 6 to ghommal's teleporter to avoid confusion on 500 point CA diary unlock
  • Corrected a typo causing you to still take damage if obelisk dies in toa as the large energy balls are headed towards you
  • Corrected the Scurrius pet drop rate from 1/3,000 to 1/1,500
  • Corrected Weapon master not adding 20% min damage if you fail the accuracy check first
  • Corrected a bug allowing you to pickpocket multiple items at once if you roll the Rocky boost with Trickster when you first clicked the npc
  • Lowered the exchange value of barrows in the exchange shop to match supply and bonus scroll in suggestions below
  • Slayer task pick scroll will now only delete once you select a task
  • Fixed a bug allowing Scurrius' minions to continue spawning even after the instance was closed, later appearing in other instances
  • Updated James' pricing history for top 100 traded items & highest priced items


Raid / Nex / Awakened Nex Changes

  • Due to:
    • More people having access to tier 4-8 relics now
    • Changes made on data from before a lot of people were tier 4+ / PvMing
    • Increased DPS with off-style at CoX change below
  • I've made some adjustments to recent buffs made: 
    • Nex/Awakened drop rate was increased by 35%, lowered down to a 10% increase
    • CoX was increased by 20%, lowered down to 5% increase
  • Awakened Nex now requires 100 min damage (up from 80) to receive a drop
  • Regular Nex requires 125 (down from 140) to receive a drop
  • Nex & Awakened now drain prayer & deal chip damage to match OSRS 
  • Decreased chance at purple in ToA by 15%
  • Increased chance at purple in ToB:
    • Normal mode 4% base chance to 8%
    • Hard mode 8% base chance to 12%
    • Fountain boost on both of these is +50%, so they've increased from +2% -> +4% and +4% -> +6%
  • I'd love to see more usage of the melee relics and more people trying ToB, hard mode and all of the invocations added for extra challenge. ToB might sound scary but remember you're super overpowered with your relics and it's a lot of fun
  • This upcoming weekend will see admins running 2x tob purple events to encourage people to try it out!
  • As an interesting tidbit: there is less than 20 scythes currently in the game, and across all 3 of the raid weapons there is less than 100 in total


Player Made Suggestions

  • Added Chromium ingots to the exchange point shop
  • Updated the default teleport option to the Leagues 4 teleport when you don't have fast teleport scroll unlocked


  • Eepycatgirl:  Noted mole parts as drops
    • Rune+ Donators will now have their mole parts automatically noted
  • SouthLdnExchange mole parts for nests
    • You can now exchange mole claws & skins for crushed birds nests at the farmer in falador


  • Trill: Snape grass seed to master farmer/toa
    • Added as a drop from both
  • Chokandis: Sages axe instant throw / respect range relic
    • Sage's axe is now instant to throw, regardless of your current attack delay
  • Deadmen: Scroll to provide bonus barrows loot for 1 hour similar to Wintertodt
    • Added to scroll shop, providing 50% chance to receive double of everything in your barrows chest
  • Lewis: Corp town board task to count all killers
    • All kills on corporeal beast will now add to the townboard task vs just mvp
  • Con: Allow CoX supplies to be placed in bank
    • CoX potions can now be stored in your bank for preset loading
  • Chxpo_: increase breach loot / adjust timer
    • Increased duration of wilderness breaches from 12min to 20min
    • The maximum loot you can receive from all drops has been doubled
    • Increased the frequency breaches can spawn by 20%
  • Kelvo: Allow us to do CoX with our chosen l4 relic style
    • Cox hands can now be hit with your chosen tier 4 relic style, at a 66% damage reduction
    • Sage's axe can now finish off Olm's hands if they're below 5% health (66% reduction on 15%)


  • Friction: Vyre loot table
    • Currently you can pickpocket Vyres from level 3 in a safe house, with them only dropping coins & blood shards
    • They will now provide the following from pickpocketing
      • Coins: 4,250/6000 pickpockets
      • Death/Blood runes: 750/6,000 pickpockets
      • Diamonds/uncut rubies: 1,000/6,000 pickpockets
      • Blood shard: 1/6,000 pickpockets
    • To pickpocket vyres you now also require the sins of the father quest requirement stats


  • L: Lower prices of PvM point shop gear
    • Lowered price of void from 1,000 pts per piece to 350
    • Lowered price of torso from 3,750 to 1,250
    • Lowered price of ecumenical key from 300 to 75 points
    • Lowered price of awakener's orbs from 450 to 150
    • Increased price of shards/scales from 2 to 3 points each
  • Ithelyn/NoDropsYet: Lower chances of trivia closing per question
    • Lowered chance of correct answers closing the active trivia question from 25% to 18%
  • Athan: Occult drop rate
    • Smoke Devils: Lowered drop rate from 1/1,400 -> 1/725
    • Thermonuclear smoke devil: 1/910 -> 1/450
    • Nuclear smoke devil (superior): 1/460 -> 1/230
  • Bob: Masori/Dhcb to exchange pts
    • Added non-fortified masori as a sacrificial item to the exchange point master
    • Also added dragon hunter crossbow 
  • Deadmen: Increase tournament points for kills/wins
    • Increased to 5 points per kill, 25 points per win
  • GunSounds: Increase ability to get brimstone keys for dusk mystic for slayer collection log
    • Increased chance you roll dusk mystic by 3x (1/75 to 1/25)
  • IlleniumBoi: Add a scroll to tell you which barrows mound contains the tunnel to the chest
    • Added a scroll where once unlocked, the tunnel will always be in Ahrims tomb
  • Simp Catcher: Allow us to use Leagues 3 fragments (Unholy ranger, warrior) without 0 prayer points
    • Unholy ranger - 30% at <20 prayer points, 60% at <10 prayer points, 100% at 0 points
    • Unholy warrior - 12% at <20 prayer points, 20% at <10 prayer points, 30% at 0 points
    • Unholy wizard - unchanged as Zamorakian sight already grants 250% mage accuracy
  • Simp Catcher: Add a scroll that auto banks global loot table drops
    • Scroll added, can be purchased for PvM points or exchange points
    • Will send a filtered message when it sends your loot to the bank
    • Will work for 2 hours before expiring, timer will send you a message every 10 minutes in chat and can be viewed in your quest tab as a personal scroll
  • Rob: Add bastion & battlemage potions to the exchange shop
    • Added
  • Many players: Allow Crystal weaponry to be (c)/corruptable and no longer require charges
    • Crystal weapons (BOFA/Blade of Saeldor) can now be charged to 80,000 charges
    • At 80,000 or higher, they will no longer consume charges, effectively marking them as (c)
    • Crystal armour can now also have a maximum of 80,000 charges applied at one time
    • Note: Dying with a crystal item and NOT having the safe death scroll unlocked, will result in lost charges, so ensure you unlock that scroll before you go adding 80,000 charges (this is how it's always been, just a reminder)


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