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[Leagues 4] T4 Relic in 20 Minutes From Fresh Account With ZERO EXP GAINED - Ironman Friendly


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Hello Vulcan!


This guide will let you obtain the first 4 Relics in Leagues 4 without gaining a SINGLE exp point in any skill in around 20 minutes. This works on any kind of account, and requires no player trades, and only requires around 140k total cash. While there some slightly faster methods involving exp gains, this was to show you don't need to level up anything to obtain these relics, and lets you start skilling with a much higher exp rate immediately.

This guide obtains the cash required through voting on step 3, and I explain the process on how to vote there. If you are vote locked due to another account, or don't want to vote, you will need to obtain the 140k cash through alternative means such as trading from another player, thieving at home (this will remove the 0 exp gain of course), or other methods.

I have put HCIM warnings on each part that I found could be dangerous, but make sure you be very careful as there are a couple points where it is possible to die very quick if not in 1 hit. I highly suggest you find alternative tasks, or bring lots of food and hope you don't get 1 hit. I may have missed some areas that are dangerous if people see them please let me know so I can edit them in.





1. When you start a new character, create your character appearance [Complete Leagues Tutorial +10] [10]

2. Open Quest list tab, go to the 4th tab (Leagues) and click Tasks button [Open Leagues Menu +10] [20]

3. Type in ::vote. On the website, enter the name of your character, and click Continue to Voting. On the next page, click both Runelocus and RSPS-List to open their respective voting pages, and click to vote (You may need to complete a CAPTCHA on RSPS List and verify how many items are in the image on Runelocus first).

Once you have voted, go into the game and type ::voted. This will earn you a $1 bond (depending on day of the month) as well as 2 voting chests automatically sent to your bank. Go to bank, and open these chests. This will give various items including the cash you will need to complete the guide and alot extra for starting out. Keep an eye on your quest list for when you can vote next. You're able to vote every 12 hours, each time giving you 2 more voting chests, as well as bonds to increase your donation tier for free over time.

4. Now that you have the starting cash, head to the shop on west side of home, and from the magic shop buy the Zamorak God Book (others prob work as well). Also from the general store buy the Team Cape, and Dramen Staff. These are the only items you need to buy for this entire guide. Make sure to keep up to 10 lobsters and cash on you going forward.

5. Go north of the shops, and get a slayer task from Duradel. [Receive a Slayer Task - Receive a Slayer Task from Duradel - Check Your Slayer Task +30] [50]

6. Go East, and enter Death's Domain [Enter Death's Domain +10] [60]

7. Type ::home  [Cast Home Teleport +10] [70]

8. Equip your fire Staff, Team Cape, Mithril Gloves, and God Book [Equip an Elemental Staff - Equip a Team Cape - Equip Mithril Gloves - Equip Completed God Book +260] [330]

9. Equip your Monks Robes (Note, this task is semi buggy, try taking off other items, re-equipping items etc until task pops up) [Obtain a Prayer Bonus of 15 +40] [370]

10. Open your Emote Tab, and perform both Uri Transform and Explore emotes [Use Explore Emote - Transform into Uri +400] [770]

11. Run to the Vulcan Teleporter and Teleport to Al Kharid. Run to southeast side of Al Kharid and talk to the Apprentice in the small house [Pick a Summer Sq'irk +80] [850]

12. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Brimhaven. (HCIM WARNING - AGGRESSIVE CREATURES, LOW RISK) Pick the Pineapple, then run southwest and enter the Brimhaven Dungeon. [Pick a Pineapple - Enter Brimhaven Dungeon +20] [870]

13. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Draynor. Run north and enter Draynor Manor [Enter Draynor Manor +10] [880]

14. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Fishing Area. Use the Fishing Teleporter beside you and choose Barbarian Fishing. Run north to Barbarian Assault, and talk to Captain Cain [Reach Level 5 in any Barbarian Assault Role +80] [960]

15. Run further north and jump over the first Basalt Rock towards lighthouse [Reach lighthouse +40] [1,000]

16. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Ancient Wyvern Cave, and leave the entrance. Walk west to bank and click on it [Travel to Fossil Island - Build bank on Fossil Island +20] [1,020]

17. Run further west towards the agility shortcut icon on the map in the Tar Swamp, and click on the Rubber Cap Mushroom [Chop a Sulliuscep Cap +40] [1,060]

18. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Neitiznot, use the Bank [Use the bank on Neitiznot +10] [1,070]

19. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Jatizso, run north and use the Bank [Use the bank on Jatizso +10] [1,080]

20. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Lletya, run and use bank (HCIM WARNING - AGGRESSIVE ELVES POSSIBLE) [Use the bank on Lletya +10] [1,090]

21. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Lunar Island, run and use bank [Use bank on Lunar Island +10] [1,100]

22. Run west of bank, enter the long house and click on the Lectern [Create a Catherby Teleport Tablet - Craft a Ghorrok Teleport Tablet +400] [1,500]

23. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Lumbridge Swampcaves. (HCIM WARNING  - AGGRESSIVE CREATURES). Run all the way east, and talk to the Goblin in the north on the east end of the swamp caves [Pickpocket a Bullseye Lantern +40] [1,540]

24. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Pollnivneach, and turn on any prayer to drain your prayer points to 0. Walk south to the carpets and ride to Nardah. Go into the large house in center of Nardah, and restore your prayer at the Elidinis Statuette [Restore your prayer at the Elidinis Statuette +40] [1,580]

25. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Ferox Enclave [Visit Ferox Enclave +10] [1,590]

26. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Zanaris [Travel to Zanaris +10] [1,600]

27. Head west, and equip your Dramen staff and use the Fairy ring by right clicking and clicking configure. Teleport even though its an invalid location [Use a Fairy Ring +10] [1,610]

28. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Taverly Dungeon [Enter Taverly Dungeon +10] [1,620]

29. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Mos Le Harmless [Travel to Mos Le Harmless +10] [1,630]

30. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Tree Gnome. Exit the fence southwest, then follow Elkoy back inside [Travel to Tree Gnome Village +10] [1,640]

31. Use the Spirit Tree to the east, and select Gnome Stronghold [Travel to Gnome Stronghold - Travel Between your Spirit Trees +210] [1,850]

32. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Varrock and pet the stray dog by west bank [Pet the Varrock Stray Dog +10] [1,860]

32. Head to the Rune shop in southeast Varrock, and Talk to Aubury [Visit the Rune Essence Mine +10] [1,870]

33. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Vyrewatch sentinels. (HCIM WARNING - AGGRESSIVE VYRES, VERY DANGEROUS PART). Travel south to the fenced off area south of the altar, and make sure to eat lobsters any time you get hit. Pet Frank and immediately teleport home [Pet Frank +40] [1,910]

34. Go north of the dummies in home, and deposit 100k into the Wilderness Coffers. Make sure you have a slash weapon equipped (Iron Scimitar)

35. (HCIM WARNING - GOING INTO HIGH LEVEL WILD WITH SOME AGGRESSIVE CREATURES) Use Vulcan Teleporter to teleport to Wilderness Agility Course. Run east and go down the stairs to wilderness dungeon, then come back up [Enter Wilderness Dungeon +40] [1,950]

36. Go northeast, cut the 2 webs and pull lever to enter Wilderness Mage Bank. Use the bank chest [Use the Wilderness Mage Bank +10] [1,960]

37. For this last task, I highly suggest HCIM accounts get the final 40 points via leveling up skills or find other easy tasks to complete. There is a possibility you can die instantly as you will take 1 hit of damage minimum during this. Teleport home, use Vulcan Teleporter to Runecrafting Area. (HCIM WARNING - TAKES YOU TO WILD AND VERY DANGEROUS AGGRESSIVE CREATURES LIKELY TO KILL YOU IN SECONDS). Teleport with the Zamorak Mage and rapidly click home teleport until you are safe. You may die here. [Enter the Abyss +40] [2,000].


At this point, you will now have the 2,000 points needed for your first 4 relics on Leagues 4, giving you the combat relic before gaining a single exp point in any skill. From this point on, you will need to decide what direction you take the account on and choose relics accordingly.

Have fun!



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